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Catchup 4 – Old Posts From Bigblog Site

Flannery Follies

Wednesday 30 March, 2011 – 04:52 by Grant in Default

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He may have been sucessful at greazing and oiling his way around the feminists at the ABC, but his Carbon Commission forums were a stupid blunder and now Andrew Bolt has lured him into a political mine field. If it had a brain itid be dangerous!

1000-year vision fuels climate fight
Lauren Wilson and Matthew Franklin
March 29, 2011 12:00AM

” …Yesterday, Professor Flannery said he feared Mr Abbott had “quite wilfully misrepresented” his statements by failing to mention the letter. “I am extremely disappointed with the Leader of the Opposition,” he told The Australian. “It is not responsible to delay action – that would cause future action to be more expensive. If nobody acts, we are in danger of seeing temperatures spiralling out of control . . . it is urgent we act this decade to lower emissions or we risk temperatures rising 4C this century.”… ”

“To Late”, she shrieked and waved her wooden leg!!

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Still Nothing To Stop Them In Europe.

Wednesday 30 March, 2011 – 04:46 by Grant in Default

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This is what happens when there is nobody to oppose the Greens.

Like in the old Soviet Union, the elite drive cars and the masses ride bikes and crowded buses.

Has no effect on “The Planet” at all of course. 2000 million Indians and Chinese are all working hard to get a shiny new family car.

Motoring News
EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

“Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years…. ”

“Top of the EU’s list to cut climate change emissions is a target of “zero” for the number of petrol and diesel-driven cars and lorries in the EU’s future cities.
Siim Kallas, the EU transport commission, insisted that Brussels directives and new taxation of fuel would be used to force people out of their cars and onto “alternative” means of transport.
“That means no more conventionally fuelled cars in our city centres,” he said. “Action will follow, legislation, real action to change behaviour.” … ”

” …Mr Kallas has denied that the EU plan to cut car use by half over the next 20 years, before a total ban in 2050, will limit personal mobility or reduce Europe’s economic competitiveness.
“Curbing mobility is not an option, neither is business as usual. We can break the transport system’s dependence on oil without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. It can be win-win,” he claimed…. ”

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US Gallup Poll

Wednesday 30 March, 2011 – 04:41 by Grant in Default

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Obama loses the punters on Climate.
Like in AUS, Climate has gone the way of the hula hoop and the yo-yo – as we move on to the next fad.

March 28, 2011
Water Issues Worry Americans Most, Global Warming Least
Environmental concerns are flat since 2010, but down over past decadeby
Lydia Saad

” …What may surprise some, given the broad exposure the issue has received in recent years, is that global warming ranks lowest — consistent with other Gallup polling — with barely half of Americans concerned and 48% only a little or not at all concerned…. ”

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Watch The Greenie Squirm. Squirm Greenie, Squirm.

Tuesday 29 March, 2011 – 09:09 by Grant in Default

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This is the look on AUS Greens leader Bob Brown’s face when he is asked “Did you force the Prime Minister into a carbon tax?”

After so many years of snivelling sycophancy from the ABC he, just, cannot, believe it!

Welcome to the real world Bob!

Bob Brown joins 7.30
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 22/03/2011
Reporter: Chris Uhlmann
Greens Leader Bob Brown speaks with Chris Uhlmann.

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NIMBYS Trump Greenies.

Tuesday 29 March, 2011 – 07:32 by Grant in Default

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There are two fundamental problems for politicians trying to force “Renewables” down our throats for the Green vote.

ONE   Is that they will only ever be tokenistic until someone finds a way to store energy on a GigaWatt scale.
Trust me, that’s just not gunna happen – the solar/wind generators not only have to supply enough extremely expensive power for the present demand, but enough to store for the extensive calm/cloudy periods inbetween, with huge systemic inefficiency losses in the process. Energy storage on that scale doesn’t exist and is extremely problematic. NOT  – GUNNA  –  HAPPEN.

TWO   While a coal-fired power station supplies enough power for over a million people in an area not much bigger than a single farm and sends it down a single line to the city, an equivalent solar/wind power station covers vast areas of countryside and needs a huge new expensive power grid. What you gain from the Greenies, you lose to the NIMBYS.

Are environmentalists an obstacle to clean energy production?
By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller
| Published: 1:04 AM 03/28/2011 | Updated: 4:26 PM 03/28/2011

” …NIMBY activism has blocked more renewable projects than coal-fired power plants by organizing local opposition, changing zoning laws, opposing permits, filing lawsuits, and using other long delay mechanisms, effectively bleeding projects dry of their financing.”

Recent examples include environmentalist lawsuits seeking to block construction of a solar power plant in California’s Mojave Desert due to threats to the endangered desert tortoise and environmentalists suing to block the construction of a 75-wind turbine project in Nevada due to threats to local wildlife…. ”

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Shopping Bags

Tuesday 29 March, 2011 – 07:28 by Grant in Default

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One more for the They-just-keep-getting-it-wrong department.

First we had them force us into Green light bulbs which burn very hot, don’t last as promised, and add tonnes of toxic mercury to our land fills and thus our water tables.
Now it turns out that Green shopping bags accumulate a lot of bacteria unless they are washed out regularly.

Then there is the tensie weensie little lack of real evidence that bags choking wildlife is anymore of a serious problem than Wind Turbines killing birds and bats!
Then there is the simple fact that almost nobody actually brings piles of their own greenbags along to shop, preferring to just pay out the conscience money instead! Ker–ching!

A Punching Bag No More
By Kenneth P. Green
Saturday, March 26, 2011

“The traditional, thin plastic bag, though increasingly demonized and taxed, has better environmental performance and is likely to be considerably safer for human health than alternatives.
Two recent studies might end the great grocery bag debate…. ”

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Their Myth – My Facts.

Sunday 27 March, 2011 – 07:59 by Grant in Default

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Australia now has a “Climate Commision” – Dr Goebels would be proud of them.

I added my facts in red…

Separating myth from fact in a heated debate
Tim Flannery, Will Steffen, Gerry Hueston
March 25, 2011

On listening to and observing the debate surrounding climate change and climate policy in Australia over the past few weeks, anyone would think that we were on the verge of some kind of civil war. ‘Bout time – there has never been any debate before – it took the floods and freezing cold weather – hey, wait a minute, didnt you say… ?

On radio, television and in our press, largely self-serving arguments often based on scant evidence have been thrown back and forth. Climate Change was pounded into the conventional wisdom by thousands of spurious little, unchallenged, anecdotes.

