Posted by: Grant | October 9, 2010

But, But, The Drought Is Over.

The Globe stopped warming.
The drought is over.
The la Nina is here
Floods have started.
Sunspots have disappeared.
Could somebody PLEASE explain why these rural communities have to suffer so much as huge amounts of water go by?

I suppose it’s the same reason why our power bills have to double – it’s nice to be Green – no other reason.

The Greenie-inner-city-middleclass-trendies strike again!
For educated intellectuals they are really pretty stewpid aren’t they? – I blame the education system.

Big cuts for Murray Darling Basin irrigators
Leslie White |  October 8, 2010

“ABOUT $800 million in rural output and 800 jobs will be lost from the Murray Darling Basin if proposed cuts to irrigators’ rights become reality.
But farm leaders say the impact will be far worse.
The MDBA’s guide to its proposed basin plan today confirmed cuts of between 27 and 37 per cent were proposed.
The cuts to Sustainable Diversion Limits would achieve another 3000 – 4000 gigalitres of water for environmental purposes… “


More Global Cooling

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Cassandra Says It Will Get Very Cold
By Alan Caruba

” …Any number of solar scientists and others are warning that the Earth is on the brink of a new Ice Age at worst, a mini ice age at best. Dr. Achim Brauer of the German Research Center for Geosciences in Potsdam has concluded that the next Ice Age will come on so swiftly that in barely a year much of the northern hemisphere will be incased in ice and snow.
The Little Ice Age from around 1300 to 1850 lasted long enough to transform European society and have a profound affect on the histories of America and France. In England, they went from growing grapes to skating on a completely frozen Thames…. “


As another freezing winter looms, council hands out 2,000 spades and tells residents: ‘Dig yourselves out when it snows’
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:10 AM on 9th October 2010

” …The authority’s proposals came as experts warned the coming months could bring a repeat of last year’s bitterly cold winter which proved to be the coldest for 31 years…. “


Dr Tim Ball – Hero Of Science – Long Interview.

Wanna educate yourself? – find the time (about an hour) to watch this – excellent

Sunday 10th October, 2010
By:AC Posted: October 5 2010
Michael Coren with Dr. Tim Ball
An hour with Dr. Tim Ball and the truth about climate change, in five parts:



The Inverse Logarithmic Effect Of “Carbon”

Or why you need a computer model to produce the required catastrophe.
The GHG effect of CO2 is saturated.
You could double it, no problemo.

The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon Dioxide
Posted on March 8, 2010 by Anthony Watts
Guest post by David Archibald


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