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Catchup 1 – old posts from my bigblog

Germaine Greer

Sunday 23 January, 2011 – 07:40 by Grant in Default

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Eu tu Guardian?
Then    “Climate”,       die.

Australian floods: Why were we so surprised?
Meteorologists warned Australians six months ago to prepare for a soaking. And nobody did a thing …
Germaine Greer
Saturday 15 January 2011

” …Professor Neville Nicholls, president of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, believes that “the Queensland floods are caused by what is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) La Niña events since our records began in the late 19th century”. He was asked if the intensification was a consequence of global warming, and declined to comment. Other people have been rather too quick to claim the extreme weather as a direct consequence of global warming. (It will surprise many readers of the Guardian to learn that in Australia there is still a bad-tempered debate about whether global warming is happening or not.)… ”

And why didn’t anybody “did a thing” Germaine?
Because  they all  believed the superstitous Greenies that “the drought is only gunna set worse”.
There – I said it for you. Mus’n’t upset your Guardian readers to-oo much. Poor dears. Got it so terribly wrong didn’t they?

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Indian Science.

Saturday 22 January, 2011 – 06:51 by Grant in Default

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The Chinese are much better at it, but the Indians are not taking any crap from alarmists either.
This is a government sponsored attack on alarmism.

NEW DELHI, January 21, 2011 Cosmic rays contribute 40 p.c. to global warming: study
Priscilla Jebaraj
Rao says carbon emission impact is lower than IPCC claim

“A key belief of climate science theology — that a reduction in carbon emissions will take care of the bulk of global warming — has been questioned in a scientific paper released by the Environment Ministry on Monday…. ”

Ramesh-backed paper questions another IPCC claim
Chetan Chauhan, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 21, 2011

“India has once again challenged the UN’s climate science body – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — through a new scientific paper. The Environment ministry sponsored paper says that human induced global warming is much less than what the R K Pachauri headed IPCC had said. The cause is reduced impact of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) on formulation of low clouds over earth in the last 150 years… ”

Top Indian space boffin beams down climate shocker
Alert  PrintRetweetFacebookCherche les cosmic rays
By Andrew Orlowski

New paper: Cosmic rays contribute 40% to global warming
Posted on January 21, 2011 by Anthony Watts

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Dessler-Spencer Cloud Feedback Debate Update

Saturday 22 January, 2011 – 06:48 by Grant in Default

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The world’s most brainy climatologist tries a debate – “If that makes me a denier – so be it”.

Dessler-Spencer Cloud Feedback Debate Update
January 20th, 2011 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

” …And as shown most recently by Spencer & Braswell (2010, SB2010), any non-feedback source of cloud variations will (necessarily) cause a temperature response that is highly DE-correlated…just as we see in the satellite data! In fact, we showed that a near-zero regression slope can occur with even strongly NEGATIVE cloud feedback.

The bottom line is that, you can not use simple regression to infer cloud feedbacks from data like those seen in Dessler’s data plots…. ”

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When All Else Fails – Regulate.

Saturday 22 January, 2011 – 06:44 by Grant in Default

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Perhaps this explains it – previous post
If it ISN’T a stealth attack on the US economy, why try and sneak it through like that?

“EPA Expands Climate Agenda to the Current Fleet of Power Plants and Refineries” — VanNess Feldman
by Marlo Lewis
January 20, 2011 @ 5:16 pm

” …If you didn’t read the text of EPA’s press release and just skimmed the headline, you would not know the agency had just launched the next phase of its greenhouse gas regulatory program. The release carried this bland and uninformative title:  ”EPA to Set Modest Pace for Greenhouse Gas Standards/Agency stresses flexibility and public input in developing cost-effective and protective GHG standards for largest emitters.”

Then on Dec. 30, with public attention still diverted by holiday celebration, EPA published two proposed settlement agreements in the Federal Register outlining the agency’s plans to establish GHG performance standards for utility steam electric generating units and petroleum refineries. The proposed agreements are between EPA and a gaggle of State, municipal, and environmental litigants.

In a recent (Jan. 19, 2011) Alert, VanNess Feldman, a law firm specializing in environmental issues, explains the significance of this under-reported development:… ”

PDF here –
EPA Expands Climate Agenda to the Current Fleet of Power Plants and Refineries
By Kyle Danish, Stephen Fotis, and Henry Stern

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HUH?!!  WTF?!!

Thursday 20 January, 2011 – 07:21 by Grant in Default

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What exactly does THIS mean?

White House signals tougher scrutiny of climate rules
By Andrew Restuccia – 01/18/11 11:09 AM ET

” …“We’re going to comply with the law, insofar as the law requires action,” the official said Tuesday.
The official said the administration will ensure that it is lowering greenhouse gas emissions through the “least burdensome approaches.”
The new regulatory framework will also require additional cost-benefit analyses of the upcoming climate regulations. In addition, the EPA will need to ensure that it offers businesses “flexible means” to meet new climate standards that “reduce burdens on the private sector,” the official said… ”

Go figure – as they say in the USA. I guess this is either a monumental climb-down or just the precurser to more stealth attacks on the US economy. Perhaps they can hear the knives being sharpened on Capital Hill for the tethered goat of the EPA.

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Poor Flood Victims

Thursday 20 January, 2011 – 07:18 by Grant in Default

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In a classic misnomer, Anna Bligh just had to boost her failing political vote by calling the flood donations the “Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal”

The result?

