Posted by: Grant | October 22, 2020

Laura Ingraham Cites Victorian Covid Stuffup

See full segment here –
Laura Ingraham is an American conservative television host. Ingraham formerly hosted the nationally syndicated radio show The Laura Ingraham Show for nearly two decades, is the editor-in-chief of LifeZette, and beginning in October 2017, has been the host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel.

Since the beginning of 2020, Ingraham’s averages have been 3.5 million in total viewers.

Fox News Channel is only available on pay TV – Foxtel in Australia.

Posted by: Grant | October 15, 2020

Dr Atlas On ‘The Angle’ – Lockdowns Killed

Just some of the USA Data.

During the lockdowns –
46% of most common types of cancer were not diagnosed.
50% of chemotherapy appointments didn’t show up – 650,000 Americans.
50% of childhood imunisations didn’t turn up.
40% of people with accute strokes.
200,000 cases of child abuse not reported in 2 months.
25% of college age Americans have contemplated suicide in June – CDC figures.

“…history will record the face of the public health expertise as some of the most sinful, agregeous, epic failures in the history of public policy.
“They have killed people with their lack of understanding and their lack of caring…”

“…a Crime Against Humanity.”

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Aussie PM – Massive FAIL

We needed a Churchill and we got Chamberlain

We needed a Churchill – we got Chamberlain. A nasty mean-minded Jesus freak who probably thinks it was all God’s Punishment. A plague on all us evil sinners.

Actually that could be right!

Fear and superstition instead of the Scientific doctrine – AKA aussie politics!

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Adam Carolla On Tucker – Very Clever

Posted by: Grant | October 5, 2020

Covid – End In Sight?

Posted by: Grant | September 30, 2020

Did You Say Smart?

My favourite debate moment.

“Don’t Ever Use The Word ‘Smart’ With Me, Joe.”

Posted by: Grant | September 27, 2020

American Politics

I bought myself a Foxtel subscription so I can get Fox News from the USA.
I love American politics. It is so much bigger – there are hundreds of millions of them.

I want to record my U.S. election predictions and observations.
It is difficult for me, who follows it closely, to see why Trump would not win in a landslide.
He is the only politician who I have EVER seen to actively keep ALL his promises and not, as here in AUS, give us the old “its worse than we thought we cannot do that now” routine after the election.

Predictions and Observations

ONE Ignore the polls – they all have to “get the vote out” by pretending underdog status in the polls.

TWO Trump will win big in the “flyover states”.
Unlike with Jews Muslims and Hindus the Democrats used the pandemic to selectively attack the Churches who they see as pro-life and who are now furious and highly motivated to vote. America is a huge nation of small towns and cities with a local Church at the center of social activity.

THREE Trump has very cleverly pretended he is “pro-life” when he is actually only ever been “pro-life” for late term abortions. The Ginsberg SCOTUS vacancy will play very well for him.

FOUR It is a quirk of history that “Black Lives Matter” ever became a big issue. It was the pandemic lockdowns that brought people out on the streets. BLM was just the excuse.

FIVE Having been force-fed leftist doctrine by their educators all their lives, modern generations have become cynical, selfish and anti-political.
They constantly have their faces in their personal communicators and they get their news from social media not mass media. There is no mass media anymore.
This vacuum of interest in politics has been filled by leftist activists. The pandemic excesses should have been a wake-up call for all Gen X,Y and Z to take an interest in politics.

SIX There will not be a disgraceful Kavanaugh type bun fight for the SCOTUS vacancy. The sleazy Kavanaugh confirmation hearings backfired on Democrats and besides 1/3 of the Senate and all the Reps. are presently fighting elections.

SEVEN Biden is going senile and he did allow his close relatives to exploit his public office for millions of dollars.

Posted by: Grant | September 25, 2020

Eventually Inflation Will Rise, Interest Rates Will Rise

Where is the Covid panic leading us?

Adam Creighton on Sky News Australia
“I think there will be a sudden change eventually inflation will rise, interest rates will rise.”

Whole Video Here.

Adam Creighton has written for The Economist and The Wall Street Journal from London and Washington DC, and authored book chapters on superannuation for Oxford University Press. He started his career at the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. He holds a Bachelor of Economics with First Class Honours from the University of New South Wales, and Master of Philosophy in Economics from Balliol College, Oxford, where he was a Commonwealth Scholar.

Posted by: Grant | August 13, 2020

Indefinite Lockdowns FAIL Laura Ingraham

Like the Australian States, New Zealand fails to ask the obvious question – why?!!!!!

What is the purpose of lockdowns? Do they work? How long are they going to continue? Have lockdowns ever been effective here or overseas?

Posted by: Grant | July 30, 2020

Daniel Andrews Lying

The Doomed Daniel Andrews

Watch Daniel lie.

Lie Daniel, Lie.

I have been watching with great amusement as the Australian Premiers make fools of themselves trying to suppress a novel virus without following the facts.

In this clip, Dictator Dan points out the fundamental flaw in the whole national virus response –
People spread it without knowing they got it!!!!
Like whack-a-mole, it just pops up again.

LIE #1 is that a “significant percentage” will “get infected”.
With or without all the draconian lockdowns and shutdowns, there is no way that the tiny fraction of one percent of the population who will need hospitalisation is a “significant percentage”.

LIE #2 is that it is possible to control the spread of the novel virus with Lockdowns and Shutdowns.
We don’t know that.
So far Lockdowns and Shutdowns are simply not a demonstrated effective response to Covid-19 wherever it has been tried internationally.

It is exactly the same as suddenly severely restricting all non-essential road travel because the “road toll”,
also a tiny fraction of one percent of the population, must be controlled.

Victoria’s “Dictator Dan” will not survive telling his voters that it is their fault because they are not all doing what they are being told to do and because he locked them down again, pretending that this would save many lives.

The new conciliatory tone seen yesterday is just too little, too late.
I would guess that Dan has already told his colleagues
that he will go before the next election.

Whose mess is it?

It is the person who tried to manage the frightening medical crisis with committees and consensus, letting loose petty tyrants like “Dictator Dan”, when it needed strong leadership based on objective facts.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison
made the mess in Victoria.

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