Posted by: Grant | November 14, 2010

Why “The Right” Suddenly Realised AGW Was The Enemy.

This greenie went to a big coal conference and here is the bitter and twisted result.
The title really says it all.

The coal bosses’ plan: mine coal, sell coal, repeat until rich
Guy Pearse
November 14, 2010

” …I half-expected to find an industry worrying about rising demand for clean energy. But at the conference in Amsterdam last month, there was no hint of foreboding among the 1400 delegates. The concern wasn’t dwindling demand, but meeting runaway demand, mostly in China and India…. “

There is no “rising demand for clean energy”
There is no dirty energy – modern coal-fired power stations “emit” only nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide, all pollutants are scrubbed. (carbon dioxide is of course essential for all life on the planet – plants and trees greedily absorb it).
There is no demonstrated viable “clean energy” – except nuclear – the coal industry know this.

Like Al Gore in his private jet, it is apparently ok for this greenie to burn tonnes of carbon  travelling halfway around the world so he can return home, snigger and snear at the evil capitalists, and to lecture us about not ever doing the same thing.
Yeah – right!
May the Deity please preserve us from these control freaks and their light bulbs, greenbags, windmills, solar panels and Priuses.


Oh zone and Other Greenie Mistakes

It is only when governments and parliaments take these people seriously that they get into trouble.

Greens are and always have been a fringe spiritual movement and should just be smiled at indulgently and patted on the head.

The Montreal Treaty changed the world’s entire refrigerant gas for nothing – the hole in the ozone layer is still there – not getting bigger, not gettin smaller – completely oblivious to all the billions spent on it – fer nuthin!.

Stubborn Antarctic Ozone Hole refuses to change
Posted on November 12, 2010 by Anthony Watts
“Maybe it is because the major catalyst isn’t CFC’s after all? See this story:… “

Then there’s Paul Ehrlich, the Chernobyl non-disaster, the GM crops non-disaster, the banning DDT genocide, non-alternative “Alternative Power”. etc., etc.
Charles Moore
What the Green Movement Got Wrong: Greens come to see the error of their ways

“For many years, Channel 4 would not have dared devote an hour to the errors of environmentalism, writes Charles Moore…. ”


Bad News Week Indeed

A bad news week for AGW proponents
Posted on November 12, 2010 by Anthony Watts 

This is a collection of news story excerpts this past week. AGW proponents and environmentalists is general are taking hit after hit in the media this week. – Anthony… “


Off Topic – Kiwis On The Dole

Stupid idea number 2754 – ban New Zealanders from getting the dole.

Save the federal government a small, token, amount in social security and cost the community a huge amount in crime, charity, policing, the courts and keeping them locked up in gaol and eventually deporting them.

There is a very good reason for having the dole – it saves more money than it costs.

Then there is the embarrassing racism – it is obviously aimed at brown New Zealanders and Islanders – don’t we already have too much racist baggage already, internationally?

The simple expedient of negoitiating a treaty to pay for each others social security responsibilities seems like a really good idea to me.

Sending the Kiwi beggars home
Andrew Bolt Blog   
Andrew Bolt
Monday, November 08, 2010 at 06:32am
“Is our open border with New Zealand all that smart?
AUSTRALIAN charities are paying to fly homeless Kiwis back to New Zealand in a bid to stop the growing problem of begging on Melbourne’s streets. Twelve New Zealanders have been flown home with the help of Travellers Aid in the past three months at a cost of almost $3900.
New Zealanders are also helping to fill our jails:… “


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