Not good –  nobody wants to donate anything to a Fund called “The Premiers” anything – they really, really, dislike “The Premier” and her Greenie hubby and her nasty little pipsqueak Treasurer intensely, and are just not participating in the self-aggrandizement of “The Premier’s Fund”.

It is not The Premiers’s Fund – it is the Flood Victims Fund.

Then there is the – I already donate to “The Premier” – it’s called taxes – effect

Desperate proping up of the Fund has boosted it from a pathetic $14M to a less pathetic $100M with corporate funding.

Anna boobs again!

Flood donations pour in
6th January 2011

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Delightfully Facetious Little Piece.

Wednesday 19 January, 2011 – 05:57 by Grant in Default

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Global warming is dead, let’s move on
Imre Salusinszky
January 19, 2011 12:00AM

WE did it. For once, we acted collectively, as humans, huddled together on a fragile planet, rather than as selfish individuals. And we did it: we beat global warming.
So now let’s move on.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, 2010 was Australia’s coldest year since 2001. Since logic tells us the planet can’t be getting hotter and colder at the same time, we can confidently pronounce global warming dead, buried and comprehensively beaten.

This victory happened because individuals pulled together, within nations, and then the nations of the world themselves pulled together. Meetings were held in places such Kyoto. Rousing speeches were made by world leaders. People clapped and felt good about themselves. Documents were signed.

Clearly, with each meeting, each speech, each inked treaty, global warming was pushed back.

Here in Australia, we also did our bit, big time. We declared global warming the great moral challenge of our generation. We talked confidently about doing something or other. (OK, I can’t remember what it was, and we never actually did it, but then we talked about doing something different . . . though maybe not straight away.)

Anyway, it worked, because last year was the coldest year since 2001.

Tim Flannery, Al Gore and others published books and made films. Clearly they deserve a slice of this massive victory over global warming. To them we say: “Thank you, gentlemen, you may now return to private life.”

But now that we know what we can do by dint of collective effort, we should turn to new challenges.

For example, free trade between nations is demonstrably the greatest force there has ever been for the alleviation of poverty, and the equalisation of living standards between nations.

The development of genetically modified crops promises to turn back the tide of hunger and disease in poor countries.

Now that global warming is finished, due attention can be given to these issues.

But before all of that, I think we’ve earned a moment’s pause, just to give ourselves a pat on the back.

We did it. We acted together. We killed global warming.

And now we will never have to hear anything about it, ever again.

Hear Hear!

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Prof Lindzen – Don’t Panic ‘Till You Have To

Wednesday 19 January, 2011 – 05:54 by Grant in Default

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Richard Lindzen: A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action
Saturday, 15 January 2011 10:37 Richard S Lindzen

” …With all this at stake, one can readily suspect that there might be a sense of urgency provoked by the possibility that warming may have ceased and that the case for such warming as was seen being due in significant measure to man, disintegrating. For those committed to the more venal agendas, the need to act soon, before the public appreciates the situation, is real indeed. However, for more serious leaders, the need to courageously resist hysteria is clear. Wasting resources on symbolically fighting ever present climate change is no substitute for prudence. Nor is the assumption that the earth’s climate reached a point of perfection in the middle of the twentieth century a sign of intelligence.”

Richard Lindzen is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council

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$437M (NOAA) and $438M (NASA)

Wednesday 19 January, 2011 – 05:51 by Grant in Default

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So whatta you do when the political class pay you $437M p.a. (NOAA) and $438M p.a. (NASA) in climate research funding but “The Globe” stops warming and starts cooling on you?
Simple, you obfuscate until cooling becomes so bleedingly obvious that even “The Left” of politics drop it and move on to the new cause celebre.

Let’s hope they get the new cause celebre right, unlike the old ones, acid rain, nuclear, DDT, Hole-in-the-ozone and Global Warming which have all been proven WRONG.

Poor Leftists, they will keep jumping on the wrong bandwagon. Perhaps if they used more real, objective, science and less superstition – just a suggestion.

by Joseph D’Aleo | January 14, 2011

” …So in the data sets, urban warming is allowed to remain and the warm bias is artificially introduced into the rural and/or well sited data sets which in their unadjusted state show no warming.
Though both NOAA and NASA have resisted FOIA requests for release of all the unadjusted data and documentation for all the adjustments made, that may change in the new congress. The Data Quality Act requires that any published data must be able to be replicated by independent audits. That is currently not possible given the resistance posed despite promises of transparency… ”

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Silly Season Gets Sillier and Sillier.

Tuesday 18 January, 2011 – 08:42 by Grant in Default

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Here’s a good laugh for you…

Clinton says ‘no time to delay’ climate work with China
By Ben Geman – 01/14/11 12:42 PM ET

” …China and the U.S. are the world’s largest emitters, and her comments come ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit to the White House next week.
“Our cooperation at the U.N. climate conference in Mexico was critical to the conclusion of the Cancún agreement. Now, we must build on that progress by implementing the agreements on transparency, funding and clean energy technology,” Clinton said in remarks at the State Department…. ”

Is she trying to make Obama look foolish or was that just accidental?!

