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The Road Toll – NOT

grantapril2013bThe Australian Road Toll is the hundreds of ordinary people who have lost their jobs, lost their homes, had a family break-up struggled to pay huge fines and finished up in our overcrowded jails.
Then there is the thousands of law enforcement officers denied a proper Xmas holiday so they can be out on the roads harassing us with ever more draconian laws in a futile attempt to reduce the “road toll” to zero.

Our Road Toll was never to high.
Millions of people get into millions of cars and drive around and around on Xmas – it is minor miracle that so few are killed or injured.
Our road toll is 5.4 deaths per hundred thousand people. The global average is 17.4 –
N.Z. is 7 per hundred thousand people
USA is 10.6 per hundred thousand people
Europe is 9.3 per hundred thousand people
Canada is 6 per hundred thousand people

It has become very difficult for young people to get a license – more and more are excluded by disadvantage and disability. It is even harder for them to keep it. Many just give up.
It is time for us to question the cost to our society of parliamentary road safety committees and their ever more draconian measures.
We need to set a more realistic goal for the road toll and to wind back the cost to ordinary people of law enforcement and punitive measures.

Posted by: Grant | December 23, 2016

Aussie Conservatives Insult Our Intelligence

Having learned nothing from Brexit and the election of Donald Trump and Pauline Hansen, the Liberal Party Government of Australia have decided to force the battling aussie motorist into burning a perfectly good food crop in their cars as fuel.
The National (Country) Party have done a deal to have E10 or alcohol blend fuel forced onto the public.
The public have ignored them.
So the Government have cynically claimed that regular unleaded petrol is “dirty” because has a high sulphur content and so it must be banned.

The fact that E10 and unleaded premium, which is not banned, is all made from the same so-called high sulphur oil, and we import most of our oil, is conveniently ignored.
The public have noticed they are being manipulated – they are not stupid.

The outrageous hypocrisy of claiming that the socialists are forcing artificial solutions on the electricity market to save-da-planet while they do exactly the same thing to the petrol market is exactly why the voter is deserting them and desperately searching for alternatives at the ballot box.

Given an artificial, mandated, market on a platter, the northern cane farmers, like the southern power generators will be given a license to print money at our expense.


DECEMBER 21 2016
Australia’s most popular type of petrol – unleaded – could be phased out within two years
Matthew Knott Bevan Shields–unleaded–could-be-phased-out-within-two-years-20161221-gtft1v.html

BTW – an interesting side issue is that the blatantly leftist ABC News department simply ignored this silly season propaganda putsch. No free kicks for the conservatives saving-da-planet!

Posted by: Grant | December 5, 2016

Andrew Bolt Says It ALL

Posted by: Grant | December 1, 2016

South Australia Renewables – FAIL

This is what happens when you take greenies seriously.

Greenies should be smiled at indulgently, patted on the head, and then totally ignored.

The Australian State of South Australia is ruing the day it demolished its ancient Pt Augusta power station and did not replace it. How many times can they say it has nothing to do with the efficacy of “renewables” before that gets very, very, tired?

Power down in SA again as connection cut
SOUTH AUSTRALIA 10:19am December 1, 2016
Power down in SA again as connection cut


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Pirates & The Water Vapour Fallacy

Here are two Climate Change fallacies. They are correlation-proves-causation or cum-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc fallacies .

FALLACY ONE – Carbon dioxide levels have risen and global temperature has risen  therefore carbon dioxide levels caused the temperature to rise.piracy

FALLACY TWO – Global temperature has risen and global absolute humidity has risen therefore global temperature causes more global humidity.pirates

These superstitious greenies, masquerading as NASA scientists (yes the ones Trump so dislikes – GISS or Goddard), use a correlation-proves-causation fallacy in the link below as proof of climate change.
NASA – Water Vapor Confirmed as Major Player in Climate Change

However, as other government scientists, real scientists, at NOAA have bravely pointed out recently – 
Home > Climate Monitoring > Monitoring References Greenhouse Gases
November US release: Wed, 7 Dec 2016, 11:00 AM EST – click the “water vapor” link

