Posted by: Grant | October 23, 2010

Pastor Jay Dennis – It’s Not Christian.

Like The Pope and Cardinal Pell, Pastor Jay knows a false faith when he sees one.

Wind power mirages
By Pastor Jay Dennis 
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

” …It is true that we are commanded to be good stewards of the Earth and resources God gave us. We should conserve energy, use it wisely, and minimize harmful impacts on lands and wildlife. But we also need to safeguard our health and that of our neighbors, preserve jobs, and help poor families build wealth and improve their standard of living. I want all children, not just mine, to have a better future…. “

” …Bryce points out that we are no more “addicted” to fossil fuels than we are to food, housing and clothing. It’s simply that fossil fuels give us more abundant, reliable and affordable energy, from less land, than any alternatives we have today. They enable us to have jobs, hospitals, cars, schools, factories, offices, stores – and living standards better than royalty enjoyed a mere century ago. As fossil fuel consumption increases, so does agriculture, commerce, mobility, comfort, convenience, health and prosperity… “

” …And that’s just the beginning.
Wind turbine farms need ten times more steel and concrete than a nuclear, coal or gas power plant for the same amount of electricity. You also need thousands of tons of raw materials for the backup generators and the thousands of miles of new transmission lines to get the electricity to cities hundreds of miles from the wind farms. All these materials have to be dug out of the ground someplace.
All that mining and manufacturing is powered by fossil fuels, which requires more mining and drilling. The backup power plants have to be running constantly – and then roar to full strength every time the wind dies down. That’s like having to stop your car repeatedly for red lights along miles of highway: idling and then gunning it to 55 mph over and over. That uses huge amounts of fuel and emits enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and pollutants. In the end, we barely reduce America’s CO2 emissions – and may actually increase them…. “


Andrew Bolt On The Spanish Green Failure.

He points out the systemic problems inherent in other countries forcing Green “alternatives”.
Just doesn’t work.

Spain fried by solar power  
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 10:07am

” …Now … more than 50,000 other Spanish solar entrepreneurs face financial disaster as the policy makers contemplate cutting the price guarantees that attracted their investment in the first place…

Zapatero introduced the subsidies three years ago as part of an effort to cut his country’s dependence on fossil fuels. At the time, he promised that the investment in renewable energy would create manufacturing jobs and that Spain could sell its panels to nations seeking to reduce carbon emissions.

Yet by failing to control the program’s cost, Zapatero saddled Spain with at least 126 billion euros of obligations to renewable-energy investors. The spending didn’t achieve the government’s aim of creating green jobs, because Spanish investors imported most of their panels from overseas when domestic manufacturers couldn’t meet short-term demand…. “


UK Turns Back The Tide.

Seems the NIMBYs and The Greenies don’t like a massive 10 mile Tidal Power barrage across the Severn Estuary.
Probably right, but it would have actually produced regular, reliable, “renewable” power, unlike the UK wind and solar efforts which are entirely subject to the vicissitudes of the weather.
Nuclear on the other hand occupies a very small area, beside an existing power station, can be plugged into the existing grid, and the Greenies are never going to be happy with any new power station at all, anyway.
Why upset the NIMBYs when you’re never going to please the Greenies?

Nuclear Sites Revealed As Tidal Plan Axed
UK, Monday October 18, 2010
Ruth Barnett, Sky News Online

” …Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said: “I’m fed up with the stand-off between advocates of renewables and of nuclear which means we have neither.
“We urgently need investment in new and diverse energy sources to power the UK.”

Plans to construct a barrage on the Severn Estuary had drawn criticism due to financial and environmental concerns…. “


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