Posted by: Grant | July 22, 2010

China – Me Old China.

Musings from the Chiefio
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China Makes Western CO2 “control” Pointless
July 20, 2010 by E.M.Smith

" …China mostly uses coal, and will use ever more of it over time. They are locking up coal supplies world wide by purchasing them or signing 20+ year contracts. They have no intension of reducing coal usage. They have also recently bought large chunks of Canadian Tar Sands, so you will find them being used too, despite their high CO2 production.
China is not improving energy efficiency as fast as the west, so any move of processes to China will make more CO2, not less.
Add those three together and you find that Cap ‘N Tax and Koyoto like treaties will result in a net increase in CO2 production as the sources simply move to China. This is NOT a theoretical, it’s already happening (and in large part has happened. Look at the size and growth of China steel production, for example.)… "

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