Posted by: Grant | July 26, 2010

Coral Grows – Like – Er – DURH!!!

Sea Level has risen over one hundred metres since the peak of the last ice age, only 20,000 years ago. A blink of the geologists eye.  If the low lying coral atolls had not been able to rise with the sea level due to coral growth then they simply wouldn’t be there now.
Elementary my dear Watson.
And the ice didn’t melt slowly, it was quite rapid, just as rapid as any "Climate Change" melting.
Here, Gerald goes on a junket to the Maldives and actually does his job instead of being conned by the Greenies. Amazing. They have real journalists in Germany.
We actually got a good, balanced, report on the issue for once.
Not So Much Trouble in Paradise
Are Coral Islands Really Doomed?
By Gerald Traufetter in the Maldives,1518,707884,00.html
" …In this heated climate, Kench and his fellow scientists warn against drawing premature conclusions. Only last month, Kench and Arthur Webb of the Fuji-based Pacific Island Applied Geoscience Commission published a study whose results were completely unexpected.
"The geomorphologists compared old aerial photographs taken in World War II with current satellite images. To their surprise, they found that most of the atolls they were studying had either grown or remained unchanged in the last few decades, even though the sea level has already risen by 12 centimeters (about 5 inches)…. "
BTW – Yes, I did tweek this graph so it only shows sea level up to the present – not into the future.

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