Posted by: Grant | July 25, 2010

Just Keep Gettin’ It WRONG Don’t They?

Global Warming’s Golden Moment Has Passed
by  Daniel J. Flynn
" …Environmental fads falling out of fashion are nothing new. Overpopulation yielded to acid rain, which yielded to saving the ozone layer, which yielded to preserving the rain forest, which yielded to global warming. Each succeeding cause provided its advocates a redemptive, world-saving mission, and tautologically, depicted its opponents as devil figures bent on allowing the destruction of the planet. The self-flattery inherent in the causes, more so than the science behind them, explains their widespread popularity.
What has separated global warming from its trendy antecedents has been its staying power. Global warming became the subject of congressional hearings and magazine cover stories in the late 1980s. Whereas proponents of the green cause of the moment, once it had been sufficiently discredited, could quickly move on to the next fleeting cause without losing face, global warming, because of its multi-decade endurance, is different. The likes of former Vice President Al Gore, NASA’s James Henson, and Hollywood’s Laurie David, as they say in poker, are “all in.” Evidence against the theory becomes an acid test calcifying the commitment of the true believers.
But that doesn’t seem the case with the mercurial Newsweek…. "

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