Posted by: Grant | July 22, 2010

Do We Really Need This Here?

Can’t water your garden? Can’t wash your car? Can’t clear your land? Can’t Go fishing there anymore? Got a power bill lately?

Asking yourself why?

I mean does it have ANY effect on the "The Planet" at all? – answer – well, no – it’s the thought that counts – we must all be Green.

Relax – You could be trying to run a business in the UK….

7,500 UK Firms Face Fines Under CO2 Scheme: WSP
Date: 21-Jul-10
Country: UK
Author: Michael Szabo
"Some 7,500 British firms are expected to miss a September 30 deadline to register for the UK’s new energy efficiency scheme, meaning they face fines of at least 5,000 pounds each ($7,644), an environmental consultancy said on Tuesday.
The mandatory Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES), which began on April 1, forces businesses like banks, hotels, hospitals and schools to register with the Environment Agency and monitor energy usage…. "

Or in Germany…

German Industry Profits May Be Reduced By UpTo 90% By CO2 Emissions Costs
Tuesday, 20 July 2010 14:49
"Germany’s energy intensive industries may have their profits cut by as much as 87 percent by 2020 due to the costs of carbon emissions certificates, the Financial Times Deutschland said, citing a report from Goetzpartners Corporate Finance Ltd.
Carbon emissions may cost German companies more than 5 billion euros if the law and emissions levels stay unchanged, according to the report’s conservative estimates,the newspaper said.
By 2020 steel producers’ profit could be at 13 percent of current levels, refineries’ profits at 41 percent and the cement industry profits at 62 percent, the FTD said…. "


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