Posted by: Grant | October 12, 2010

Bronwyn Bishop Attacks AUS Greens.

Don’t tell me the AUS Greens are finally being called to account? Don’t tell me “the opposition” has decided to “oppose” leftist greens! That’s new!

No doubt taking her lead from the HUGE backlash in the USA (not reported here due to the commercial TV licence fees deal and the leftist ABC) and rising power bills and falling public opinion, the notable Liberal Party identity has come out against the Greens.

Onya Bronwyn!

A Greens dream is a nightmare for the rest of us
by Bronwyn Bishop
12Oct 05:45am

“Why do the Greens hate people?
At every turn they want to reduce the quality of life for human beings or in the worst case authorise a doctor to help kill some via euthanasia.
How can any political party charged by the constitution with the responsibility of governing for the peace, order and good government of the Australian people be taken seriously when the people always come second…. “


Decadent Euro Greenies Attack Venerable Scientist.

The Octagenerian Prof Singer was a climate Scientist at MIT back when the first Greenies were predicting a climate catastrophe from global cooling and that we would all be dead from overpopulation and denuded rescources by 2000.

He likes to defend science. He thinks that science is important and should not be taken in vain.

The German Greenies were not in the slightest bit interested in what this emminent scientist had to say about “the science”.

Der Speigal disgraced itself with this vicious ad hominem (attack the man and his motives, not the issue) article.

‘Science as the Enemy’
The Traveling Salesmen of Climate Skepticism
By Cordula Meyer,1518,721846,00.html

“A handful of US scientists have made names for themselves by casting doubt on global warming research. In the past, the same people have also downplayed the dangers of passive smoking, acid rain and the ozone hole. In all cases, the tactics are the same: Spread doubt and claim it’s too soon to take action…. “

It wasn’t the “handful of US scientists” – the US “Right” suddenly realised that “Climate” was very “Left” and very “Big Brother”.

Passive smoking “science” was faked science – excused because the end justified the means.

Acid rain has since been disproven as a theory – google it.

The Ozone Hole is still there – not gettin’ bigger – not gettin’ smaller – completely oblivious to the fact that the Greenie Montreal Treaty changed the Earth’s entire refrigerant gas –  Fer Nuthin’.

Perhaps you should be listening to what the proffessor has to say, Cordula, not just abusing him for what he is, or what the carbon cult revolutionaries are feeding you about him.

Trite, repetitive, pap Cordula, do better.


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