Posted by: Grant | August 2, 2010

Memo To Miners – DONATE To Climate Sceptics Party.

A lazy million or two there would really effect the outcome of the election by effectively opposing the Greens – nobody opposes the Greens – they get a free run and then we get Green excesses as a result.
web site
Dear Climate Sceptics news reader,
We have put up twelve Senate candidates across Australia and seven lower house candidates. Our candidates are being advertised on our new web site
Our major TV campaign will begin on 8th August. We want to attack the green laws that cause injustices and destroy livelihoods – The ads are to educate as well as say who to vote for. I trust you will forward this email to your contacts to check the draft copy out.
It is hard hitting. We will be running the ad in as many cities as we can afford. Currently it will be in one state – but we want to broadcast it much wider.
30 second spots cost from $70 to $3,000 depending on the size of the audience and in which city. We have booked $20,000 of airtime so far
 If you would like to see this ad broadcast in your state, we will need $10,000 – $20,000 to run a few spots (depending on the city) – but every $20 we get will go towards making the message get out into the public
 The quicker we receive donations the quicker we can book airtime
 Please either direct deposit funds into our account Westpac BSB 035612 A/C 239469 the climate Sceptics main account
 Or post a cheque to the climate Sceptics PO Box 721 Mt Gambier SA 5290
To pay via our website to via credit card – Flick me an email to give you address
Australian law requires the declaration of all donations over the amount of AUD$11,200 to the Australian Electoral Commission, who will publish the names and amounts of all such declarations.
(However all donations under $11,200 can be anonymous)
·  Donations may be made by individuals or organisations.
·  Donations may be made from any country.
·  Donations by individuals up to $1,500 are tax-deductible within Australia. – We will send out a receipt to all donations
Please email me if you have any questions
Looking forward to you helping us make a difference
Leon Ashby

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