Not funny?
OK – Try this from AUS

Breaking news
Coal miners to blame for Queensland floods, says Australian Greens leader Bob Brown
From: AAP January 16, 2011 1:56PM

” …”We know that the oceans around Australia are at record high temperatures, and that’s causing the moisture in the air which is leading to these catastrophic floods.” …”

That of course is a lie – there is abolutely NOTHING unusal about the ocean temps around AUS – perfectly normal.
it really does beg the question – why didn’t the hot oceans cause more moisture in the air when we suffered thru 10 years of drought? DURH!

’bout time the old echo warrior let younger Greens in – he and his old doomsday theory have become a bit of an embarrassment to them, really.

If it isn’t patently obvious to you,  Bob is made to look the fool that he is here –

Queensland Floods. Climate Scientists 2010: Less Moisture Over Australia. Climate Scientists 2011: More Moisture Over Australia
Posted on January 15, 2011
by hauntingthelibrary

” …Let’s start with the story from climate scientists just before the floods. On October 11th 2010 the Science Daily website reported on the publication of perhaps the most authoritative study yet on the effects of global warming on drought in the southern hemisphere…. ”

” …- That was before the floods –
Following the devastating Queensland floods, many activist scientists rushed to link them to global warming, and what’s more, they had a good reason why the floods were so severe – increased moisture in the atmosphere:… ”

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DDT – Not

Tuesday 18 January, 2011 – 08:35 by Grant in Default

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One more for the Just-keep-gettin-it-wrong-dont-they department.

In a previous post I stated – “Greenies are self-appointed, well meaning, superstitious, spiritual people who just keep getting it wrong.
It is only when our elected representatives take them seriously and let Greens start dictating “The Science” that we get into real trouble” – but Greens are not harmless loonies – they have real political power and they kill human beings as a result.
Millions of Africans died and are still dying due to superstitious interference in pesticides by Greens.
Turns out there was nothing wrong with DDT after all – DURH!

Falsehoods about insecticides and bednets continue to leave a path of destruction and death
Greens lie, Africans die
By Paul Driessen and Robert Novak
Friday, January 14, 2011

“Fina’s little body shook for hours with teeth-chattering chills. The next day her torment worsened, as nausea and vomiting continued even after there was nothing left in her stomach. Finally, her vomiting ebbed and chills turned to fever, drenching her body in sweat. Then more chills, fevers, nausea, convulsions, and constant, unbearable pain in every muscle, bone and joint… ”

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Prof Singer In A Californian OCR Editorial

Monday 17 January, 2011 – 06:07 by Grant in Default

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Arnie is gone – did he take “Climate” with him?

Published: Jan. 13, 2011
Updated: 1:05 p.m.
Editorial: Reasons to cool it on global warming–.html

” …Dr. Singer contends the science always has been on the side of skeptics. We tend to agree. On close inspection, the much-touted “consensus” that global warming is a manmade threat never was true. Such matters in the scientific community are difficult to document, other than anecdotally. But thousands of scientists, including climatologists, meteorologists and researchers, even some formerly affiliated with the U.N.’s own climate-change panel, have voiced their qualms and complaints with warmist orthodoxy… ”

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Calls For Inquiries On Opposite Sides Of Planet Earth

Monday 17 January, 2011 – 06:05 by Grant in Default

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Climate inquiry needed
by Des Moore
January 9, 2011

“Interpreting the 0.7C fall in 2010 temperatures
Those familiar with the climate debate will naturally be aware that the rise in average official temperatures of 0.74C over the 20th  century was an inherent component of IPCC’s conclusion of a future of dangerously high temperatures unless governments acted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
But how to interpret the fall of 0.7C in the average Australian temperature for 2010?… ”

Rift between BBC, Met Office and UK Government Grows
BBC Hits UK Govt with Freedom of Information Demand in Cold Winter Forecast Fiasco
By John O’Sullivan  Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“The BBC serves Freedom of Information request (FOIA) on UK Government over weather forecast failures secrecy in worst winter for 100 years.
In an almighty battle to salvage credibility,  three British government institutions are embroiled in a new global warming scandal with the BBC mounting a legal challenge to force ministers to admit the truth. Sceptics ask: Is the UK government’s climate propaganda machine finally falling apart?
Last week the weather service caused a sensation by making the startling claim that it was gagged by government ministers from issuing a cold winter forecast. Instead, a milder than average prediction was made that has been resoundingly ridiculed in one of the worst winters in a century…. ”

Riverside MP Louise Ellman set to head probe into winter transport “fiasco”
by Ian Hernon,
Liverpool Echo Jan 10 20113

“A LIVERPOOL MP is set to head a Parliamentary probe into this winter’s transport “fiasco.”
Riverside’s Louise Ellman, as chairman of the Transport Select committee, has received official requests to launch a wide-ranging inquiry into why snowfalls up to the Christmas/New Year break crippled the rail and road system…. ”

There is really no need for any inquiry – it’s simple – STOP TAKING GREENIES SERIOUSLY – they keep getting it wrong – they peddle pseudo-science!

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Sometimes It’s What They Don’t Say Indeed!

Sunday 16 January, 2011 – 10:09 by Grant in Default

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Shorten cool on global warming Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Monday, January 10, 2011 at 09:29am

“Interesting choice of words by Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten, suggesting a big step back from the warming alarmism of the Rudd Government:

Climate change requires a reduction in the carbon intensity of our economy and adaptation to changing weather patterns.

Let’s assume Shorten chose those words very deliberately, and decode them.

