Posted by: Grant | December 12, 2010

The Bad News Or The Bad News?

The coldest winter on record but the “second hottest” year globally – well if you leave out the cold northern months of Nov. and Dec. (also colder in the south as well this year) that is.

Come on now, a year is a year, 12 months, not 10 months!

The real bad news is that they were wrong, Global Warming is not “here and now” – it’s gone!

The longer they keep proping it up, the worse the collapse is going to be.

This UK Daily Mail Greenie tries to spin the bad news.

Britain has coldest year since 1996 (but it will be the second hottest year since 1850 for the rest of the world)
By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 12:29 PM on 10th December 2010

The basic FACT is, mr psuedo-scientist, that the UN IPCC mentioned “natural forcings” are capable of neutralising any carbon “forcing” from the increasingly huge human “emission” of carbon dioxide gas.
Ergo, my dear fellow, we have no cause for alarm.

BTW – It is actually the warmest since 1650 – the worst of the “Little Ice Age”. Are we starting the “new little ice age” or is it the now due big one? Have “natural forcings” turned and biten the Alarmists on the bum?


Good Opinion Piece

As the Planet itself mocks the Alarmists, the Washington times warns it ain’t over yet.

Global warming ideology still on top
The science has crumbled, but too much money backs the scare
By Tom Harris and Bryan Leyland
6:30 p.m., Wednesday, December 8, 2010

” …Today, climate alarmism is de rigueur “science” in virtually all public schools, colleges and universities. Most mainstream media, corporations, even churches and essentially all environmental organizations promote the now politically correct view of human-caused climate change. Aside from President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic, not a single prominent world leader contests the hypothesis that humanity’s CO2 emissions are causing dangerous global warming. The fact that the basic science behind the scare is crumbling appears to have no impact on these groups. Instead, science is cherry-picked to prop up public policy that has more to do with pleasing vested interests and satisfying social ideology than protecting the environment.

There simply is too much money and political capital, and too many reputations are at stake for alarmists to back down. After their late first-period letdown, environmental activists have stepped up their campaign to keep governments and media from falling off the climate-change bandwagon. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars are still being funneled into promoting alarm and futile solutions. In the third quarter of this year,… ”

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