Posted by: Grant | September 12, 2011

The “All Scientists Agree” Myth.

This Chicago Tribune Greenie fights a desperate rear-guard action.

Conservatives flee from science
Rejecting the facts about climate change
Steve Chapman
September 1, 2011,0,1332482.column

” …There was acid rain, which allegedly was a catastrophe for lakes and forests in the East. The director of an exhaustive federally funded assessment, however, announced in 1990 that “the amount of damage is less than we once thought, and it’s much less than some of the characterizations we sometimes hear.”

Over and over, we saw a pattern. Environmental and public health groups with a leftward bent said the sky was falling; conservatives and libertarians (me included) asked for scientific evidence; and the science sooner or later debunked the fears.

Back then, those sceptical about environmental warnings deferred to learned people who knew the subject best. Alarmists stoutly ignored them while scrounging up a few experts who would take their side.

But that was another century. Today, it’s scientists who agree on the validity of a major environmental peril — climate change caused by human activity. It’s liberals and environmentalists who can point to a broad scholarly consensus for their claims. And it’s the sceptics who now revile the scientists as stooges and liars…. “

Failed to mention the Hole-in-the-ozone layer, DDT and many others – but I digress.

The 3 Main problems with this pseudo intellectualism are…

ONE – There were almost no “Climate Scientists” before the UN IPCC started their political imperative. Almost all “Climate Scientists” are new to it and all of them are Greenies.

TWO – “Climate Science” is now a gigantic source of research funding – billions are predicated on its assumptions. Scientific institutions and magazines are not going to threaten the incomes of a large part of their constituency. If some scientists can fund their careers on the “Climate” largess and get some real science done in the process – good luck to them. Science will be the loser when the truth comes out – as always does.

THREE – Here are 31,482 qualified US scientists who signed and mailed a petition against the claim in the above article – “Today, it’s scientists who agree on the validity of a major environmental peril” – see here – Oregon Petition Project


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