It doesn’t need to be this way. In this confused and sometimes toxic environment, it’s important for all Australians to have access to clear information on climate change that is independent of government and the political process. As members of the Australian Climate Commission, we want to help provide it. Ok, away you go.

We are a group with a mix of skills but a shared view that it is imperative to reduce emissions and lessen the potential environmental and economic risks associated with a warmer and more unstable climate. IF and when that happens – waiting, waiting, waiting…

Today in Geelong we are holding the first in a number of public forums that we will be holding around Australia. We look forward to listening and, no doubt, learning a lot from those attending.

The commission was not set up to comment on particular policies but to explain the facts. First, sadly, all the evidence reveals that the atmosphere is warming. Not “all” the evidence – the Satellite and the un-“corrected” ARGO buoy date now indicate a cooling. Over the past 30 years, warming has proceeded at a rate of about 0.17 degrees per decade. This is entirely normal natural variation – nothing unusual. The decade 2001 to 2010 was the warmest on record. But the claimed warming stalled and flattened out.

Recent work by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology reveals that the number of days with record hot temperatures has increased each decade over the past 50 years. And there have been fewer record cold days. Lies, damned lies, and statistics! There have been dozens of record cold days reported in the northern hemisphere.

These are not predictions. They are empirical facts. Spurious facts which do not prove the predictions.

Second, some people claim the climate is always changing and current warming is just part of a natural cycle. Yes. Climate doesn’t change on its own. Yes it does! Climate always changes the only thing certain about climate is that it changes! Something must cause the changes. For example, the cycle of ice ages and warm inter-glacial periods is due to small variations in the Earth’s orbit, which alter patterns of absorbed sunlight. The warming of the past 50 years cannot be explained by natural factors such as the sun. Yes it can. Sunspots. We have been counting sunspots since Galileo invented the telescope and it is a statistical fact that when the globe cools there are very few sunspots. We can only explain this warming if greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are taken into account. There is a lot of science on the cosmic ray – solar wind nexus. There are dozens of papers on why the globe stopped warming and has now started cooling. Just read this blog.

Third, some look at the challenge of reducing emissions and see that Australia’s contribution to the problem is so small, there is little point in us acting alone. But we are not. Major emitters, including the European Union, China and the United States, are already acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they see that it is in their interests to do so. Even India, the poorest major economy, is introducing an energy-saving scheme to help its major companies reduce emissions, and a coal levy to fund renewable energy technology. Australia should play its fair part. Copenhagen failed and Cancun degenerated into a joke, Kyoto has expired there is no agreement or even the prospect of a watered down agreement on global “emissions” in fact the global fuel consumption rate continues to grow spectacularly – not even a blip! Australia’s fair part is nothing at all are present. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Per person we are one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, one of the top 20 highest-emitting countries, and well-placed to demonstrate how we can reduce emissions and maintain our prosperity. Exactly how? We live in a prosperous egalitarian society based entirely on cheap abundant fossil fuels for which there is NO demonstrated viable alternative (except nuclear).

There is a view that there is little benefit in introducing a carbon price. Despite our efforts to date, Australia’s emissions in 2020 are still projected to grow by more than 20 per cent above their levels in 2000.

So, if we manage to achieve even a 5 per cent reduction by 2020, that is 25 per cent less than it would have been. That is a big number. And it is only by playing our part in reducing emissions that we can reduce both the risk of dangerous climate change and the risk that policy decisions taken by other economies will affect our economy and our terms of trade. Exactly how? We live in a prosperous egalitarian society based entirely on cheap abundant fossil fuels for which there is NO demonstrated viable alternative (except nuclear) making fuel more expensive only works if a viable alternate exists, Waiting, waiting, waiting, come on you’re not inventing – start inventing!

We wish there were a cost-free way to reduce emissions, but there isn’t. And a carbon price is a core element of effective climate policy. Not only is there no cost-free way of reducing “emissions”, there is no demonstrated way at all, none (except nuclear).

The constraint of a carbon price can be a powerful driver to innovation. But it will not necessarily produce any alternatives at all. As this debate continues in Australia, we hope to play our role in helping further understand the perspective of all Australians and help dispel some of the myths and explain some of the facts.

Our politics, politicians and charismatic commentators will no doubt take much of the attention but quietly, in the background, the climate problem is here and is only getting bigger and more important each day. There have been three RECORD cold northern hemisphere winters in a row.

As we all better understand the dynamics behind the problem and some of the ways that we can collectively address it, as climate commissioners we all hope to make a positive and useful contribution. Give it up guys – the planet itself is mocking you!

Professor Tim Flannery is chief commissioner of the Climate Commission. Professor Will Steffen is executive director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University. Gerry Hueston is former president of BP Australasia and former chairman of the Business Council of Australia’s sustainable growth taskforce. All with their snouts in a huge multi-billion dollar trough!

POSTSCRIPT – If the simple fact that this a Government appointed, Government funded, Government supported group of Climate Alarmists appointed to justify a huge huge new Government carbon tax isn’t enough for you, read this rebuttal by a highly qualified scientist.
Climate Commission shirks debate
by Bob Carter
March 27, 2011

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NSW Election – Greens FAIL

Sunday 27 March, 2011 – 06:23 by Grant in Default

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NSW = New South Wales, an aussie state.
Lets hope it’s a trend!

Greens disappointment in Marrickville, Balmain
Updated 7 hours 33 minutes ago

“Greens candidate Fiona Byrne had been tipped by many to win Marrickville, but it now appears likely outgoing Health Minister Carmel Tebbutt will hold the seat… ”

Big talk before the election…
March 12, 2011
Green Prospects at the 2011 NSW Election

” …If the Marrickville swings were to be mirrored in neighbouring Balmain, the Green Mayor of Leichhardt Council, Jamie Parker would enter Parliament by defeating Labor’s Minister for Education Verity Firth. The higher base Liberal vote in affluent Balmain may make the Green victory less clear cut than in Marrickville.

There are other seats where the Greens may end up out-polling Labor…. ”

Listen? Listen? – ribit, ribit, – The silence is DEAFENING!!!

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Global Cooling Continues.

Sunday 27 March, 2011 – 06:20 by Grant in Default

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Funniest thing about Alarmists is that the globe has obviously now entered a cooling phase. They are doomed to look more and more stupid as time goes by.

