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German Renewables – FAIL

~meWell, they actually succeeded – succeeded in destroying the efficacy of a highly efficient, clean (the plant food CO2 is not a pollutant), power generation system, developed over decades, providing cheap power to the masses and keeping German industry prosperous.

The big problem of course is that the “Renewables” do not work. They cannot provide base load power. They are not an alternative.

The irony is that it was never going to work.
They ignored the warnings and committed to a technology which had no chance of succeeding.
The “free” energy that they collect is so diffuse that the physical size of the collectors becomes an environmental issue itself.
The wind does NOT “always blow somewhere” and solar panels at that latitude, in that climate, can only be described as idiotic.
There is NO storage system that can handle such gigantic amounts of energy and if there was it would multiply the already high inefficiency and cost by orders of magnitude to truly astronomic levels.


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A Little Glimmer Of Sanity In UK



Peter Lilley & Graham Stringer Vote Against Climate Committee’s IPCC Report
Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)

” …They added: “As scientists by training, we do not dispute the science of the greenhouse effect – nor did any of our witnesses. However, there remain great uncertainties about how much warming a given increase in greenhouse gases will cause, how much damage any temperature increase will cause and the best balance between adaptation to versus prevention of global warming.

The bulk of the main IPCC technical report recognises these uncertainties and is simply a useful compilation of the research in the field.

However, the Summary for Policy Makers is far less balanced than the report it purports to summarise.

Its headline conclusion was that “evidence for human influence has grown since AR4. It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century”. It is hard to justify that increase in confidence that CO2 emissions are dominant given that: about one third of all the CO2 omitted by mankind since the industrial revolution has been put into the atmosphere since 1997; yet there has been no statistically significant increase in the mean global temperature since then. By definition, a period with record emissions but no warming cannot provide evidence that emissions are the dominant cause of warming!

The pause in surface warming does not invalidate the greenhouse effect. But it does mean that other factors – natural variations – can be of the same magnitude as the greenhouse effect over at least a decade and a half. Since such variations are presumed to cancel out over the long term variations in the opposite direction may have contributed a significant portion of the surface warming over the previous two and a half decades…. “

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MH-17 Repercussions

The Russian economy is kept afloat by oil and gas. Will China follow the EU in not relying on them anymore?









Fast-Track Frack Licences ‘Vital To Protect Britain’
Date: 27/07/14
Tim Shipman, The Sunday Times
Paywalled – text here –

“Fracking for shale gas is to be fast-tracked because it will give Britain greater energy security and protect it from Russian aggression, the new Tory energy minister has revealed.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Matthew Hancock said the government would make it “much quicker” for companies to get approval to drill for shale gas.

At present firms that want to frack have to wait about six months for permission through a 15-stage process. Hancock hopes to slash that in half. Calling shale the “holy grail” of energy policy, he said: “I want to speed up shale. It takes too long at the moment. We have to ensure that instead of an array of complicated permissions we have very firm but very clear rules.”

Hancock, 35, was promoted to attend cabinet as Tory spokesman on energy and business in David Cameron’s recent reshuffle. He warned that tensions with Russia following the shooting-down of flight MH17 meant Britain should seek to become energy self-sufficient.

He said: “Shale gas has the opportunity to increase our energy security, potentially to cut costs and also to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of coal that we burn. Those three are the holy grail for energy policy.

“With what we’ve seen in Russia over recent weeks, the importance of an indigenous energy supply can’t be overestimated.””

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MH17 Crash Shakes The Globe

images[8]The only comment that needs to be made is that QANTAS and several other airlines noticed that a large military aircraft was shot down over the area by a sophisticated high altitude SAM and immediately changed their route.

The many airlines that did not do that were very lucky to not lose an aircraft themselves instead of the hapless and inept Malaysians.

Russia should not have relied on the international intelligence agencies to issue the obvious warnings.

The reason, however, that I mention this on this blog is that the arrogance of Putin will likely finally destroy the reliance of Europe on Russian gas. The Europeans will  probably now ignore greenies, boost fracking, import LNG, and go back to coal and nuclear.

For a government so good on Climate Change, the aussie Liberals are surprisingly incompetent otherwise. The Russians are no more chauvinist on Ukraine than the Americans are on Cuba. Australian intelligence agencies and DFAT should have been aware of and warned Australians of the SAM threat in the Eastern Ukraine. 

Posted by: Grant | July 20, 2014

Good Signs From Korea

South Korea wants to save itself 39 billion unnecessary dollars.



S.Korean fin min says planned carbon market flawed, wants delay – paper
Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:33am GMT

” …Choi’s comments come a day after Australia’s parliament voted to repeal its carbon tax, which would have evolved into an emissions trading market next July… “

Posted by: Grant | July 17, 2014

UK Resuffle – Good Signs

greenies 216The Greenies at the UK Guardian are dismayed by the recent Cabinet reshuffle – GOOD
Always a good sign when Greenies are not happy!

UK’s new energy and environment ministers opposed green energy
Matthew Hancock called for cuts to wind power subsidies while Liz Truss claimed renewable power was damaging the economy
Damian Carrington and Fiona Harvey, Tuesday 15 July 2014 23.38 AEST

“The new set of Conservative environment and energy ministers announced on Tuesday bring a track record of opposing renewable energy, having fought against wind and solar farms, enthusiastically backed fracking and argued that green subsidies damage the economy… ” 

Unlike their US, Canadian, Australian and Indian counterparts, the UK Conservatives have been thoroughly conned. They found themselves following a big-government, socialist cause which brought only costly failure.

