Posted by: Grant | November 6, 2010

AUS ABC – The Bias – Senator Abetz Attacks

The ABC Act specifically forbids taking an editorial position and demands balance on issues of publc concern.
The News and Current Affairs Department choose to ignore that and are now being called to account.

Eric Abetz Tackles Robyn Williams on Treatment of Bob Carter
Posted by jennifer, November 2nd, 2010 – under News, Opinion.
Tags: Climate & Climate Change, People

” …Senator ABETZ—No, I am judging the ABC, not Professor Carter, as to why they would run such a gratuitous denigration that is not based on any scientific analysis of the papers or any peer review of Professor Carter’s papers, and that is why I asked about Mr Ward’s qualifications in comparison to Professor Carter. It would be like a paralegal somewhere saying that the Chief Justice of the High Court is the worst lawyer in Australian history, running that as a promo and then somehow saying that that is fair.

Mr Scott—I am not in a position to judge Mr Ward’s expertise.

Senator ABETZ—I am the very, very concerned about the editorial policy which would suggest bias in allowing that to occur. In relation to labelling of groups and individuals, you have a policy on that. I understand that the ABC likes to describe people that have doubts about climate change as ‘sceptics’. What
label do you apply to those that are the non sceptics?

Mr Scott—I am not sure that there is a label.”


AUS ABC – The Bias

The ABC Act specifically forbids taking an editorial position and demands balance on issues of publc concern.
The News and Current Affairs Department choose to ignore that and are now being called to account.

This pathetic opinion piece is too little too late…

A stormy forecast for climate change reporting
By Margot O’Neill
ABC Environment | 3 Nov 2010

” …Despite the present crisis of confidence among some UK journalists, I believe it remains a live story and that underlying the short-term news cycles is a number of titanic struggles and shifts which will force the issue back into mainstream press coverage no matter what tag it is given – these include the biggest global energy transformation since the industrial revolution; the unfolding, gobsmacking scientific mapping of the phenomenon (from ocean acidification to polar ice) as well as the reformation of an inward-looking scientific community to accept more transparency and robust public debate and explanation; and the great ideological clash over climate change policy including right-wing fears that it is a front for left-wing eco-fascism.

Then there’s the actual climate. If the scientists and insurance companies are right, it will produce increasing horror temperature, drought and precipitation events as well as more natural catastrophes. How we adapt to a dramatically changing climate, if or when it emerges, could, sadly, become the most compelling story of all.”

You’re pathetic Margot.
These people came along predicting the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it with computer models and you never thought to question it, even a little? DURH!

Well the chickens are coming home to roost, Margot, et al., brace,  brace,   brace…

Selling out their craft to the global warming cause
Andrew Bolt
Friday, November 05, 2010 at 12:02am

” …No one panellist, because of this lack of debate, raises one of the more obvious questions. For instance:

                  – Where on earth is the evidence that media outlets have given an equal hearing to sceptics? For instance, which sceptical scientist here has got equal media time to Tim Flannery? Which sceptical film maker has received the air time of Al Gore? Which media outlets have backed a sceptical propaganda event as they have Earth Hour? Which media outlets have run sceptical specials as they’ve run specials warning of apocalyptic warning? Where is the sceptic on this very panel?…. ”


Obama Sacks The EPA Greenie

Actions sometimes speak louder than words.

The USA Environmental Protection Agency battens down the hatches and prepares for pennance.

Seems the United States in Congress assembled is running things again and not the EPA. Nice try, but.

EPA official who pushed CO2 regulation resigns
posted at 10:54 am on November 5, 2010
by Ed Morrissey

” …The question will be whether Heinzerling left on her own steam or got pushed out the door.  Even if it was her own decision, it may have come after losing the fight to run roughshod over Congress and impose the equivalent of carbon taxes through regulation.  A Republican House appears poised to strip the EPA of funding if it exceeds what the GOP considers its Congressional mandate, which means an end to regulatory innovation for the next two years, at least.  There isn’t much point in sticking around for Heinzerling under those conditions…. “


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