Posted by: Grant | September 2, 2010

Oh Lord –

"Oh Lord won’t you buy me a climate cat astro fee… " (not a mer cades benz!)
I happened to hear some of the "Lord Stern at the Press Club" show on the radio.
I had to turn it off before I vomited all over the steering wheel.
The sniveling syncophants who all dutifully turned up to grovel all over him were really disgusting.
What gives these people the right to pontificate on the Planet?
I thought Journalists, as in the "Press Club", were there to question doomsday cultists, not to join in!
Seriously alarmed, not only by the climate and weather, but by the demise of their golden headed, boy Kevin Rudd, and by the wavering in the AUS political parties, the UK climate change establishment sent out their alarmist-in-chief to stick his finger in the dike (so-to-speak).
Lord Stern was infamous for producing a UK Government economics Stern Review presaging that it was much less expensive to spend trillions in the West, destroy the whole middle class, and to condemn the entire Third World to life as noble savages, than to just wait and see, and adapt to whatever climate change actually comes along, as we always have done before.
We believe you – millions wouldn’t – but we believe you. Now tell the resurgent USA "Right", the Chinese, The Indians, the Brazillians, the Indonesians….
Oh well, we can take heart from the fact that nobody was interested – the big name journos were elsewhere – the public have moved on – the wheel fell off the bandwagon – what’s the new craze, everyone?

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