First, cutting “carbon intensity” is very different to cutting emissions. It means we could actually increase our total emissions if we at least produce the extra energy with less gassy technology. This is China’s preferred option, and one less likely to choke economic growth – or cut emissions by what most warmists demand.

Second, “adaptation” to climate change is very different to “stopping” it. It implies we should just cope with what turns up, rather than spend trillions to try to stop what we probably can’t. This is the option recommended by Professor Bjorn Lomborg. author of The Sceptical Environmentalist, and one which could save us wasting yet more billions on wind farms, solar power and their useless like.

Third, “changing weather patterns” are very different from “changing climate”. Shorten seems to be open to the idea that we’re experiencing the usual changes in the weather rather than man-made changes to the long-term climate.

Let’s keep a weather eye on Shorten’s future climate talk.”

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How Greenies Caused The Queensland Floods.

Sunday 16 January, 2011 – 10:02 by Grant in Default

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If you’re hosing out your Queenslander you will be happy to know that it could have been avoided if Anna wasn’t such a Greenie. If you’re still waiting on the levels to go down – you would probably have got fooded anyway.

Seems they held onto the water in Wivenhoe dam too long because “the drought is only going to get worse” and “Climate Change means we can expect longer and worse droughts” and the we-desperately-need-a-new-dam-but-the-greenies-won’t-let-us-build-it-so-we’d-better-hang-on-to-as-much-water-as-possible mentality.
So instead of releasing as much water as possible in case the floods got worse, they held it back for Climate Change reasons.

It is the Victorian Bushfires all over again – greenies made them so much worse by banning burning off, tree clearing and even roaside forest debris removal.

Greenies are self-appointed, well meaning, superstitious, spiritual people who just keep getting it wrong.
It is only when our elected representatives take them seriously and let Greens start dictating “The Science” that we get into real trouble.

Brisbane’s Man-made Flood Peak!
Posted on January 13, 2011 by regionalstates
How SEQ Water failed “Flood Mitigation 101”. (13/01/11)

“It is surprising how some journalists couldn’t pick a story if it was humping their leg…. ”

Did Australia’s obsession with global warming contribute to the Brisbane floods?
By Brendan O’Neill World
Last updated: January 14th, 2011

” …But might there be another, so far overlooked, contributing factor to the floods? Might the politics of environmentalism itself – the contemporary obsession with global warming as the greatest threat to mankind – have exacerbated the impact of the flooding in Brisbane? It seems possible that Aussie politicians’ and officials’ deeply held conviction that the main problem we face today is increased heat, droughts and a lack of rainfall caused them to take their eye off the ball in Brisbane, and to be unprepared for something as relatively normal as very heavy rainfall…. ”

Queensland floods: but at least the ‘endangered’ Mary River cod is safe, eh?
By James Delingpole Politics
Last updated: January 11th, 2011

” …This is a guest post from one of our regular commenters, Memory Vault. He’s understandably upset about the Australian floods, which may have claimed more than 70 lives. But what really upsets him is that this disaster could have been prevented. He blames green campaigners so wedded to their ideology they never stop to consider the human consequences. It is to them his bitter letter is addressed…. ”

The Australian cites covered up report of Brisbane flood danger
Posted on January 12, 2011 by Anthony Watts
By Hedley Thomas, The Australian

“A SECRET report by scientific and engineering experts warned of significantly greater risks of vast destruction from Brisbane River flooding – and raised grave concerns with the Queensland government and the city’s council a decade ago.

But the recommendations in the report for radical changes in planning strategy, emergency plans and transparency about the true flood levels for Brisbane were rejected and the report was covered up…. ”

Expert claims Wivenhoe was too full to protect Brisbane
Andrew Bolt
Friday, January 14, 2011 at 01:19pm

“More evidence that Wivenhoe – the dam protecting Brisbane from flooding – was kept too full:… ”

BTW there was one good laugh from The Floods – Former-PM-Rudd got such a bad skin infection from wading thru the filthy water in front of the media cameras, helping out a digger, that he had to go to hospital for treatment! Laughing

BTW – Queensland has some interesting comparisons with the USA. It is referred to as the “deep north” as in the “deep south” USA. It has a similar tropical/sub tropical climate. It is very de-centralised like the smalltown USA. Everybody’s teeth are falling out because they ignored the science and refused to put Fluoride in the water even when brilliantly successful elsewhere. In response they contemptuously refer to southerners as “mexicans” and stubbornly refuse to entertain daylight saving because it makes no difference to them in a tropical climate. I once heard an airline pilot say – “we’re aproaching Brisbane Airport, don’t forget to wind your watches back one hour and thirty years”!

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Response To Previous Post!

Sunday 16 January, 2011 – 09:56 by Grant in Default

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Greenies usually never debate – Global Warming was pounded into the conventional wisdom with thousands of spurious little anecdotes which were never challenged in the media – why spoil a good sensational doomsday story with non-disturbing facts!

Sometimes they are stung into a debate and it is always very revealing.

They simply qualify their statements.
“is consistant with”
“weather isn’t climate – but”
‘the models suggest”
This enables them to reinforce public superstition and prejudice while giving themselves an out if needed.

The following article in response to the Monckton jibes is a classic.
He really just embarrasses himself even more….