” …Mr Deputy Speaker there is no doubt that our Earth is warming and our seas are rising…

WRONG – the Earth was warming but then it stopped – over ten years ago now. There has been no significant increase in the rate of melting of the continental ice caps which began at the end of the last ice age and the temperature rise is well within normal, natural, variability.

” …Or that humankind is the cause… “

WRONG – The temperature and sea level rise we have observed is well within the normal natural variability seen since the last global climatic event – the “Little Ice Age”.

” …That is 2 trillion tonnes of a heat trapping Greenhouse Gas released into our atmosphere at a rate many times faster than the previous 800 thousand years… “

WRONG – Carbon dioxide is, in effect,  a trivial heat trapping gas – if we have released 2 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the 3 trillion tonnes that were already there, we would have already seen some dramatic effects.
We haven’t. 
In the 70 years Since WW2, when fossil fuel burning jumped up almost exponentially, the global temperature, according to the NASA GISS greenies has been a pathetic 0.8C - here.
The GHG effect of carbon dioxide is almost saturated. Adding more and more of it has less and less GHG effect. Global warming theory relies on the trivial GHG effect of carbon dioxide being amplified by a positive feedback in the Earth’s true GHG – water vapour.
That positive feedback effect has failed to materialise. Despite the very significant input of anthropogenic CO2 into the atmosphere, global temperature remains normal.

” …Each of the last three decades has been warmer on average than any other in modern times… “

WRONG – correlation is not causation – we do not know whether or not the earth would have warmed all by itself anyway and, again, there has been no unusual or abnormal warming of the earth despite a very significant increase in anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

” …Sea levels have risen by about 20cm on average over the past century and the rate of increase has been much greater in recent decades…. “

WRONG – Global sea level is impossible to measure (in the short term) without the latest satellite technology (coastlines sometimes descend) which only came into existence very recently and it is nowhere near 20cm. Claims by the UNIPCC  of sea level rise are highly disputed. The insertion of “on average” is clearly to mislead us into thinking there is an annual rise of 20cm when in fact it is 1.7mm per year despite claims of 3.3mm per year. Again, for sea level to be rising we would see a significant melting of the Antarctic and Greenland icecaps, the Arctic ice cap, floating ice, does not contribute. Even 33cm (1ft.) in 100 yrs. is trivial. We are adapted to that.

Sorry Bill, but I agree with the Prime Minister – it IS “absolute crap”

See “Greenhouse Bullcrap Fundamentals” – for detailed references in support of my above comments.

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Rassmussen Poll



” …Voters strongly believe the debate about global warming is not over yet and reject the decision by some news organizations to ban comments from those who deny that global warming is a problem.

Only 20% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the scientific debate about global warming is over, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Sixty-three percent (63%) disagree and say the debate about global warming is not over. Seventeen percent (17%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Forty-eight percent (48%) of voters think there is still significant disagreement within the scientific community over global warming, while 35% believe scientists generally agree on the subject.

The BBC has announced a new policy banning comments from those who deny global warming, a policy already practiced by the Los Angeles Times and several other media organizations.  But 60% of voters oppose the decision by some news organizations to ban global warming skeptics. Only 19% favor such a ban, while slightly more (21%) are undecided.

But then 42% believe the media already makes global warming appear to be worse than it really is. Twenty percent (20%) say the media makes global warming appear better than it really is, while 22% say they present an accurate picture. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure… “


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Heartland Conference

imagesThe rightist Heartland Institute puts on an annual conference and presents a huge volume of science every year.

As if it matters.

“Climate Change” is a purely political artifact.
It cannot be science by definition.
Science can be questioned, argued and debated – Climate Change will brook no denial.
Science can be overturned by a single individual with well documented, reproducible evidence, consensus does not determine science – Climate Change relies on consensus.

The Heartland Conference will not be covered by the mainstream media. The science it raises will not be mentioned let alone discussed and the public are bored with it all now anyway.

If you want to find a huge volume of the counter arguments to the “settled science” – here is the link (lots of video)

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Aussie PM Attacks RET

The Carbon Tax will now be dispatched. The expensive mandatory RET (Renewable Energy Target) is next in the sights of the not-quite-so-new Aussie Government.

The best thing they are doing is cutting off the money flow. Only vested interests and the inner city trendies are driving the issue at present – the public don’t care. They don’t care to pay that much to be green.

The “powers-that-be” feel  betrayed by promises of “alternatives” which were not ready, simply did not produce base-load power, and only succeeded in disrupting and destroying the efficiency and efficacy of the existing cheap mass energy generation and distribution systems. 

Source  AAP 
1 Jul 2014 – 9:20am
RET a serious threat to industry: Abbott
The government is reviewing the renewable energy target, a scheme Mr Abbott has blamed for rising power prices and harming Australian industries.

Tony Abbott’s carbon war shifts to renewables   MacroBusiness

Like I said, the RET can be rendered harmless by simply not mandating it anymore. It then becomes just an aspirational target like the rest of “Climate Change” – and world peace.


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