Posted by: Grant | August 29, 2010

The Hole In The Ozone Layer – NOT

Why do we still take these people seriously? I mean they just keep getting it WRONG.
Do you want to believe their doomsday cult?
Do you want to believe the Stern Report or the Garnaut Report that millions will die if we just adapt to any climate change that comes along?
The hole in the ozone layer is still there – not gettin’ bigger – not gettin’ smaller and completely oblivious to the fact that we took Greenies seriously and changed the world’s entire refrigerant gas – fer nuthin!
Hope you were one of those who made your fortune out of that nice little earner!
Once again nobody calls them to account. They just move on to their next big media hyped scare.
Oct 03, 2007
Scientific Consensus on Man-Made Ozone Hole May Be Coming Apart

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