Mike Steketee’s response to Christopher Monckton Mike Steketee
January 11, 2011 12:00AM

” … what I did was quote the World Meteorological Organisation, which I pointed out… ”

” …To the contrary, I wrote as follows: “Perhaps the cold northern winter will bring the final figure, which will not be published until March, down a little but the WMO was confident enough last month to say … ”

” …I did not. This is what I said: “And the decade also was the warmest on record – despite the annual peak in 1998…. ”

” …Monckton accuses me of cherry picking individual extreme weather events that point in one direction only. I did not. I quoted Professor Neville Nicholls of Monash University,…. ”

…and here we were thinking all along that “Climate Change” was science and thus able to be properly debated – silly me, silly you!

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Wanna Debunk The Latest “2010 Hottest Year Ever” Bullcrap?

Saturday 15 January, 2011 – 13:03 by Grant in Default

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Unable to resist a good natural disaster as a gift from Gaia, the Aussie alarmists have started crawling out of the woodwork with the floods.
Arguing “Climate” with a Greenie is, of course, like arguing religion or politics – pointless – but if you have a more receptive audience here is a really good debunking of the latest rubbish.

Just read this from the ever-erudite Viscount Monckton Of Brechley. Goodaye from Oz Moncky, good to hear from you again.

by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley | January 10, 2011

“Michael Steketee, writing in The Australian in January 2011, echoed the BBC (whose journalists’ pension fund is heavily weighted towards “green” “investments”) and other climate-extremist vested interests in claiming that 2010 was the warmest year on record worldwide. Mr. Steketee’s short article makes two dozen questionable assertions, which either require heavy qualification or are downright false. His assertions will be printed in bold face: the truth will appear in Roman face…. ”

” …The record only began ten decades ago. As for sea temperatures, they are less significant for analyzing “global warming” than estimated total ocean heat content. A recent paper by Professors David Douglass and Robert Knox of Rochester University, New York, has… ”

” …It is easy to cherry-pick periods of less than a calendar year and say they establish a new record. The cherry-picking of the first nine months of 2010 is particularly unacceptable, since that period was dominated by a substantial El Niño Southern Oscillation, a sudden alteration in… ”

” …After 300 years of global warming, during nearly all of which we could not on any view have influenced the climate to a measurable degree, it is scarcely surprising that recent decades will be warmer than earlier decades. That is what one would expect…. ”

” …Actually, it is cooler. There was a remarkable spike in global temperatures in 1998, caused not by manmade “global warming” but by a Great El Niño event… ”

” …On any view, 1.3 C° of further “global warming” this century would be harmless. The IPCC is predicting 3.4 C°, but since the turn of the millennium on 1 January 2001 global temperature has risen (taking the average of the two satellite datasets) at a rate equivalent to just 0.6 C°/century, rather less than the warming rate of the entire 20th century. In these numbers, there is nothing whatever to worry about – except the tendency of some journalists to conceal them…. ”

” ….Most of the few dozen scientists worldwide whom Prof. Richard Lindzen of MIT estimates have actually studied climate sensitivity to the point of publication in a learned journal have reached their results not by measurement and observation but by mere modeling…. ”

” …In fact, the global sea-ice record shows virtually no change throughout the past 30 years, because the quite rapid loss of Arctic sea ice since the satellites were watching has been matched by a near-equally rapid gain of Antarctic sea ice. Indeed,… ”

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Big-Mouth Prof. Karoly

Thursday 13 January, 2011 – 09:42 by Grant in Default

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BTW – had to laugh – saw the big-mouth Prof. Karoly pop up briefly on ABC News24 – this man could sell ice to eskimos. He even flashed up a graph. Claims – wait for it – yes TA DA – the foods are caused by “Climate Change”.

Do I hear you scoffing?

Oh ye of little faith. Just because everyone was blaming it for all the hot weather and the drought for years and years doesn’t mean it can’t cause floods when required.

Yes, you see the seas are hot – causes more moisture – causes more floods.


Yes, I see the more intelligent of you are really wrestling with that one!! But then the more intelligent of you have long realised that Prof Karoly, like the tame government lackey Will Stefen are nothing but pompus windbags peddling a psuedo-science political line.

The seas are warmer – they started warming with the end of the little ice age – but there is no abnormal warming – none – and the “record warming” the pompus windbag cites is an extremely qualified “record”. The oceans take a long time to heat and cool down.
How far can one stretch the truth before it becomes an outright lie, professor? Keep it up we will eventually find out.

Greenies switched over to the ocean temps some time ago when the lower atmosphere temps levelled off and cooling became apparent, but even then they had to fix the data by “correcting” argo buoy data.

Can’t cite a link – the ABC were obviously too embarassed – but it is nice to see them giving a voice to these fringe elements occasionally.

POSTSCRIPT – I do have a link after all – Andrew Bolt was right onto this…
Karoly’s “global warming” – wetter, drier, worse, better, whatever
Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Thursday, January 13, 2011 at 11:45am


Associate Professor Stewart Franks of Newcastle University writes to the ABC to protest its repeated use of an alarmist who may say what it wants to hear, but is not actually an expert:

Dear Mr Uhlmann

I would like to protest the repeated interviews with Prof David Karoly with regard to the Queensland floods.
Since 2003, I have published a number of papers in the top-ranked international peer-reviewed literature regarding the role of La Nina in dictating Eastern Australian floods.
There has been no evidence of CO2 in affecting these entirely natural processes, irrespective of their devastating nature.

