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Climate Change Denial Guide

~meFirst, Climate Change is NOT science. It is a spiritual belief. It is the belief that modern western civilisation is always intrinsically environmentally problematic.

Finding solutions to those perceived problems is particularly attractive to leftist politics which loves identifying issues and solving them with penalties, rules, regulations and by confiscating and redirecting resources.

Climate Change is not science because science must be able to be debated and discussed and this is almost never engaged in.
The following superstitious beliefs are never debated,

BELIEF ONE – That the biosphere is unable to absorb, harmlessly or even beneficially, the output from burning fossil fuels. Actually all green plants are hungry for the gas and absorb it greedily along with more sunlight and water in photosynthesis.

BELIEF TWO – That carbon dioxide is the main global greenhouse gas. Wrong. Water vapour is the Earth’s GHG. It is thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide. 

BELIEF THREE – That a human-caused perturbation in global temperature is different to all other perturbations in global temperature in that it alone will cause global humidity to rise dangerously with a “greenhouse” effect. Without this assumption there is no significant problem – even doubled, CO2 is a trivial GHG.

BELIEF FOUR – That the global temperature is otherwise stable, therefore if it does warm it must be human-caused. This is the doctrine that the Earth is perfect and static and anything bad must be human-caused. 

BELIEF FIVE – That our air temperature is a real-time function of “greenhouse” radiation effects. Actually heat from the Sun and the Earth’s interior is buffered by the oceans and radiated back to space at the poles via gigantic, hugely complex, self-regulating, convective systems on a very long time scale. Heating the Earth with more CO2 is like trying to heat your bathwater with a fan heater. 

BELIEF SIX – That a slight warming will be all disastrous. This, again, is the doctrine that the Earth is perfect and stable and humans must be a problem. Actually there would be good effects and there would be bad effects and the good effects could greatly compensate for the bad effects. We do not know.

BELIEF SEVEN – That warming will change climate. Climate is caused by relative temperatures driving the global hydrological and meteorological cycles, not overall global temperature. How and when an increase in global temperature would affect a particular climate is just not predictable and not necessarily bad.
BELIEF EIGHT – The Causing-all-the-bad-weather theory. Perhaps we should wait for the globe to warm significantly. We haven’t been accurately recording global temperature or global meteorology long enough to establish a nexus. Plus, why is it always bad? What if the Globe is warming and there are some minor bad effects but the good effects far outweigh them?!

BELIEF NINE – The Causes-all-the-bad-weather-storms theory – That global warming will agitate the atmosphere and cause more storms. This is not science. They just made it up as they went along and got away with it because it sounds plausible. Agitating the atmosphere and causing severe drought at the same time is not yet reconciled – not surprisingly.

BELIEF TEN – Sea level rise. For various reasons it would take a very long time for a rise in the GHG effect to melt that much ice – a very, very, long time. Far exceeding the useful lifetime of any affected coastal infrastructure.

BELIEF ELEVEN – Pacific islands are threatened by melting icecaps. Wrong.These are coral atolls, they rise and fall with the sea level because coral can grow faster than the icecaps can melt and the waves can wash them away.

BELIEF TWELVE – Glaciers are melting. There are tens and tens of thousands of large glaciers. Nobody has ever made a representative study of them. A study would have to balance temperature effects with precipitation in the catchment and would rapidly get very complicated!

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Medical Emergency – Ha Ha Ha

docThe mainstream media are treating it with the contempt it deserves, but even the leftist media are getting a little uncomfortable about dutifully passing on this patently absurd claptrap.

23 Jun 2015 – 8:04pm
Climate change health risk a ‘medical emergency’, Lancet experts warn

The ABC and SBS Greenies couldn’t quite call it “alarmist”, settling for “alarming” instead.

There are ridiculous claims by these 40 greenies about road accidents, rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke and cardiovascular disease. The “may” “could” “likely” “can” report is noteworthy, however, for equating the essential trace gas carbon dioxide with toxic pollutants. It just blandly ignores real pollution such as the lack of power station scrubbers in the third world, and the millions of deaths ( ) from cooking fire pollution.

