Posted by: Grant | October 22, 2010

Steve Milloy Of The Brilliant “JunkScience”

Pop Went the Climate Bubble
bynbsp; Steven Milloy

” …But nowhere in the editorial did the Times (sic N.Y. Times) recall Climategate or the other related global warming-related ldquo;gatesrdquo; that the November 2009 scandal touched offmdash;all of which, no doubt, helped make skeptics of 95% of Republican Senate candidates. So herersquo;s a quick recap of what happened over the past year to the legendary scientific ldquo;consensusrdquo; on global warming…. “


Extreme Weather – NOT

Why did the greenies make up the “Causes-All-The-Bad-Weather” theory?
It’s related to hurricanes – Al gore put a hurricane on his A. I. Truth poster. Hurricanes cause a lot of damage – cost a lot of money – and that leads to the “Its-Much-Much-More-Expensive-Not-To-ACT-NOW” theory.
There is no proof for either theory – they just made it up as they went along – the media never question it.

The late great John Daily ( summed it up beautifully in – “Have We Got a Climate Catastrophe Just For You” –

20, 2010
Climatism: That Climate Change Chameleon
By Steve Goreham

” …The heavy snow in England was very embarrassing for the U.K. Meteorological Office, which had predicted a mild winter.
So what have the alarmists done? Attend almost any lecture today by an advocate of man-made global warming and you’ll find that “heavy snowfall” is now included on the list of impacts from climate change. Now both heavy snow and lack of snow are evidence of man-made warming…. “

BTWdespite Al putting a hurricane on A.I.Truth, that too failed –
What Happened to All the Hurricanes, Al?
Worldwide hurricane activity hasn’t just slowed since Katrina, it’s dropped off a cliff.
October 19, 2010 – by Art Horn


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