Why is it then, that someone without any publication nor insight in this key area of concern for Australia is repeatedly called upon to offer his personal speculation on this topic?

This is not a new problem with Prof. Karoly.

In 2003, he published,… ”

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Beware Of Vania

Thursday 13 January, 2011 – 08:50 by Grant in Default

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Everyone in Brisbane thinks it’s all over for another 50 years – just a matter of cleaning up and hosing it down. Ah – look at the synoptic chart – TC Vania has turned!

POSTSCRIPT – TC Vania seems too far away now and it is releasing a large amount of energy, but that little low off Cairns has deepened and is now a worry.
Here –

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Polar Bears – NOT

Tuesday 11 January, 2011 – 08:21 by Grant in Default

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Yet one more for the Just-keep-gettin-it-wrong-dont-they department.

Polar bears are NOT cute, they are dangerous predators, and they are breeding like flies!

Scientists hope gigantic ‘trap’ will tell tale of polar bear populations
By Margaret Munro,
Postmedia News January 7, 2011

” …Polar bears are a global symbol of the threat posed by climate change but, at the same time, many observers say there are more of them roaming around than there were 30 years ago.
“The population is booming,” says Willy Aglukkaq, a guide and outfitter in the Inuit community of Gjoa Haven, who is seeing plenty of bears in the central Arctic…. ”

Careful Willy, you’re being very politically incorrect there – gotta keep those rich Greenie tourists coming!

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Combet’s Hot Air Tax

Monday 10 January, 2011 – 08:56 by Grant in Default

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Combet’s hot air tax
by Bob Carter
January 3, 2011
No seasonal break for the climate commissars

” …Mr Combet’s continued, and unrealistic, support for the introduction of a carbon dioxide tax or trading system was announced on Dec. 21st, together with the results of the third meeting of the Prime Minister’s Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change (MCCC).

As part of its last pre-Christmas pantomime performance, the MCCC enunciated eleven key principles to be applied in deciding the details of their planned new, economically damaging and futile carbon dioxide tax.

Here are those eleven principles, along with some comments regarding the value of each.

Environmental effectiveness. The reality is that cutting Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions, even altogether, will confer no… ”

” …Economic efficiency. No economic need, let alone efficiency, is sensibly met by taxing an environmentally beneficial trace gas.

Budget neutrality. Whose budget? The imposition of a tax of, say, $30/tonne will impose on every Australian household increased costs estimated at more than $2,000 per year.

Competitiveness of Australian industries. The introduction of a carbon dioxide tax is intended to, and will, significantly increase the cost of energy generation. Obviously, the resultant increase in business costs will… ”

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Truth Gets Frozen In UK.

Monday 10 January, 2011 – 08:52 by Grant in Default

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There are dedicated scientists in the AUS BoM who well knew we were in for our floods, (the science is all here in this humble blog even) but countering the conventional wisdom, let alone their political master’s plan for a big new tax is a very bad career move.
You may have noticed that it is mainly the wise old men at the end of their careers who speak out on “Climate”. Gurgle, gurgle.

Met Office knew big freeze was coming but hushed it up
By Rachel Quigley
Last updated at 8:19 AM on 4th January 2011

” …Last night Mr Harrabin said: ‘With Britain shivering through a third winter in a row, shouldn’t the weather forecasters have warned us well in advance? Why didn’t the Met Office tell us?
‘The truth is it did suspect we were in for an exceptionally cold early winter, and told the Cabinet Office so in October…. ”

” …Mr Harrabin, who made his comments in the Radio Times, is one of the BBC’s most respected figures.
He has been reporting on the environment for more than 20 years and lectures at Oxford and Cambridge universities.
His claims come after the forecaster was criticised for its advocacy of climate change.
Campaigners have claimed it has become too interested in calling for action to cut carbon emissions.
They say it is in thrall to a belief that temperatures will rise in the long term, and so has neglected its focus on accurate short and medium term forecasts.
The BBC announced last year that it was considering dropping the Met Office as its official forecaster after 87 years. But in July it decided to extend the contract for a further five years…. ”

You don’t go to your doctor and give him a huge amount of money for the required diagnosis – very bad for one’s health!

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Just Keep Gettin’ It WRONG Don’t They?

Monday 10 January, 2011 – 08:44 by Grant in Default

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Wind Development Threatens Iconic American Birds
Safeguards needed to prevent population declines in the Whooping Crane and
Greater Sage-Grouse, and reduce mass mortality among eagles and songbirds
For Immediate Release Contact:
Kelly Fuller , 202-234-7181 ext. 212

” …(Washington, D.C. – December 29, 2010) Today, American Bird Conservancy announced that three iconic American bird species face especially severe threats from wind energy development.

“Golden Eagles, Whooping Cranes, and Greater Sage-Grouse are likely to be among the birds most affected by poorly planned and sited wind projects,” said Kelly Fuller, Wind Program Coordinator for American Bird Conservancy, the nation’s leading bird conservation organization. “Unless the government acts now to require that the wind industry respect basic wildlife safeguards, these three species will be at ever greater risk.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) currently estimates that more than 400,000 birds are already being killed each year after being struck by the fast-moving blades of wind turbines. This figure is expected to rise significantly, and will likely eventually pass the million mark as wind power becomes increasingly ubiquitous under a Department of Energy plan to supply 20% of America’s power through wind by 2030.