John McLean: Statement: COOL YEAR PREDICTED:
Updated with LATEST GRAPH
Wednesday, March 9th 2011, 3:08 AM EST

Also here…
Our ENSO – temperature paper of 2009
and the aftermath

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ARGO Floats Data

Sunday 27 March, 2011 – 06:19 by Grant in Default

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Thousands of Argo floats beam ocean data up to Satellites.
Greenies try to just ignore it and hope it will go away and leave them alone.

ARGO-Era NODC Ocean Heat Content Data (0-700 Meters) Through December 2010
Posted on March 25, 2011 by Anthony Watts
Guest post by Bob Tisdale:

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Green Slowly Fades In The UK

Thursday 24 March, 2011 – 04:20 by Grant in Default

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While the Conservatives fail to oppose it, it is left to the bureaucrats to reel in Green excess.

Budget constraints knock UK green policies off track
March 22, 2011 3:52 pm
by Kiran Stacey

” …The last week has seen a slew of announcements that appear to signal a retreat by the government from its green ideals. Firstly, we had the cut to solar subsidies… ”

” …Then on Tuesday, we had advance warning of two other moves in Wednesday’s Budget which will be viewed by environmentalists as regressive steps.
The first is the news that the green investment bank will not be able to borrow until 2015…. ”

” …The second is that ministers have decided against raising a new levy on consumers to pay for carbon capture and storage… ”

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We Don’t Need A Carbon Tax Because

Wednesday 23 March, 2011 – 09:34 by Grant in Default

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We don’t need a carbon tax because –

  • It won’t do anything – it won’t achieve anything.


  • The globe stopped warming 10 years ago and is now cooling.


  • There is now serious doubt being raised in the US Congress about “the science”.


  • There is no, demonstrated, viable, alternative, mass energy scource – except nuclear and hydro – we are still waiting for it to be invented.



What we do need is a serious, independent, royal commision, examination of the actual science to let us determine the facts for ourselves.

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Very Droll

Wednesday 23 March, 2011 – 05:35 by Grant in Default

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Is Climate Change Caused By Climate Change?
Posted on March 21, 2011
by stevengoddard

“History shows that the climate changes constantly.

Now that the term “climate change” has been hijacked by people who are superstitious about CO2, I have to wonder if historical climate change was the result of climate change, or if is the other way round – that climate change is due to climate change?

Does the climate always change when the climate changes, or do external climate change forcings cause climate change? Are there ever times when the climate changes without the climate changing?

These important philosophical questions need to be answered.” Smile

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Rolling Back The Carbon Tax – Or Not?

Tuesday 22 March, 2011 – 05:37 by Grant in Default

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The trouble with voting is that you always get a politician.

The trouble with repealing the carbon tax is that you have to repeal the revenue and if you cut the revenue you have to upset a lot of voters, not to mention cutting the “compensation” along with it.

I vaguely remember promises to “roll back the GST” – it never happened. Of course.

Just like him pretending to a sceptic and then not, is Tony pretending to roll back the Carbon Tax and then not? We’ll see.

The silence on repeal has been a bit deafening lately.

IF the Labor/Greens Government do get the tax in place before the next election, a big IF, here is the public record on its repeal if we need to revisit it.

Tony hesitated so he could get shadow cabinet aproval…

Abbott refuses to say if he’ll repeal carbon tax
By Tim Leslie
Updated Fri Feb 25, 2011

But then he got it and away we went…

Abbott carbon coats next election campaign March 1, 2011

Abbott promises to ditch carbon tax
By Tim Leslie
Updated Mon Feb 28, 2011

Coalition set to wind back tax compo
Updated: 23:31, Monday March 21, 2011

Coalition vows to scrap carbon tax Michelle Grattan
March 1, 2011

Abbott vows to repeal carbon tax February 28, 2011

Tony Abbott pledges to roll back carbon tax if Coalition wins the next election
UPDATED Joe Kelly and James Massola
From: The Australian February 28, 2011 2:02PM

Abbott vows to repeal carbon tax February 28, 2011

Turnbull backs ETS but Libs will scrap tax
18:31 AEST Mon Feb 28 2011

Coalition to wind back tax compensation
By Paul Osborne, AAP Senior Political Writer, AAP
March 21, 2011, 5:57 pm

I hope the media outlets are keeping the video clips for future reference on this one!.

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Washing Machines Fer Crissake!

Monday 21 March, 2011 – 06:56 by Grant in Default

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I don’t mind greenies being green – it’s when they stuff it down my neck that I fume.

You vill use front loaders and you vill like it – now pay up.

MARCH 17, 2011.
How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine
The top-loading washer continues to disappear, thanks to the usual nanny state suspects..

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Der Spiegel – Der Decadence.

Monday 21 March, 2011 – 06:52 by Grant in Default

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Germany’s Eco-Trap
Is Environmentalism Really Working?,1518,751469,00.html

” …The light bulb ban was one example. Most didn’t see the need to scrap conventional bulbs when the simplest way to save electricity was just to turn off the light. And Germans have been unusually stubborn about the biofuel E10 — the name refers to the 10 percent ethanol admixture. They would prefer to pay a few more cents for a liter of gas than put their car engines at risk.

Many haven’t yet fully realized that E10 is an ecological swindle…. ”

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Politics Of Science – Who’s Holier Than Thou.

Monday 21 March, 2011 – 06:51 by Grant in Default

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Here’s a good one – The greenies in “Nature Magazine” turn science into politics and then get offended when other, elected, non-self-appointed, politicians get involved – DURH!!!

Nature | Editorial
Date published:(17 March 2011)
Published online16 March 2011
Vote to overturn an aspect of climate science marks a worrying trend in US Congress.

They were OK until “The Globe” stopped warming and three record cold winters set in – Hey, just a minute, didn’t you say….. ????

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1990 – The Tenative Start To Global Hysteria.

Monday 21 March, 2011 – 06:48 by Grant in Default

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FAR = First Assessment Report of the then new UN Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change.

My, how the climate did change!!!!

Way back when climate scientists were scientists: Chapter 8, FAR, circa 1990
Posted on March 19th, 2011

“You’ll find this hard to believe but I get excited about the 1990 First Assessment Report (FAR). It’s very different from wading through the later ones, because it’s remarkably honest, and things are not hidden in double-speak (well, not so much). Scientists behave like scientists and talk of null hypothesis, and even of validating models. Indeed they had a whole chapter back then called “validation”. How times have changed.”

” …The models were known to be bad
Back then, no one was trying to pretend that they had it figured out:

“We know a priori that current models have numerous deficiencies and that even on a global scale the predicted signal is probably obscured by noise.”
“In all cases (different variables, different months) the observed and modelled fields were found to be significantly different. Ie for these tests the null hypothesis of no difference [between models and observations] was rejected and the model signal could not be identified in the observations.”… ”

The computers got bigger, but the models got worse – the planet unexpectedly stopped warming and started cooling – “natural forcings”!