“…The warmer atmosphere can then hold more water vapor and so on and so on. This is referred to as a ‘positive feedback loop’. However, huge scientific uncertainty exists in defining the extent and importance of this feedback loop. As water vapor increases in the atmosphere, more of it will eventually also condense into clouds, which are more able to reflect incoming solar radiation (thus allowing less energy to reach the Earth’s surface and heat it up). The future monitoring of atmospheric processes involving water vapor will be critical to fully understand the feedbacks in the climate system leading to global climate change. As yet, though the basics of the hydrological cycle are fairly well understood, we have very little comprehension of the complexity of the feedback loops.” – click the “water vapor” link

The simple fact is that the Earth’s water cycle is extremely complex as this greenie thesis also explains –

For instance,
if global humidity has risen then global temperature has decreased – evaporation absorbs heat.
If global humidity is high you get more clouds and cloud formation cools the air around it – condensation releases heat and clouds reflect heat.
If clouds form then humidity decreases (the water is no longer a vapour) etc., etc.

If you look at the satellite record of the variation in global temperature from the average (the anomaly), over the last 3.7 decades – here – it regularly bounces up and then drops down within a range of 1 degree or so and there is no evidence of any kind of instability from any positive feedback. It appears to be remarkably stable and self regulating.

It is arrogant to the point of deliberate deception to claim that there is any definitive science behind the assumption that water vapour causes a positive feedback to “Climate Change”. They just made it up as they went along – “trust me, I’m a Doctor”! Without that feedback there is no Climate Change.

Posted by: Grant | November 26, 2016

Pauline Hanson Defending The Reef Industry.

There is nothing wrong with the Great Barrier Reef.
It has been “dying” for decades.
I am old enough to remember pictures of people snorkeling around stabbing unfortunate Crown Of Thorn starfish back in the 1970’s (nice work if u can get it!).
A large University was established up there and ever since we have been paying for jobs for the graduates to “save the reef”.
The locals always smiled indulgently at the greenies, most of their tourists were green sympathizers.
They are not smiling anymore.

Now, many tourists are not greenies and they don’t want a dying reef.
The tourism industry is now reeling because items like this hysterical Aljazeera piece have created the impression that The Reef is already badly damaged and not worth looking at anymore. (Aljazeera English has infected itself with BBC greenies)

Pauline has noticed that the Green attack has also badly affected the two other big industries in Queensland, mining and farming, and jumped in.
Instead of the normal journalists’ fully-paid-for junket to see the reef dying, we, at last, see a journalists’ fully-paid-for junket to see the reef tourist industry dying. Well, a free trip to paradise is a free trip to paradise after all, and a Pauline sensation is as good to the editor as any tired old doomsday greenie sensation.

So accustomed to going completely unchallenged, the green counter attack was surprisingly unsophisticated, namely – “She went to a healthy part of the reef”. capture-2
That begs the obvious question in the viewer – well perhaps the greenies have been only showing us the small unhealthy part of the reef that they want us to see. How much of a threat is there anyway? Touche’ and voilà!

This is why we have Hansen back, The Donald and Brexit.

The 15 red grains in the other bowl are the human contribution to the atmosphere.


So how do you parley a tiny increase in a tiny GHG into “dangerous” global warming?
Well, you claim it will cause the Earth’s real GHG, water vapour, to increase in a runaway warming. This never happens, normally. There is no natural instability in the GHG effect from small rises in global temperature, it is self regulating.
But lets not let facts get in way of a good doomsday story. “carbon emissions” are different because they are caused by the “evil multinationals” therefore the temperature rise that they cause will be different from the temperature rise from any other cause – yeah, right!

Posted by: Grant | November 11, 2016

Trump Triumph

The people of the United States Of America just elected a “Climate Denier” as their President – u can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time!

Sick and tired of bourgeois, trendy intellectual snobs sniggering and sneering at “deniers” while their power bills “necessarily skyrocket” and the leftist “alternative” “renewables” industries simply FAIL. The silent majority have spat the dummy and elected a populist, politically incorrect champion.