Golden Eagles have already been one of the major victims… ”

Can you imagine the furore if coal or nuclear started killing birds at this rate?!!! Why aren’t Greenpeace Greenies climbing giant wind turbines and unfurling banners for the media? Save the birds!

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But – Didn’t You Say… ?

Sunday 09 January, 2011 – 06:21 by Grant in Default

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No – you were not imagining it – “Climate Change is here and now” – the drought is here it stay – we are going to run out of water very soon – we must act NOW – this hot weather is Climate Change – hurricanes will blast the USA.

The trouble is that, although Penny Wong and Peter Garrett have jumped ship, their pronouncements are all still there, a few clicks away on the internet – don’t even have to go to the library to dig them out anymore!

Here Andrew Bolt rubs their nose in it – you’re allowed to have some fun aren’t you Andrew?

But, Penny, if the seas are cooling….
Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Friday, January 07, 2011 at 08:54pm

Warmists see their credibility drowned
Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Wednesday, January 05, 2011 at 08:37pm

Warmists said the drought would last forever
Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Thursday, January 06, 2011 at 05:30am

DROUGHT will become a redundant term as Australia plans for a permanently drier future, according to the nation’s urban water industries chief…
”The urban water industry has decided the inflows of the past will never return,” Water Services Association of Australia executive director Ross Young said. “We are trying to avoid the term ‘drought’ and saying this is the new reality.”… Mr Young blamed climate change for the nation’s water woes.

Last year was Australia’s third-wettest year on record as a 14-year “long dry” was broken by the rapid transition from El Nino to La Nina conditions. The second half of the year (July to December) was the wettest on record for Australia.
(Thanks to reader David.)”

Hot-air Gore runs out of puff
Andrew Bolt Blog
Andrew Bolt
Wednesday, January 05, 2011 at 09:05pm

” …Oops. The total hurricane energy is falling, not strengthening.
Dr Roger Pielke Jr says the extensive evidence suggests Gore was wrong. Yet again.
What more does the weather have to do to prove the warming alarmists wrong? And what will it take for the Nobel committee to strip Gore of his prize for serial exaggeration?”

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So What Happens When They Are Proven Wrong?

Sunday 09 January, 2011 – 06:17 by Grant in Default

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They are not always right, but they are NEVER wrong!
The real villains are our elected representatives who take them seriously and spend billions of our money on stupid “causes”.

The Blogosphere
Friday, January 07, 2011
‘Ozone hole’ shenanigans were the warm-up act for ‘Global Warming’
By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow

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New Mexico USA

Sunday 09 January, 2011 – 06:14 by Grant in Default

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Martinez axes all Environmental Improvement Board members
By Matthew Reichbach | 01.05.11 | 8:36 am

“Susana Martinez removed all the members of the state Environmental Improvement Board Tuesday for helping create an “anti-business environment.” Before being sworn in, Martinez was critical of the board’s decision to institute cap-and-trade rules in New Mexico…. ”

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Spining Aussies Wettest And Coldest Year.

Thursday 06 January, 2011 – 07:08 by Grant in Default

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The drought it seems is NOT “only going to get worse”.

“Natural forcings” in the face of huge ongoing, ever increasing human “carbon emissons” are more than capable of making a mockery of Greenies.

2010 among Australia’s wettest on record
Updated Wed Jan 5, 2011 12:47pm AEDT

” …The bureau says the Murray-Darling Basin recorded a dramatic recovery in its wettest year on record, with water storages across the basin at 80 per cent at year’s end, up from 26 per cent at its beginning.
The bureau’s report on 2010 also reveals that:
•Australia recorded its wettest year since 2000
•Mean total rainfall was 690mm, well above the long-term average of 465mm
•Mean temperatures were cooler than those for the previous eight years… ”

but, and here’s the spin,

”  •Sea surface temperatures were 0.54 degrees Celsius hotter than the 1961 to 1990 average… ”

Well, up until october anyway, and with a now-cooling planet every month counts!
And why 1961 fer crissake? Well, it’s called cherry picking. Pick the right starting point and you can produce any required warming. And why sea temps? Are we fish? Or is it because the sea takes a lot longer to cool down? The globe has been warming since the end of the little ice age but that has now stopped and there has been NO warming not entirely consistant with normal, natural variability.

” …Meanwhile, mean temperatures in 2010 were cooler than those for the previous eight years, with an average of 22.0 degrees Celsius, 0.19C above the 1961 to 1990 average of 21.81C.
But despite the wet year, the bureau says the decade ending in 2010 was the hottest since records began more than a century ago.
It says Australia’s climate continues to warm even though individual years may buck this trend.
Meanwhile, sea surface temperatures in the Australian region during 2010 were 0.54 degrees Celsius above the 1961 to 1990 average, though data was only available to November 30.
The bureau says the past decade was also the warmest on record for sea surface temperatures…. ”

“Australia’s climate continues to warm” despite “mean temperatures in 2010 were cooler than those for the previous eight years” – yeah, right!

We could have been prepared for these floods if these idiots hadn’t ignored the science for political reasons. The floods were entirely predictable, instead of running around like chooks with their heads cut off at the last minute – study the science reported in this blog. There is no unusual “Climate Change”. Climate always changes.