Read from the original document yourself – here…
Detection of the Greenhouse Effect in the Observations

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Bob Made Me Do It – Gillard

Sunday 20 March, 2011 – 08:07 by Grant in Default

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I cannot tell a lie – he did it!

Bit like Tony Abbott getting all the kudos for being a “denier” when he’s got his own not-quite-so-big “emissions” penalties scheme himself.

Gillard coy on Greens role in tax backflip
Wed Mar 16 2011
By Julian Drape

“On Monday, Ms Gillard said she was compelled to introduce a carbon tax due to the fact she was leading a minority government.

“If I’d been leading a majority government I would have been getting on with an emissions trading scheme (ETS),” she said.

But asked on Wednesday who exactly had forced her to change tack, the prime minister refused to name names.

“That carbon pricing mechanism (a tax followed by an ETS) has emerged from the discussions of the multi-party climate change committee,” she told reporters in Canberra… ”

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SPPI Documents

Sunday 20 March, 2011 – 08:05 by Grant in Default

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Impacts of Climate Mitigation Measures in Australia  
Written by Staff
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 12:27

“Globally, in 2009, humankind emitted 30,303 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (mmtCO2: EIA, 2011a), of which emissions from Australia accounted for 418 mmtCO2, or a 1.38% (EIA, 2011a). The proportion of manmade CO2 emissions from Australia will decrease over the 21st century as the rapid demand for power in developing countries such as China and India rapidly outpaces the growth of Australia’s CO2 emissions (EIA, 2010).”

For the Full Report in PDF Form, please click here.


A huge collection – about 300 hundred SPPI papers going back to 2007 –  a very valuable research tool.

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Earth Hour Rears Its Ugly Head Again.

Sunday 20 March, 2011 – 08:02 by Grant in Default

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It must be very counter-intuitive to your average Greenie to see a huge multimillion dollar media blitz on this – not very grass roots at all!

Earth Hour – A Dissent
Ross McKitrick

“In 2009 I was asked by a journalist for my thoughts on the importance of Earth Hour. Here
is my response…. ”

…The whole mentality around Earth Hour demonizes electricity. I cannot do that, instead Icelebrate it and all that it has provided for humanity. Earth Hour celebrates ignorance,poverty and backwardness.
By repudiating the greatest engine of liberation it becomes an hour devoted to anti-humanism. It encourages the sanctimonious gesture of turning offtrivial appliances for a trivial amount of time, in deference to some ill-defined abstraction called “the Earth,” all the while hypocritically retaining the real benefits of continuous, reliable electricity.
People who see virtue in doing without electricity should shut off their fridge, stove, microwave, computer, water heater, lights, TV and all other appliances for a month, not an hour. And pop down to the cardiac unit at the hospital and shut the power off there too.

I don’t want to go back to nature. Travel to a zone hit by earthquakes, floods and hurricanes to see what it’s like to go back to nature. For humans, living in “nature” meant a short life span marked by violence, disease and ignorance. People who work for the end of poverty and relief from disease are fighting against nature. I hope they leave their lights on…. ”

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Global Temperature Data Update

Sunday 20 March, 2011 – 08:01 by Grant in Default

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Global SST Update through mid-March 2011
March 18th, 2011

The best metric of global temperature is Global Sea Surface temperature measured by satellite (the Argo Float Data is a close second) because the globe is 70% ocean and the oceans take a long time to warm or cool. Warming the Earth from the atmosphere is like warming your bathwater with a fan heater on the floor.

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Ross Garnaut’s First Update Gets Critiqued

Sunday 20 March, 2011 – 07:59 by Grant in Default

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There are 800 comments on this – mostly negative to Garnaut – the AUS ABC have let us down very badly on AGW.

10 February 2011
Wise words from Ross Garnaut
Anthony Cox and David Stockwell

” … But he states in public “There was no area where sceptical views of the science could draw strength from peer-reviewed research released in the past five years.”

This is a bold statement and either the professor is not up to date with his reading or is getting bad advice. Richard Feynman said that when it comes to science, “The exception proves that the rule is wrong. That is the principle of science. If there is an exception to any rule, and it can be proved by observation, that rule is wrong”.

In fact, during 2010 alone there were at least 7 new peer-reviewed papers which were based on observation and which fundamentally contradicted catastrophic AGW. These papers include… ”

And here…

Garnaut’s Second Update, Sceptics are the White Swans:
A Note from David Stockwell and Cohenite
Posted by Cohenite, March 16th, 2011

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And A Presbyterian View

Saturday 19 March, 2011 – 08:08 by Grant in Default

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“James A. Wanliss is associate professor of physics at Presbyterian College, Clinton, S.C., and author of “Resisting the Green Dragon: Dominion, Not Death” (Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, 2010).

Global warming as ‘cargo cult science’
Posted: March 17, 2011
By James Wanliss, Ph.D.

” ..After three hard winters with long periods of cold and heavy snowfall, not only in this country but worldwide, anyone with memory might feel dazed and confused. On the one, hand the United Nations and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) constantly assure us the pace of global warming is accelerating. On the other hand, these same IPCC scientists assured us only recently that “[m]ilder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms” and make for “shorter snow accumulation periods” (United Nations IPCC, Climate Change 2001: Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability). And make no mistake, these claims were not made lightly. No ifs, ands, or buts were allowed. You must remember the science was settled, the facts incontrovertible, the debate over. The IPCC even won a Nobel Peace Prize to testify to the truth of these contentions. But … there is the snow and global cooling for over a decade. In the Alice in Wonderland world of the post-normal, global warming means … whatever you like. Global warming means global cooling, if that is politically convenient. Reality is stranger than fiction.

Pagan priests would explain dissonance in terms of inadequate devotion; planes fail to come because we are not living correctly. The global-warming cargo cult is also almost magical in its ability to explain how almost every environmental calamity – too much, or too little, snow – is caused by humanity’s insensitivity toward our mother planet…. ”
Read more: Global warming as ‘cargo cult science’

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By George, A Sceptic!

Wednesday 16 March, 2011 – 06:30 by Grant in Default

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George, like his good pal the Pope, recognises a false faith when he sees it!

