Posted by: Grant | September 26, 2011

Green Dream Jobs – FAIL

Green dream jobs
by Peter Smith
September 22, 2011
Pursuing make-believe green jobs while losing real jobs

” …According to a recent report in The Washington Post, the Obama administration allocated $38.6 billion dollars for loan guarantees for companies creating green jobs. With almost half the money gone, 3,545 jobs have been directly created. That is around $5 million per job. Let us suppose the money in total resulted in the original target of 65,000 jobs. That would still be over $500,000 per job. And how much confidence should we have in them being permanent jobs, if their creation depends on government largesse. Not much.

Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturing company that has just gone broke in the United States, taking $527 million taxpayer dollars with it, created 1100 jobs. Alas, those ($480,000 each) jobs proved to be extremely temporary. President Obama took his photo opportunity before the axe fell and is unlikely to return to the empty factory or to visit the unemployed workers he shook hands with while extolling the virtues of green jobs…. “



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