Posted by: Grant | July 31, 2010

My Comment – “Awaiting Moderation” Indeed

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Why do many global warming skeptics avoid the scientific issues?

Jul 17th, 2010

by admin.

Quite often the skeptics of manmade global warming seek to refute the theory of global warming by focusing attention on any number of issues rather than attempting to refute the sceintific basis upon which the theory rests – namely that greenhouse gases retain heat within Earth’s atmosphere.

Is the fact that so few address the scientific issues a sign that they don’t understand them or that they can’t refute them?

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Grant says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Yes I agree the issue IS clouded. The LIE is not that CO2 is a GHG, but that it can have any signifigant effect at all. I’ll give you a word – TRIVIAL. Water vapor is the earths GHG by far. It is more powerfull than CO2 and orders of manitude more abundant ( H2O averages 10.000ppm against CO2 380ppm ). In addition CO2 is saturated – doubling it would produce less than one degree rise in temp. You need a fancifull, esoteric, computer model to produce Climate Change. The issue is whether computer models with all their assumptions and variable parameters are a reliable basis for spending trillions of dollars and condeming billions to continuing abject poverty. Personally I prefer Tarot cards, but Astrology is also good – not to forget Nostradamus.

POSTSCRIPThere’s a surprise – not – my comment was rejected by the moderator. I’m like truly shattered dude.


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