Posted by: Grant | September 24, 2011

The Planet Itself Is Mocking Them.

In the face of ever increasing global “emissions” the Globe simply refuses to warm, even a little.

We don’t need to worry about “Global Warming” AKA “Climate Change” because the “natural forcings”, so glibly dismissed by the UN IPCC revolutionaries in TAR and AR4, have proven much more powerful than the small human contribution to the trivial greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

There is no “tipping point”, the atmosphere does not “holds more moisture”, producing a runaway warming effect. We can now just wait, see what happens, and do what we always have done before when faced with our ever-changing global climate – adapt to it!

Deep-sixing global warming
Claims that the deep oceans absorb the missing heat are an admission that temperatures have stalled
Peter Foster Sep 20, 2011 – 7:03 PM ET | Last Updated: Sep 20, 2011 7:22 PM ET

” …According to the study’s official press release, “deep oceans may absorb enough heat at times to flatten the rate of global warming for periods of as long as a decade — even in the midst of longer-term warming.”

Note “may” and “at times.” Note also how “periods as long as a decade” matches nicely with the (most recent) period of no warming that has to be explained (away).

The report, which claims that we should be prepared for several similar periods of non-warming in the coming century, “even as the trend toward overall warming continues,” is revealing on several counts. It amounts to a reluctant admission that global temperatures have indeed stalled. This fact has so far either been denied, ignored or buried beneath the claim that the past decade was still the hottest in the past 100 years (even if not by much).

Also, this newly identified mechanism, or at least hypothesis — by which greater depths heat up faster than the ocean surface — should, whatever its merits, confirm that climate science is far from “settled.” This comes on top of recent intense debate over the role of the Sun and clouds in Earth’s climate…. “


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