Posted by: Grant | June 20, 2015

THE POPE! – Ha Ha Ha

images8BJR49WDIn case you were having doubts about “the science”.
Rest assured.
Climate Change must be true – the Pope says so!

Pope Francis calls for action ‘here and now’ to tackle climate change and halt ‘unprecedented destruction’ of ecosystems

The dichotomy of blaming the “Rich Countries” for Global Warming when there are millions and millions of their own citizens struggling to pay their power bills and fuel bills so that the trendy rich minority can feel good about savin-da-planet with useless windmills and solar panels seems to have completely escaped the liberals in the Vatican.

The dichotomy of blaming the “Rich Counties”, who enjoy pristine skies and clean waterways, for polluting the planet while a dirty brown cloud hangs over Asia and people die from polluted cooking fires and from polluted water all over Africa, also seems to have completely escaped the liberals in the Vatican.

Greenies are not going to now come to Mass. They will continue to despise the Catholic Church and all it stands for and continue to worship Gaia. They are not the least bit concerned that a miracle cure for Climate Change will now come along and spoil the revolution. The “Masses” must be made to suffer so they rise up and overthrow their capitalistic masters. Nice of you to help, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Posted by: Grant | June 15, 2015

Climate Change Staggers On – Mortally Wounded

~meI haven’t posted on this blog for some time now.

The huge “renewable” industry are trying to keep the gravy train rolling, but they are losing. Simple fact is that they were given the chance to prove themselves and they failed. Plaintively calling for more and more funding cannot overcome the credibility gap from their failed promises. The wind does NOT “always blow somewhere” and the Sun keeps going behind clouds and the horizon.

Journalists are finding that the issue no longer runs. The public have moved on. There is a limit to sensational alarmism on any issue as we saw recently with saving the Great Barrier Reef which is obviously doing rather well.

The thing that really killed it was doubt.

It was a serious error to claim that global warming was human-caused (buzz word – anthropogenic) and then having to explain away why it stopped. Even if global warming returns, they still have to explain why it stopped and why it will not stop again!

Politicians noticed early on that the Alarmists were almost all Leftists. The public have now noticed this. The public have also noticed the lack of debate. To dismiss opposition and to not engage in debate was a serious error.

Where are we now?

The powers-that-be, the “policy makers”, have come to realise that “Climate Change” is a spiritual belief dressed up as science. If you have to get elected you don’t offend peoples spiritual beliefs, but you also do not take them seriously.

Climate change will slowly die out as the vested interests now slowly get de-funded.

It was a nice try, but the revolution for “Global Governance” via a New-world-order at the United Nations to save-da-planet has failed.


Posted by: Grant | May 1, 2015

Off Topic – Indonesia Murders 300 Foreigners

The logical place to sting Indonesia about their arrogant grandstanding over their mass murder of imbecilic drug mules is in West Papua.:)~me

We should stop ignoring their appalling behaviour there and start to support the separatists.

West Papua was one of Gough Whitlam’s biggest mistakes. The people of the Island of New Guinea are Melanesian, not Javanese.


Posted by: Grant | April 16, 2015

How does This Work?


40 seats

The answer is that, while carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, it is only a trivial one. Water vapour is the Earth’s GHG by far by both volume and effect. The “carbon” alarm relies on an unproven assertion/hypothesis that an increase in the tiny trace gas will somehow be amplified by a permanent increase in global humidity. We never see perturbations in global temperature causing such instability – never.

Posted by: Grant | April 6, 2015

New Documentary

Documentary Outguns the Opposition in the Global-warming War

The Global Warming War – Trailer from South House on Vimeo.

Posted by: Grant | March 29, 2015

NSW Election

untitledWhile making the obligatory noises about it to attract second preferences from the Greenies, “Climate Change” ran dead as an issue in the election campaign of yet another large Aussie State, New South Wales.