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Meanwhile, Back In The Real World.

Thursday 06 January, 2011 – 06:29 by Grant in Default

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The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating.

Windpower fails to deliver AGAIN just when needed the most – so much for the “wind-always-blows-somewhere” theory!

Wind farms becalmed just when needed the most
Wind farms in Britain generated practically no electricity during the recent cold spell, raising fresh concerns about whether they could be relied upon to meet the country’s energy needs.

” …The wind turbines may even use up electricity during a calm period, as they were rotated in order to keep the mechanical parts working. There are more than 3,000 turbines in Britain and the Department of Energy and Climate Change planned to have up to 6,000 onshore and 4,000 at sea by 2020…. ”


Well, at least they weren’t killing birds off…

Published Thursday December 30, 2010
Wind power could put birds at risk
By Juan Perez Jr.

” …Officials with American Bird Conservancy on Wednesday cited data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that estimates 400,000 birds of various species are killed by turbine blades annually.

The conservation group’s concerns come as state and national officials push to expand wind energy development in the coming years.

“Golden eagles, whooping cranes and greater sage-grouse are likely to be among the birds most affected by poorly planned and sited wind projects,” said Kelly Fuller, a spokeswoman for the conservancy…. ”

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Ha Ha Ha – You Do Get A Laugh Sometimes!

Sunday 02 January, 2011 – 07:22 by Grant in Default

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Global warming ‘will give Britain longer, colder winters’ as melting sea ice plays havoc with weather patterns
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:49 PM on 25th December 2010
Melting ice will cause blasts of cold air to be funnelled over Britain during winter months

“Britain will be hit by longer and colder winters in coming years because of global warming, scientists have said.
Melting Arctic Sea ice has changed wind patterns in the northern hemisphere – bringing blasts of colder air across the UK.
Scientists believe the changes could be why we have been experiencing such a bitterly cold December…. “

Only one teensie weensie little problem with this – THERE IS NO “MELTING SEA ICE! – sea ice is back with a vengence. DURH!!!!

Almost as good was this aussie one – the AUS BoM and CSIRO have long been predicting more droughts – a pavlovian response to large chunks of government largess dangled in front of them – in fact the Murray-Darling basin only just escaped draconian water cuts, due to unprecedented floods, “because the droughts were only going to get worse”.
Being Green is one thing, but being ridiculous is quite another!

Media Release
Periodic short-term cooling should not be misinterpreted as signalling an end to global warming.
Periodic short-term cooling in global temperatures should not be misinterpreted as signalling an end to global warming, according to an Honorary Research Fellow with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Barrie Hunt.
28 December 2010

Barrie is a computer modeller.
Time to adjust you model again Barrie – you know, tweek it here, adjust it there, change an assumption or two, and give it back to the PR department to put it out in a nice glossy “projection” so that despite a huge, ongoing, ever increasing, human “emission” of carbon dioxide, “the globe” may sometimes now freeze and the outback may sometimes now flood – YEAH, RIGHT, BARRIE!

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Important New Paper

Sunday 02 January, 2011 – 07:15 by Grant in Default

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International Journal of Geosciences, 2010, 1, 102-112
doi:10.4236/ijg.2010.13014 Published Online November 2010 (
Copyright © 2010 SciRes. IJG
Warming Power of CO2 and H2O: Correlations with Temperature Changes
Paulo Cesar Soares
Earth Sciences, Federal University of Parana (UFPR), Curitiba, Brazil
Received July 29, 2010; revised September 13, 2010; accepted September 30, 2010

The dramatic and threatening environmental changes announced for the next decades are the result of models whose main drive factor of climatic changes is the increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Although taken as a premise, the hypothesis does not have verifiable consistence. The comparison of temperature changes and CO2 changes in the atmosphere is made for a large diversity of conditions, with the same data used to model climate changes. Correlation of historical series of data is the main approach. CO2 changes are closely related to temperature. Warmer seasons or triennial phases are followed by an atmosphere that is rich in CO2, reflecting the gas solving or exsolving from water, and not photosynthesis activity. Interannual cor-relations between the variables are good. A weak dominance of temperature changes precedence, relative to CO2 changes, indicate that the main effect is the CO2 increase in the atmosphere due to temperature rising. Decreasing temperature is not followed by CO2 decrease, which indicates a different route for the CO2 cap-ture by the oceans, not by gas re-absorption. Monthly changes have no correspondence as would be expected if the warming was an important absorption-radiation effect of the CO2 increase. The anthropogenic wasting of fossil fuel CO2 to the atmosphere shows no relation with the temperature changes even in an annual basis. The absence of immediate relation between CO2 and temperature is evidence that rising its mix ratio in the atmosphere will not imply more absorption and time residence of energy over the Earth surface. This is ex-plained because band absorption is nearly all done with historic CO2 values. Unlike CO2, water vapor in the atmosphere is rising in tune with temperature changes, even in a monthly scale. The rising energy absorption of vapor is reducing the outcoming long wave radiation window and amplifying warming regionally and in a different way around the globe.

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Some Climate “Has-Been”s

Saturday 01 January, 2011 – 06:25 by Grant in Default

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Farewell 2010

Friday 31 December, 2010 – 07:11 by Grant in Default

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The More Things Change…

Friday 31 December, 2010 – 06:15 by Grant in Default

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…the more they stay the same!

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