Posted by: Grant | October 19, 2010

Spanish Prof Warns Caleeforneea

Or what is also known as the “spanish disaster”. Not a good example of “green jobs, or the “green economy” in fact a total fiasco.

Published: Oct. 15, 2010
Updated: Oct. 18, 2010 6:53 a.m.
Gabriel Calzada: California could feel Spain’s pain
Professor of applied environmental economics in Spain, president and founder of the classical liberal think tank Instituto Juan de Mariana, lead author of a 2009 study detailing the economic costs of Spain’s experiment with the green economy.

” …In Spain we also found that green jobs mostly (9 out of 10) were temporary. That is, they are principally installation jobs. In Italy, researchers found that 4.8 jobs were lost for each green job created.
In Germany – another example frequently cited by Mr. Obama – researchers with the state-funded think tank RWI-Essen concluded that “Germany’s promotion of renewable energies is … a cautionary tale of massively expensive environmental and energy policy that is devoid of economic and environmental benefits.”
Therefore, the claims that green-economy policies will create jobs are at once inherently true and patently false…. “


UN IPCC Gets Scrutinised – ‘Bout Time

It would have saved so much trouble if they had been subjected to this kind of scrutiny the first time around instead of being given a free run by the leftist, liberal, media.

The Non-Stop IPCC Spin Machine
October 18, 2010
Authored by Donna Laframboise, the creator of
(Toronto, Canada)

” …Grand total: 258. The next thing we need to recognize is that many of these 258 are climate modelers. Rather than being hardcore scientists, they spend their days tweaking inputs and algorithms. These are legitimate activities, but not what most people think of when they hear the phrase “thousands of scientists.”

A prime example is Lisa Alexander, a Working Group 1 lead author. As recently as two years ago she was a research assistant in the Arts Faculty of Australia’s Monash University. That institution has a science faculty, but Alexander didn’t study there…. “


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