Posted by: Grant | August 31, 2011

Just Made It Up As They Went Along

The world’s brainiest climatologist points out here that there is not and was never any science behind the “Causes-all-the-bad-weather” theory.
They just made it up as they went along to cover the distinct possibility that “The Globe” would cool instead of warm.

The Al Gore Show: 24 Hours of Denying Reality
August 29th, 2011 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

“Maybe the best way to summarize the main message of this post is this:

There have been no weather events observed to date – including Hurricane Irene — which can be reasonably claimed to be outside the realm of natural climate variability.

Now, you can believe – as Al Gore claims – that the present warm period we are experiencing has caused more hurricanes, more tornadoes, too much rain, too little rain, too much snow, too little snow, etc., but those are matters of faith, not of observable scientific reality…. “


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