Posted by: Grant | August 21, 2010

Greens Stuff Up The Aussie Parliament.

The result of the the Aussie Election is no result.

Nobody opposed the Greens.

Nobody opposed the Greens and they have wedged off a section of the leftist Labor vote to increase their Senate seats and even take a inner city Reps seat.

Nobody opposed the Greens.

The Turnbull/Hockey "wets" in the conservative Liberal Party forced their leader into a faux Climate Change policy and a maternity scheme which looked like a cynical bribe, and he was unable to differentiate his product enough.

Both magor parties have got to start opposing the Greens or we will loose the stabilising effect of the two party system.

Ironically the Greens themselves have sidelined Climate  – if you watched them on the night, they are pushing other issues to the forefront – e.g. gay marriage – even toned down fishing and agriculture in a move to the center.

Climate Change is dead but it won’t lie down – it needs a coup de grace before anymore damage is done.

Nobody opposed the Greens – they are getting a free run – nobody is calling them to account and believe me they have a lot to account for.

The "balance of power" independents are in rural seats – they may be able to salvage the Broadband Network from the wreckage and chaos.

I think I’ll go eat worms

Balance lies with gang of five – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Nation in limbo as leaders hang tough – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


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