Posted by: Grant | August 22, 2011

My Most Popular Post So Far.

To celebrate my 1,000,000 hits (on bigpond) here again is my biggest post by far.

That Small Couterie Of Revolutionaries Again.
Friday 01 April, 2011 – 05:28 by Grant in Default
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While the fears of communism in the Macarthy Era were unjustified, there is no doubt in my mind, as someone who has studied it every day for many years now, that there was a small band of leftist revolutionaries behind Global Warming.
If they had succeeded, they would have brought down western civilisation as we know it, or, at least, restructured it in a massive social engineering excercise which would dwarf the Chinese communist revolution.
We live in a prosperous egalitarian society based entirely on cheap abundant fossil fuels. To remove them or severely ration them in the abscence of any proven alternative (except nuclear) is a revolution on a truly titanic scale.
Fortunatley, all they have suceeded in doing is to shift the power and the money from the decadent West to the prosperous emerging New World – an on-going process.

The IPCC Insider’s Club
March 25, 2011

” …It received no media attention, of course, but the written version of Pielke’s testimony contains a searing accusation that the public surely has the right to hear about. In his view:

The climate science assessments of the IPCC…are completed by a small subset of climate scientists… [bold added, p. 2]

At that same hearing John Christy, a professor of atmospheric science – who is a climate skeptic – voiced the identical concern. In his words:

The content of [IPCC] reports is actually under the control of a relatively small number of individuals – I often refer to them as the “climate establishment” – who through the years, in my opinion, came to act as gatekeepers of scientific opinion and information… [bold added, p. 17]

Looking at the multiple roles played by Rosenzweig, Karoly, Vaughan, Hegerl, Kovats, Menne, Hare, and Meinshausen it’s clear that Pielke and Christy are not imagining things.”




  1. Hi Grant,
    I agree, climate change and everything that goes with it seems to have a lot of socialist agenda around it, a lot of restrictions. What amazes me is that people cannot see this, we seem to lose a bit of freedom here and there that no one actually takes any notice, until it is too late. 😦

    (I had a bit of trouble with your blog loading, it started on the countdown at near 300, any chance you might cut back on the number of posts on the opening of your blog?) I may not comment much but even though I moved over to WordPress, I still read your blog everyday. I too got sick and tired of all the problems over at bigblog.

  2. Hi…Lonziz

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