Pell row with climate scientist heats up
Leesha McKenny
March 13, 2011

“CARDINAL GEORGE PELL has rebuffed the head of the Bureau of Meteorology, who had said Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic was ”misled” in his views on global warming…. ”

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The Small Couterie Of  Revolutionaries

Wednesday 16 March, 2011 – 06:29 by Grant in Default

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“The Left” of politics have since run with it, but there is only a small couterie of leftist revolutionaries behind the UN IPCC “Climate Change” alarm.

Unlike “The Left” of politics they have realised all along that to save the planet they must first destroy modern human civilsation so it can be reborn in the image of Gaia with far fewer nasty, polluting, human beings around.

“The Left” of politics have since discovered that throwing billions of dollars at “Climate” cannot magically reform a prosperous egalitarian society based entirely on cheap abundant fossil fuels.

Peer into the Heart of the IPCC, Find Greenpeace
March 14, 2011

” …But the cozy relationship doesn’t end there. Bill Hare has been a Greenpeace spokesperson since 1992. By 2000 he was climate policy director for Greenpeace International. According to various Greenpeace blog posts he is “a legend” in that organization, served as its chief climate negotiator in 2007, and remains a chief policy advisor. Yet none of this has prevented him from being nominated – and chosen – to fill senior IPCC roles.

In 2000 policy director Hare served as an expert reviewer for an influential IPCC emissions scenarios document. When the 2007 edition of the climate bible was released, we learned that he’d served as a lead author, that he’d been an expert reviewer for 2 out of 3 sections of the report (see here and here), and that he was one of a select group of only 40 people who comprised the “core writing team” for the important Synthesis Report…. ”

Bill Hare was a darling of the AUS ABC News and Current Affairs department when he came downunder. I remember him. I’ve been blogging a long time now. If you don’t believe me just google him.

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Alan Jones – Talking Sense

Wednesday 16 March, 2011 – 06:23 by Grant in Default

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Talkback radio, particuarly Alan Jones, has a big influence on public opinion in Australia – here is a sample…

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400 Scientists On “Climate” Gravy Train.

Wednesday 16 March, 2011 – 06:21 by Grant in Default

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It is so-oo easy, just give it a “Climate Change” spin and the billions are there for the taking – and the Greenie science reporters just lap it up.
You can get a lot of real research done in the process, of course, just incidently, as a little bonus!

Indian Ocean could help combat climate change
Posted Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:36pm AEDT
New research has found the Indian Ocean absorbs three times more carbon dioxide than the Atlantic Ocean.

“…Scientists believe the findings mean the Indian Ocean could play a key role in combating climate change by acting as a huge offshore ‘carbon sink’…. ”

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Not good enough.

Wednesday 16 March, 2011 – 06:19 by Grant in Default

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There is something weirdly analogus between the Japanese PM trying to reassure the public even as two nuclear power stations blow up behind him, and our Greg Combet, trying to reassure the public of the need to “save the planet” as the planet openly mocks him with floods and record freezing cold weather.

POSTSCRIPT – Tic tic tic – turns out it did occur to them that a tsumani would come along – but it knocked out the ALL the backup cooling pumps – still not good enough – put the back up pumps and their power supply in a bunker next time Engineer San.

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Oh What A Wicked Web We Weave…

Wednesday 16 March, 2011 – 06:16 by Grant in Default

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One more for the Have-you-been-taking-these-people-seriously department.

They’ve been predicting the near future, trying to panic us, for so long that the near future has caught up with them.

The american alarmist in chief James Hansen has the same credibility chasm as our own pet alarmist Tim Flannery.

The Most Misunderstood (And Censored) Man In The World
Posted on March 15, 2011
by stevengoddard

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Andrew Bolt Causes Pommy Stir!

Monday 14 March, 2011 – 08:17 by Grant in Default

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Aussie sceptics destroy EU carbon commissioner
By James Delingpole Politics
Last updated: March 9th, 2011

” …Duggan will help mastermind the EU’s bold – and massively expensive – plans to reduce Europe’s carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020. In the process she will of course destroy every last vestige of 550 million people’s economic future: but until now – as is evident from her stumbling and surprise – no one has really called her on it.

That’s what makes it such good radio. Her Aussie interviewers Andrew Bolt (the great sceptical blogger) and radio host Steve Price destroy her feeble arguments so magnificently,… ”

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Told Ya – GRACE Again.

Monday 14 March, 2011 – 08:11 by Grant in Default

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We’ve had very little on “The Science” lately because there hasn’t been any.
The Arctic Ice betrayed them.
There have been three record freezing cold winters in a row.
The satellite global temperature record failed them.
The weather thermometer record has been pushed to the point of breaking by Hansen et al, and they have been distracted into claiming several spectacular natural weather disasters as their own.

Just doesn’t enter their little Greenie heads that they have lost their audience – nobody believes them anymore.

This Washington Post Greenie fails to mention any of this, or to get a sceptical second opinion on his “scientists say”, “could”, “may”,  “the models suggest”, article.

The simple fact that 18 years is the blink of a climate eye, that the ice caps started melting 10,000 years ago and will continue until the onset of the next Ice Age, and that the Sun has gone very quiet and “The Globe” stopped warming 10 years ago and is now cooling is not allowed to cloud the issue.
Neither is the fact that interpreting satellite gravity data as a melting ice cap is a very, very dubious stretch.

There has been NO unusual or abnormal increase in global temperature, despite a huge. on going. ever increasing. burning of fuel on the planet – none. How can the “melting” be “accelerating”?!
No exotic, computer modelled, “science” is going to change that simple fact.

Ice sheets melting faster than earlier estimates
By Brian Vastag
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 10, 2011

” …Combined, the two ice sheets dumped an average of 475 gigatonnes of ice (which then melted) into the ocean each year over the course of the study. (A gigatonne is 1 billion metric tons.) The pace of melting accelerated over time, increasing most rapidly after 2005…. ”

Hate to spoil their spectacular 475 gigatonnes a year figure but there are about 29,960,000 gigatonnes of ice of ice in the world, almost all of it in the Antarctic and Greenland icecaps.

( According to this global ice inventory – – there is about 29,960,000 cubic kilometers of ice in the world – that is, 29,960,000 gigatonnes of ice ( see ). At 475 gigatonnes a year it is going to take a very long time to melt, especially since the globe is, at present cooling, not warming! )

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GRACE – We Knew It’d Be Back.

Sunday 13 March, 2011 – 10:03 by Grant in Default

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A Greenie article popped up in my local paper – the Gold Coast Bulletin – based on GRACE and yes, computer models (when all else fails!)
So we had better refute it again.

