Posted by: Grant | November 1, 2010

Time To Pardon Carbon

It’s Time To Pardon Carbon
Larry Bell, 10.28.10, 12:00 PM EDT
CO-2’s bad rep is undeserved.

“It’s high time we recognize that carbon dioxide has been treated unfairly. Not only have the good deeds of that wonderful molecule so essential to rain forests, begonias and plants that feed God’s creatures been ignored, it has even come to be demonized as an endangering pollutant and climate-ravaging menace. What real evidence has been offered up to support these defamatory charges? Absolutely none.

Take the EPA’s CO-2 endangerment finding, for example. Shrouded under the ever- expanding blanket of the Clean Air Act,… “
“Larry Bell is a professor at the University of Houston and the author of Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax, which will be released Jan. 1, 2011”


The UK Lunacy – An Explanation


Why is the UK punter suffering so badly from absurd anti-global warming measures for nothing?
Puzzles me too.
It seems like the reason that they get on so well with the Indians. The English have their classes and the Indians have their casts.

The UK has a political class. The same class that betrayed their nuclear secrets to communists in the ’50s has now betrayed them to leftist Green revolutionaries.

Ah ha! The proverbial penny has proverbially dropped!

Number of the Month
October 2010
Triumph of the political class

” …They are members of a much wider and more powerful fraternity, Oxford graduates in PPE. Let’s call them Ogippes for short.

The list of Ogippes in the upper reaches of the British political and media establishment is of a length that is startling to anyone unfamiliar with the phenomenon. People like the Millibands segue gently from the political classroom to the political class, from the cloisters of Oxford to those of the Palace of Westminster , scarcely creating a ripple. They make this transition from cocoon to cocoon uncontaminated by contact with the defilements of work, survival, industry, science, technology and all the other distractions that plague the toilers in the field of a modern society and economy. Their heads are packed with theories that are untested and untestable. Evidently their syllabus did not include the British tradition of sceptical philosophy stretching from the Bacons to Popper, for they retain a capacity for belief, even in the presence of overwhelming contrary evidence, that transcends all reason.

The outstanding example can be seen in the alarums and excursions that arise from the modern fetish of carbophobia, for almost to a man the Ogippes are of the faithful, the honourable exception being Lord Lawson…. “


Peak Oil – NOT

No Virginia, we do not need to to spend billions and billions on windmills and solar panels because “we’re gunna run out of oil”. It’s a problem for your great, great, great, great, great granddaughter.
They keep finding it. Then there’s oil shale and coal liquification.

New ultra-deep pre-salt offshore find confirms Brazil an oil giant
Saturday, October 30th 2010 – 05:16 UTC

“Brazil’s oil industry regulator announced Friday that a recent ultra-deep offshore find is estimated to hold between 3.7 billion and 15 billion barrels of oil equivalent, which could make it the largest crude accumulation in the country’s pre-salt region and the biggest discovery in the Western Hemisphere in more than three decades.”


Hups! Hoppla! Oh Nein! Back To Der Nuklear.

Ha Ha Ha The Germans took the Greenies seriously.
Watch how much electricity they now manage to squeeze out of their existing 17 nuclear powerplants, now that solar and wind are a demonstrated FAILURE.
They will be rebuilt over and over and doubled or tripled in output.
Nuclear is the only demonstrated viable alternative to fossil fuel. Hydro has problems of scale.

The World from Berlin
Extension of Nuclear Lifespans Is ‘Pure Conservatism’,1518,726128,00.html


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