Posted by: Grant | August 13, 2010

More Detail On Liberal’s Not-So-Big Carbon Tax.

The links in the previous post were outdated here are some up to date ones.
Beware the NGER – National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting – It languished with the demise of the CPRS, but the Libs will revive it.
Like in the UK, all busineses "above the threshold" will be required to report their GHG and energy consumption to the government. The cost?, the bureaucracy? – yes you pay.
But wait there’s more!
If busineses reduce their GHG they get rewarded. If they cannot because they are already efficient, they get nothing. Think about this – who decides what? – it is the mother of all bureaucratic nightmares.

Then there’s the really bad news.
If busineses have mustered all the the energy efficiency they can – there is only so much saving available, what  with power costs these days – they want to expand – their energy consumption increases – naughty – they are warming the planet – they must be made to pay.
And pay they will.
The not-quite-so-big tax on everything.
It’s all buried in this glossy policy document
" …Operation of Fund
The Emissions Reduction Fund will use the existing National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) to determine proposed emissions reductions beyond overall base levels already determined for individual firms.
Businesses that reduce their emissions below their individual baseline (‘historic average’) will be able to offer this CO2 abatement for sale to the government. This will provide businesses with a direct financial incentive to take direct action to reduce their CO2 emissions below their baseline levels.
Small businesses and other entities not covered by NGERS will be able to participate on an ‘opt-in’ basis.
Unlike Labor’s emissions trading scheme, businesses will not be penalised for continuing to operate at ‘business as usual’ levels.
Businesses that undertake activity with an emissions level above their ‘business as usual’ levels will incur a financial penalty. The value of penalties will be on a sliding scale at levels commensurate with the size of the business and the extent to which they exceed their ‘business as usual’ levels.
The value of the penalties will be set in consultation with industry…. "
Yeah right!
Then this –
Tony Abbott may think it’s all a "a-great-big-tax-on-everything" and "absolute crap", but Malcolm Turnbull and the "wets" in the Liberal Party have $37BILLION X 10 years = 370 BILLION other ideas.
The simple little fact that it hasn’t quite been invented or proven yet makes the threat of this $370 billion cost blowing out a real possibility and since it came from the green lobby itself the claimed $370 billion is probably a low quote anyway.
How to be fully renewable in 10 years
August 13, 2010
" …The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan – a collaboration between Melbourne University’s Energy Research Institute, the environment group Beyond Zero Emissions and engineers Sinclair Knight Merz, puts the cost at $37 billion in private funding and public investment every year for the next decade…. "
" …The price tag may make it sound like a pipedream but the scheme earned the endorsement of the federal Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull who added his support at a forum at Sydney Town Hall last night…. "
" …Under the plan, 60 per cent of the nation’s electricity would be sourced from 12 huge solar thermal power plants, which use Australian-developed technology to store heat in molten salt, allowing them to operate for long periods when there is no sunshine…. "
" …The remaining 40 per cent of the power grid would be filled by about 6500 wind turbines at 23 large-scale wind farms dotted mainly around the coast…. "
" …The plan would generate 325 terawatt hours of electricity a year, meeting the nation’s entire power demands in the year 2020, if a comprehensive energy efficiency plan is also factored in. Any shortfalls could be made up by biomass energy generation, using a portion of the stubble from the nation’s wheatfields…. "
Oh, and then there’s that $92 BILLION we forgot to include before…
" …To properly harness all the renewable energy, the report calls for the unification of Australia’s three separate electricity grids and some new transmission lines to link the new power stations to capital cities, at a total cost of $92 billion…. "
Now who’s talkin’ "absolute crap"?!
Ben Cubby, the SMH resident Greenie who wrote the above trite pap seems to be a bit worried that the real Greenie enemy may not be Tony and the Libs, but Julia and Labor….
" …However, the National Generators Forum, which represents power station owners, and the office of the federal Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson, were decidedly lukewarm about the plan when asked about the findings last month…. "
Julia has, of course, neutralised "Climate" by simply puting it in the "to hard" basket until after the election.
"Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gunna get".
Let them both know what you think of both their climate taxes – vote CSP – Climate Sceptics Party – keep the barstards honest –

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