The main issue was whether to sell off some electricity infrastructure so money can be spent burning fossil fuels to try and un-clog the giant city of Sydney which has become a rabbit warren of tunnels.

Issues that could decide NSW election
AAPMarch 28, 2015, 11:36 am

The Greens themselves have dropped “Climate Change” –

Greens Last Message to NSW Voters: Track Record and Vision
Friday, Mar 27th, 2015

“The Greens are asking NSW voters to choose a party that has consistently opposed electricity privatisation, coal seam gas, damaging motorways and TAFE cuts and has a twenty year track record of working to clean up politics in NSW.” Photo attached: John Kaye, Jamie Parker and Jenny Leong in Glebe this morning.

Video message:

Posted by: Grant | March 29, 2015

Gallup Poll

Or, why Earth Hour was just an after-thought last night – NOBODY CARES!!

Only 25% have a great deal of concern –
“On the other hand, Americans express the least amount of concern about climate change — 25% have a great deal of worry — confirming that despite widespread news coverage of the implications of changing temperatures, Americans are not highly worried about the issue.” –
Americans most concerned about

Or, conversely, 25% of Americans are outright “Deniers”!

Posted by: Grant | March 22, 2015

Global Governance – The Threat

commissarThe most alarming thing about the putsch for global governance at the U.N. to save-da-planet is that it is designed make the “Masses” suffer so they will revolt against their capitalist masters.

Why alarming?
The putsch is designed to make the fundamental basis of our prosperous modern society, our energy system, dysfunctional.

You can put up windmills and solar panels and install a huge battery bank and try to grow your own biodiesel on your remote hobby farm, but you cannot apply that globally.
It cannot be scaled up to replace a system that took three generations and trillions of dollars to build. (see sidebar)
You cannot store gigawatts of power in lead acid batteries.
There is no such thing as “Alternative” power because there is no way of storing it. Coal, oil and gas are vast reservoirs of stored energy.
“Renewable” energy is so dilute and dispersed that you will cause significant environmental problems just trying to collect enough of it.
Trying to store the dilute and dispersed energy from “Renewable” power “farms” adds an order of magnitude more cost.
Like the Carnot Cycle, that order of magnitude cost is intrinsic. You use energy storing energy and you lose energy retrieving it.
Also, the means of storing “Renewables” it is still all theoretical. It has not been demonstrated on a large-scale. Limited experimental success has not been touted because the cost of the power produced can only be described as astronomical with no obvious way of improving the intrinsic, inherent, storage losses.

Then there is biofuel. Trying to run the global fleet of ships, trucks, trains and aeroplanes on vast monoculture plantations would be an environmental disaster, vulnerable to pest and plague.

So what is the harm in trying to be Green?

ONE   They do not know what they are doing. They are FORCING implementation of unproven energy systems in the vain hope that they can be made to work.

TWO   We have a highly efficient, well-developed, non-polluting and cheap system of power generation and supply. The efficacy of that well-oiled system is disrupted when it is forced to sit and idle, waiting for the wind to die down and the clouds to clear.

THREE   We finish up with very expensive “renewable power”  which has to be backed up 100% by regular power which has been made very expensive by forcing it to remain idling on standby for extended periods.

FOUR   Proponents are inherently anti-human, they treat humanity as a disease despoiling the planet. Their misanthropy is manifested by their rejection of the one demonstrated successful solution, Nuclear Power.

Here is what I mean by “FORCING” unproven energy systems –

The Coming Climate Court
The proposed Paris agreement is another reach for global power
By Chris Horner – Sunday, March 8, 2015

” …This text agreed to for negotiation by the federal government includes a remarkable proposal. Buried deep inside, it proposes an “International Climate Justice Tribunal in order to oversee, control and sanction the fulfilment [sic] of and compliance with the obligations of Annex I and Annex II Parties under this agreement and the [1992 UNFCCC climate treaty]…”


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