Here in Australia it is called Hanson-ism. Get used to it.trump-hanson

Posted by: Grant | May 10, 2016

Big Lie

Here’s a good one. The leftist South Australian Government causes the ancient Port Augusta power station to close by forcing it to idle on standby whenever “Green Power” is available, thus destroying the Station’s efficiency and making the power it produces just as extremely expensive as the “renewable power” it is forced to favour.
This is then announced in the media as being forced to close due to competion from “renewables”, as if the “renewables” were more efficient!
The town of Port Augusta has been dealt a staggering blow from which it will not recover.
The State of South Australia now has power costing A$150–214/MWh for wind power, and A$400–473/MWh for solar instead of 91/MWh (“levelised”, doctored, cost of electricity) and must rely on the State of Victoria for baseload power on calm days and at night.
Their baseload power now comes from so-called “dirty” brown coal power stations over a thousand kikometers distance with huge, expensive, transmission losses.
Bizarre world we live in innit?
Dr Goebbels would be proud of them.
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Climate Change Denial Guide

~meFirst, Climate Change is NOT science. It is a spiritual belief. It is the belief that modern western civilisation is always intrinsically environmentally problematic.

Finding solutions to those perceived problems is particularly attractive to leftist politics which loves identifying issues and solving them with penalties, rules, regulations and by confiscating and redirecting resources.

Climate Change is not science because science must be able to be debated and discussed and this is almost never engaged in.
The following superstitious beliefs are never debated,

BELIEF ONE – That the biosphere is unable to absorb, harmlessly or even beneficially, the output from burning fossil fuels. Actually all green plants are hungry for the gas and absorb it greedily along with more sunlight and water in photosynthesis.

BELIEF TWO – That carbon dioxide is the main global greenhouse gas. Wrong. Water vapour is the Earth’s GHG. It is thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide. 

BELIEF THREE – That a human-caused perturbation in global temperature is different to all other perturbations in global temperature in that it alone will cause global humidity to rise dangerously with a “greenhouse” effect. Without this assumption there is no significant problem – even doubled, CO2 is a trivial GHG.

BELIEF FOUR – That the global temperature is otherwise stable, therefore if it does warm it must be human-caused. This is the doctrine that the Earth is perfect and static and anything bad must be human-caused. 

BELIEF FIVE – That our air temperature is a real-time function of “greenhouse” radiation effects. Actually heat from the Sun and the Earth’s interior is buffered by the oceans and radiated back to space at the poles via gigantic, hugely complex, self-regulating, convective systems on a very long time scale. Heating the Earth with more CO2 is like trying to heat your bathwater with a fan heater. 

BELIEF SIX – That a slight warming will be all disastrous. This, again, is the doctrine that the Earth is perfect and stable and humans must be a problem. Actually there would be good effects and there would be bad effects and the good effects could greatly compensate for the bad effects. We do not know.

BELIEF SEVEN – That warming will change climate. Climate is caused by relative temperatures driving the global hydrological and meteorological cycles, not overall global temperature. How and when an increase in global temperature would affect a particular climate is just not predictable and not necessarily bad.
BELIEF EIGHT – The Causing-all-the-bad-weather theory. Perhaps we should wait for the globe to warm significantly. We haven’t been accurately recording global temperature or global meteorology long enough to establish a nexus. Plus, why is it always bad? What if the Globe is warming and there are some minor bad effects but the good effects far outweigh them?!

BELIEF NINE – The Causes-all-the-bad-weather-storms theory – That global warming will agitate the atmosphere and cause more storms. This is not science. They just made it up as they went along and got away with it because it sounds plausible. Agitating the atmosphere and causing severe drought at the same time is not yet reconciled – not surprisingly.

BELIEF TEN – Sea level rise. For various reasons it would take a very long time for a rise in the GHG effect to melt that much ice – a very, very, long time. Far exceeding the useful lifetime of any affected coastal infrastructure.

BELIEF ELEVEN – Pacific islands are threatened by melting icecaps. Wrong.These are coral atolls, they rise and fall with the sea level because coral can grow faster than the icecaps can melt and the waves can wash them away.

BELIEF TWELVE – Glaciers are melting. There are tens and tens of thousands of large glaciers. Nobody has ever made a representative study of them. A study would have to balance temperature effects with precipitation in the catchment and would rapidly get very complicated!

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