Grace is a Satellite.

It measures how gravity varies over the Earth’s surface.

Its data needs a lot of interpretation – who knows why the Earth’s gravity varies from place to place? – one has to speculate – Greenies, of course, just love that!

Why I’m not worried about Greenland’s icecap right now
Posted on March 10, 2011
by Anthony Watts

” …Well sure, it could be, but as this recent surprise study from GISS’s neighbors at Columbia illustrates, even though we’ve had the GRACE (Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment) satellite looking at Antarctica, and concluding there’s been ice mass loss there, we have this new study that shows ice being added from underneath due to meltwater refreeze, concluding the models to be wrong.

It goes to demonstrate that we really don’t understand ice sheet mechanics well enough yet to make accurate forecasts, though some people think we can.

Add to that, GRACE has it’s own set of problems. And at least one model conlcusion has been revised post facto because the melt data is overestimated:… ”

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Clive James

Sunday 13 March, 2011 – 09:59 by Grant in Default

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The Drumming of an Army

” …By the time the heavy rains first hit Queensland early this year, the theory of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW, to borrow the unlovely acronym) was ceasing to exercise unquestioned thrall in the minds of Australia’s progressive voters. But spokespersons for the Green party clung on to it, encouraged by the fact that the theory, in its Climate Change form, was readily applicable to any circumstances.

Before the floods, proponents of the CAGW view had argued that there would never be enough rain again, because of Climate Change. When it became clear that there might be more than enough rain, the view was adapted: the floods, too, were the result of Climate Change. In other words, they were something unprecedented. Those opposing this view — those who believed that in Australia nothing could be less unprecedented than a flood unless it was a drought — took to quoting Dorothea Mackellar’s poem “My Country”… ”

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Reprise Of The Tractor – Amusing

Sunday 13 March, 2011 – 09:56 by Grant in Default

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Sweet Georgia Brown  traktor (edited version)

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HA Ha Ha What A Joke

Saturday 12 March, 2011 – 08:52 by Grant in Default

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One more for the Have-you-been-taking-these-people-seriously department?!

Or the Just-make-it-up-as-we-go-along science department.

What is it that makes Greenies so unable to resist a disaster – ANY disaster??!!!!

dateline: holy crap
Today’s tsunami: This is what climate change looks like
by Christopher Mims
11 Mar 2011 11:01 AM

” …So far, today’s tsunami has mainly affected Japan — there are reports of up to 300 dead in the coastal city of Sendai — but future tsunamis could strike the U.S. and virtually any other coastal area of the world with equal or greater force, say scientists. In a little-heeded warning issued at a 2009 conference on the subject, experts outlined a range of mechanisms by which climate change could already be causing more earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity.

“When the ice is lost, the earth’s crust bounces back up again and that triggers earthquakes, which trigger submarine landslides, which cause tsunamis,” Bill McGuire, professor at University College London, told Reuters…. ”

Whazza matter? – you’re not laughing – Oh, I see, you just opened your power bill did you?!

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Carbon Tax Goes Up In Smoke

Saturday 12 March, 2011 – 08:49 by Grant in Default

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Carbon tax goes up in smoke
Dennis Shanahan, Political editor
March 11, 2011 12:00AM

“LET’S hope for Labor’s sake Julia Gillard has a plan B for handling the introduction of a fixed carbon price because plan A has gone to hell in a hand basket.
Labor’s plans to introduce a carbon price from next July are in free fall, and the government is losing the political debate dreadfully. Its messages are confused, the tone is totally negative and the only certainty for business is an early start date it doesn’t want…. ”

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Julia’s Pathetic “Climate” reference.

Saturday 12 March, 2011 – 08:47 by Grant in Default

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If Julia is really serious about “saving the planet”, I’d hate to see her not be.

Julia trotted off to be all statesman-like in the USA to try to counteract the huge carbon tax backlash. Failed.

Her pathetic, miniscule, mention of “Climate” to a Congress now openly hostile to it, says it all really.

” …Breaking the link between emissions growth and economic growth is a difficult challenge for our economies, and we can only achieve it by working together. We must work together; to achieve an historic transition to high technology, high skilled, clean energy, economies… ”

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WSJ Notices An Aussie Debarcle

Saturday 12 March, 2011 – 08:44 by Grant in Default

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MARCH 11, 2011.
Australia’s Carbon Warning for Obama
It turns out emissions restrictions do not grow more popular the more you try to pitch them..

Sorry, I have to post it all – it’s restricted access.

“It turns out emissions restrictions do not grow more popular the more you try to pitch them.

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is fighting a rear-guard action to accomplish via regulation what voters rejected via Congress: ruinously expensive restrictions on carbon emissions in the name of fighting “global warming.” This is perhaps partly out of the administration’s own convictions, but also because Mr. Obama knows that a large slice of his left-wing base is clamoring for such measures. But before he goes much further down that road, he should take a look at how a similar political calculation is playing out in Australia. In short, not well.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, in office for less than a year, is pushing forward with a carbon tax Down Under. The measure is hugely unpopular—its announcement this week pushed Ms. Gillard’s Labor Party to its lowest popularity ever in an opinion poll conducted for The Australian newspaper (owned by News Corporation, which also owns the publisher of this newspaper). Labor shouldn’t be surprised. The idea of a carbon tax was so controversial before last August’s election that Ms. Gillard promised not to enact one as a ploy to win votes. Members of her administration have repeated that refrain, to proverbial applause, several times since.

Why, then, has Labor been so politically foolish as to revive the idea? Because Ms. Gillard has been backed into a political corner by anti-carbon advocates on the far left. Under her leadership, Labor failed to win a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate in that August vote, so she governs in an uneasy coalition with a clutch of independent and Green Party legislators.

The leader of those Greens, Bob Brown, has used his kingmaker sway to pull Ms. Gillard steadily leftward ever since, including inducing her to oppose tougher border protection and to support same-sex marriage. The new carbon tax proposal is part and parcel of that.

The situation bears some striking similarities to events in the U.S., although the details are different. In America, voters have shown again and again their distaste for carbon taxation or cap-and-trade emissions regulation in the name of slowing global warming. Enthusiasts’ ambitions finally collapsed last year when the Senate, controlled by Democrats, couldn’t agree to hold a debate on even the most loophole-ridden version of cap-and-trade.

Meanwhile, although Mr. Obama is not beholden to a small band of congressional swing voters who support carbon regulation in the way Ms. Gillard must heed the Greens, he’s in a box of a different sort. He actually did campaign in support of carbon regulation, declaring his nomination to lead the Democratic presidential ticket as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” This suggests that among his electoral base, and among his supporters in Congress, is a small but potentially important minority who want him to follow through on the promise implied by that grandiose claim.

