Posted by: Grant | September 26, 2011

If You Need A Weatherman.

If you’re a farmer or someone else who needs the most scientifically accurate weather you can get, you may be able to get some obscure off-the-record, politically incorrect stuff by talking to the CSIRO or BOM on the QT.

Here, however, is a very good one. Some real science and some real modelling.

La Niña Reprise Has Important Implications Globally
September 19 11:06 PM
by WeatherBell Admin

Also here on facebook.

WeatherBELL Analytics LLC
Consulting/Business Services

As far as “The Globe” is concerned, yes, the warm bounce-back from the “Little Ice Age” seems to be over – we will have cold now.
The above website gets more specific, the AMO, the PDO, the SOI etc, etc.

“The Planet” will continue to mock the Greenies and a whole generation will, very slowly, realise that they were all made fools of.


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