Posted by: Grant | August 24, 2011

y List of Other Anti-Alarmist Websites.

  CLIMATE DEPOT From Mark Morano – US Senator Inhofe’s former R. Hand Man – breaks news.

A Handy A-Z Deniers Reference From Mark – need a link to refute a Greenie, say on Killamanjaro? – just look under “K” – ClimateDepot_A-Z_ClimateRealityCheck

    JUNKSCIENCE  – an irreverent tilt at those abusing science, including global warming

GWPF Global Warming Policy Foundation UK based by former treasurer Nigel Lawson – A voice in the UK wilderness. Very newsy at present.

   I.C.E.C.A.P.  Brilliant website!

    WUWT  Very newsy weblog – the latest data.

   TWTW – 2010 The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives –

   JO NOVA  – Aussie Scientist’s Blog – Excellent

   NEW ZEALAND CLIMATE SCIENCE COALITION – a very good, newsy website.

   CO2 SCIENCE – more science than you can poke a stick at

 SPPI – Huge rescource site by heavyweight anti-alarmists

   Dr Roy Spencer – GLOBAL WARMING – The brainiest climatologist in the world.

   The Global Warming Petition project – an exercise in futility by over 17,000 scientists who naively thought that someone would listen, or even notice, if they said that they didnt believe it! (greenies attacked it as fake because one or two had famous names, e.g. Perry Mason, it was too late when a scientist named Perry Mason protested he had actually signed the petition!).
New – This petition has been re-run – 31,072 American scientists have signed the new petition, including 9,021 with PhDs – new link – – good other links on it also.

   POPULAR TECHNOLOGY – Reference of papers – 900+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against ACC/AGW Alarm –

  The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken For The Worlds Top Climate Expert – electronic editions – downloads – only a few dollars
Kindle Version 

  PDF Version

No need to panic yet – The temperature of the whole globe has been acurately measured by satellites since 1980 – here is the graph (from )

   ANDREW BOLT BLOG – not all G. Warming – much more AUS. politics now since their own Alarmists became an embarrassment for AUS conservatives – but Andrew is probably our most famous G. Warming cynic –

Actual Satellite Global Temperature Plot

Actual Satellite Global Temperature Plot



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