Mr. Obama at least has the luxury of going about it in a stealthier way. U.S. law gives his EPA just enough of a fig leaf to try to push forward with carbon regulation despite congressional opposition, though even then by most accounts he is pushing existing laws to their limits or even beyond. Ms. Gillard has to go to her parliament for an up or down vote on carbon taxation. That might be one reason why her anti-carbon moves are generating more pronounced opposition now—the Australian public is more aware of what their leaders are getting up to than are their American peers.

Carbon-tax supporters in Canberra will try to make their proposal more palatable with additions like a rebate on the electricity bills the tax would push higher or the like. But this will only further complicate the politics by giving tax opponents more fodder. For instance, they can skewer the rebate as an inefficient and theoretically inconsistent way to hand carbon consumers’ money back to them. And while the tax may yet pass, that could prove a Pyrrhic victory for Ms. Gillard and her coalition partners come the next election.

Still, the news from Australia suggests Mr. Obama is taking a big gamble if he figures the public will never catch on. Ms. Gillard’s recent experience shows what happens when voters do, and the result is a disaster-in-the-making for any leader facing a re-election battle.

Mr. Switzer is a research associate for the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and editor of Spectator Australia.”

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The Betrayal Of Socialism.

Saturday 12 March, 2011 – 08:42 by Grant in Default

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How “The Left” surrendered its morality by going Green.

The basic premise of environmentalism is that humans are despoiling the planet.
That is inhertently anti-human.
All their efforts to “save the planet” attack humanity, not the inner-city bourgeois-trendy-interlectual-snobs who can afford it, but the vast magoriity, struggling to get by.
Their ban on DDT and the biofuels disaster are actually directly killing people.
Their “Climate Change” campaign tries to deny their own wealth to the emerging Third World.

IBD Editorials
War On The Poor
Posted 03/10/2011 06:47 PM ET

” …For those at the bottom of the income ladder, an additional $700 a year can be devastating. These Americans are being hit by a stiff tax that could have and should have been avoided. Does the White House not care about them?… ”

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“Hockey Stick” Goes To Supreme Court.

Saturday 12 March, 2011 – 08:39 by Grant in Default

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The UN IPCC not only used, but featured, a graph showing a sudden upsurge in global temperature.
It outrageously eliminated the Roman Warm period, the Medieval Warm period and the Little Ice Age period, and it outrageously stuck temperature data on the end of proxy data to obfuscate it.

Instead of quietly dropping it as any reputable scientist would do, they have defended the indefensible with the passion of religious zelots.

Micheal Mann, its author, has a pitt bull latched onto his leg in the form of the Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and he’s not letting go.

Virginia Supreme Court will hear Cuccinelli global warming case
By: David Sherfinski 03/10/11 3:07 PM
Examiner Staff Writer

The faked graph…

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Meanwhile back in La La Land…

Friday 11 March, 2011 – 06:50 by Grant in Default

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The ALP/Greens Government digs around in the toy bin and winds up their pet retired economist, poor old Ross Garnaut, again.

Quite why we need to hear from Ross when his report isn’t even finished yet is left as one of life’s imponderables!

Really out his depth this time – admits he knows nothing about climate science.



Garnaut says climate science is stronger
By Bronwyn Herbert

One does wonder how objective his report into “The Science” will be given this trite little statement back here…

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 07/07/2008

” …ROSS GARNAUT: Oh, the New South Wales Treasurer is a well known denier of the science. I’d be very happy to have further discussions with him in Sydney on Thursday….”

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Testimony To Congress.

Friday 11 March, 2011 – 05:49 by Grant in Default

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One would think that reputable scientists, giving professional testimony, to the US Congress, that “Climate Change” is a fraud, would be of interest to “The Media”, but no.

I guess a predicted disaster rates so much better than a predicted non-disaster and we are unfortunately getting immune now to being lied to by the leftist media – situation normal – back to facebook.

The Committee on Energy and Commerce
U.S. House of Representatives
Climate Science and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations
March 8, 2011

“On Tuesday, March, 8, the Energy and Power Subcommittee held a hearing entitled “Climate Science and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations.” The hearing took place at 10:00 a.m. in 2123 Rayburn House Office Building…. ”

” …Witness List and Testimony

Dr. John R. Christy
Director, Earth System Science Center
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Written Testimony (Truth in Testimony Form)

Dr. Christopher Field
Director, Department of Global Ecology
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Written Testimony (Truth in Testimony Form)

Dr. Knute Nadelhoffer
Director, University of Michigan Biological Station
University of Michigan
Written Testimony (Truth in Testimony Form)

Dr. Roger Pielke, Sr.
Senior Research Scientist,
Cooperative Institute for Research in
Environmental Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder
Written Testimony (Truth in Testimony Form)

Dr. Donald Roberts
Professor Emeritus,
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Written Testimony (Truth in Testimony Form)

Dr. Richard Somerville
Distinguished Professor Emeritus,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Written Testimony (Truth in Testimony Form)

Dr. Francis W. Zwiers
Director, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
University of Victoria
Written Testimony (Truth in Testimony Form)

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Hypocrisy – hy· poc·ri·sy (h -p k r -s ). n. pl. hyÂ

Friday 11 March, 2011 – 05:45 by Grant in Default

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Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually have.

Canada to ban mercury products, CFL’s get a pass
By dailybayonet | March 9th, 2011 |

” …Straw man arguments aside, Suzuki is correct – the amount of mercury in a CFL is tiny, approximately 4mg per lamp (pdf).  The problem comes from how many millions of the things we’ll send to landfills in the future.  We’ll literally be creating an environmental time bomb, in the name of green.

Canada’s government needs to repeal the ban on incandescent light bulbs if they’re serious about mercury and its danger to public health.  They must realize their current position is untenable but prefer to peddle hypocrisy than admit a mistake in what may be an election year.  They should rest easy – kicking the curly bomblets to the curb would win them more votes that they’d lose…. ”

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O Sole Mio

Thursday 10 March, 2011 – 04:03 by Grant in Default

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Greenies got very excited by a recent large solar flare.

Because the Sun has gone very quiet and it is a statistical fact, measured over hundreds of years, that when sunspots are few, the globe cools.

They are hoping that the sunspots will return and the globe will warm again and they can blame it on human fuel burning again! (ah, the good old days)

This article is very interesting. It tiptoes around the political landmines, but the facts are there never-the-less.

