Posted by: Grant | August 9, 2010

Very Expensive Mistake.

These chinese windfarms and hydro projects made the mistake of taking the EU/UN Greenies seriously about carbon offsets. A multi-billion dollar mistake.

The EU Climate alarm has drifted off into high farce. The meeting in Bonn has also resorted to claims of  floods, heatwaves and the ever reliable giant iceberg being "consistent with" their computer modelled alarm. Nobody cares. Nobody believes and nobody is listening anymore, except in the cloud cuckoo land known as the United Kingdom.



Spurned Chinese Developers Blast U.N. CO2 Rulings
Date: 09-Aug-10
Country: CHINA
Author: David Stanway

"Developers behind the 19 Chinese wind and hydropower projects rejected by a U.N.-backed clean energy investment panel have accused the board in charge of making arbitrary and non-transparent rule changes.

Most said they had no choice but to reapply to try to earn internationally tradeable carbon offsets they said were needed to make their projects viable…"


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