Posted by: Grant | August 20, 2010

Voting Today

Don’t be taken for granted.

Surely you have noticed where all the goodies and largess is going – yes, to the marginal electorates.

Be an aspirational voter – aspire to being in a marginal electorate.

If you live in a "safe" Liberal seat vote Labor.
If you live in a "safe" Labor seat vote Liberal.

If you fortunately already live in marginal seat, enjoy all your new roads, railways, schools, and other infrastructure goodies but consider the following facts.
    FACT  If you vote Labor you will get a magnificent fiber optic two-way broadband network, if you don’t you won’t.

    FACT  If you vote Liberal you will get a small carbon tax, if you don’t you won’t – at least until 2013.

    FACT  Both sides will spend your money on useless windmills and solar panels and your power bill WILL RISE. Please neutralise the pernicious, expensive, Green excesses, give your first vote to the CLIMATE SCEPTICS PARTY.

Look for them on your big Senate Ballot paper


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