Sun’s doldrums likely to last
Despite a recent flare, solar physicists project low activity for up to a decade
By Ron Cowen Web edition :
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

” …But the new research “demonstrates how the inner working of the sun, and variations in the plasma flow deep within our parent star can control its magnetic and energetic output, which in turn, determines the environment in space and affects climate on Earth,” says Nandy.

A weaker solar cycle is accompanied by a slightly dimmer sun, which changes the average temperature on Earth, says Judith Lean of the Naval Research Laboratory. She notes, however, that the sun’s brightness did not hit an all-time low during the past solar minimum, even though the sun was unusually quiet.

Nonetheless, the decline in solar brightness from 2002 to 2008 as solar activity dwindled probably countered the warming on Earth that would otherwise have occurred due to greenhouse gases over that period. “As solar activity now increases,” she says, “we can expect this mitigating effect to stop.”… ”

So the Sun can mitigate Global-Warming/Climate-Change can it?
So we cannot be certain what the effects of human fuel burning will be then?

I mean, according to this article, desperately trying to be Green, the Sun can cool the planet while humans are supposedly warming it?
So why are we panicking then, exactly?!

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The AUS Carbon Tax – Tactics

Wednesday 09 March, 2011 – 07:11 by Grant in Default

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You may have noticed some bemusement on my part at this amazing carbon tax tax proposal.

I’ve figured it out now.
It’s the old “political capital” of John Howard.

Politics is the art of taking people’s money off them with the threat of gaol and then giving it back to them with a flourish so they will vote for you.

Usually the taking-people’s-money-off-them bit is done just after you get elected with a shock-horror announcement about how bad things actually are.

In this case the ALP tacticians have decided to move now with the bad news and to wear down the furore until it becomes a fait acompli by the next election.

With the cross-benchers onside in the House Of Reps., they will soon actually have the numbers in the Senate to pass the Tax.

The purpose of this blog is to defend science against superstitious Greenies, the Government does need to raise taxes.
I have actually suggested a carbon tax in this blog – a REVENUE NEUTRAL carbon tax.
A REVENUE NEUTRAL carbon tax lets them be seen to be doing something without disturbing the economy by too much. The economy still depends entirely on cheap, abundant fossil fuels, there is no way to change that.

The ALP would do well to observe that John Howard got the GST through by eliminating other taxes and compensating the States.

The Greens and the cross-benchers would do well to remember what happened to the Australian Democrats after the Liberals conned them into the GST.

Johnny had lots of political capital, Julia was almost broke. The ALP lost-votes are not going to the Liberals, they are going to the Greens. To me, the obvious ALP tactic is to drop the now dubious “Climate Change” and then blame the Greens and the cross-benchers for the tax.
Interesting times.

Meanwhile, of course, the planet itself mocks them all by cooling instead of warming – a trend set to continue, according to the latest science and data.

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Terry McCrann On A Roll

Wednesday 09 March, 2011 – 07:08 by Grant in Default

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Are the public ready, at last, for more MSM reality checks?

Carbon not the same thing as CO2
Terry McCrann
March 08, 2011 12:00AM

” …Now these two lies are in addition to Julia Gillard’s “there will be no carbon tax” lie. They precede it and will be told again and again after it.

The first is that “climate change policies” are aimed at “carbon pollution”. No they are not; they are aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide.

There is neither the need to abbreviate carbon dioxide to carbon; and the exercise of abbreviation renders it inaccurate. A bald-faced, quite deliberate lie.

For if carbon dioxide can be called “carbon pollution”, in this or any other universe, in this or any other reality, well then rain has to be called “hydrogen pollution”.

The reason the term is used by Gillard is an exercise of quite deliberate despicable dishonesty. It is the modern political form of those subliminal advertisements that are banned… ”

” …The second great lie is that so-called “de-carbonising our economy” as a consequence of “putting a price on carbon” is the 21st century equivalent of the tariff reforms of the 1980s.

In fact it is the exact opposite: it is the equivalent of imposing tariffs on the Australian economy…. ”

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Spectacular ALP Slump In The Aussie Polls

Tuesday 08 March, 2011 – 06:57 by Grant in Default

views (367)

The Australian Labor Party and the First Aussie female Prime Minister have slumped dramatically at the polls.
30% is low – like REALLY low.
The GST saw the end of the Australian Democrats, will the Carbon Tax be the end of the AUS Greens Party?

Record Labor low on carbon fury: Newspoll
UPDATED Dennis Shanahan, Political editor
March 08, 2011 2:57AM

” …According to the latest Newspoll survey, taken exclusively for The Australian last weekend, Labor’s primary vote crashed six percentage points to just 30 per cent, the lowest primary vote in Newspoll survey history. Previously, the lowest primary vote was 31 per cent, in 1993, when Paul Keating was prime minister and Australia was in recession…. ”

And the really bad news for Labor? – most of their lost vote has gone to the Greens…

” …Primary support for the Australian Greens rose slightly to a near-record high of 15 per cent – exactly half of Labor’s primary vote – during a period when Bob Brown and his deputy, Christine Milne, claimed authorship of the carbon price plan and called for petrol to be included in the tax…. ”

Getting into bed with the Greens has cost Labor very, very, dearly. They should be treating the Greens as an enemy not a friend!

Read Jo-Nova’s summary – exellent journalism.

Australian politics churning
Posted on March 4th, 2011

” …Everything had the semblance of order until Julia Gillard announced the Carbon Tax. Sure the order was only superficial, and we knew dark forces of chaos ran underneath. The policies were based on corrupted science, self-interest ran amok, and the hung coalition was cobbled together with seats that would never have voted green. The government was running the knife edge.

It took 17 days deliberation to arrange the “deal” to form government, and it was said at the time that a hung parliament might be a poisoned chalice. If Julia Gillard promised the independents or greens that she would break her promise to the voters of “No Carbon Tax” then she reaps right now, what she sowed with deceit…. ”

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The Gore’s Prayer

Monday 07 March, 2011 – 05:22 by Grant in Default

views (438)


Al Gore, who art in thy fully offset private jet;

Nobel-prized be thy name;

Thy carbon-free kingdom come; on planet Gaia as it should be after Copenhagen;

Give us this day our daily meat-free diet; and forgive us our emissions,

Though we don’t forgive any other big fat Americans who emit against us;

Lead us not into exotic holiday flights; and deliver us from climate denial;

For the science is settled. Amen.

Dominic Lawson

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