Posted by: Grant | August 7, 2010

Jennifer Marohasy Returns.

Welcome back Jennifer – we’ve missed your intelligent, erudite, contribution to the debate – well the now non-debate.
"Climate" has indeed really fizzled out as a serious issue.

Least-worst climate policy?
by Jennifer Marohasy
August 1, 2010
Who has the least-worst climate policy?

" …The only way the program could go ahead would be if the government was prepared to trust that farmers were sequestering carbon when, where and how their paperwork said so.
Much of the rest of Tony Abbott’s climate change plan also reads like something Julia Gillard’s Citizen’s Assembly might have drafted…. "

" …So what is the Green’s climate change policy? Bob Brown advocates a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target, as soon as is feasible and by no later than 2050, with a minimum of 40 percent reduction on 1990 levels by 2020. This is much more serious than the five percent on offer from both the Coalition and Labor. The Greens also have a serious plan for achieving this with a proposed two-year $20 billion interim carbon tax…. "

And how did this little nugget pass by unnoticed?!

" …Last Thursday Mr Hunt said that the Coalition, if elected, would ensure all its new environmental programs were scrutinized by a new independent commissioner to ensure their design was right. Phew!
This would necessitate a rethink of most of the Coalition’s policies including its plans to pay farmers to grow grass – a possible consequence of its current carbon sequestration policy…. "

I think Jenny is right here – " …In summary, as we approach this important 2010 Australian federal election, neither of our major political parties have any serious policies to address the threat that they perceive from human-caused global warming – at least not any tangible policies likely to ever be implemented – and this could perhaps turn out to be a very good thing."


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