Posted by: Grant | September 30, 2011

Investigative Journalism Par Excellence.

What a contrast to the pathetic recent attempts by the AUS ABC Four Corners program, pumping out government propoganda on “Climate” dressed up as “investigative journalism”. ( The Carbon War )

Here is the real reason why rabid right wingers like Andrew Bolt and Allan Jones are climate “Deniers”. It really was and is a contrived plot by a small group of Leftist revolutionaries.

We live in a prosperous, equal, society, entirely dependent on cheap, abundant, fossil fuels for which there is, with the exception of nuclear and hydro, no demonstrated viable alternatives.
You cannot store Gigawatts of power in lead acid batteries and you cannot starve half of the world’s population to death and tear down forests to grow enough biofuels and you cannot just snap your fingers and invent things. 
Prosperity in the Third World will reduce population and benefit the environment just as it has in the Developed World.

Here is more excellent work from the excellent investigative journalist Donna Laframboise.

Here an Activist, There an Activist
Donna Laframboise
September 27, 2011

” …People who expect me to trust their judgment on something this momentous should be clean as a whistle. They should conduct themselves in a manner one would expect of genuinely impartial intellects working on concerns this consequential. But that’s not what has been happening.

IPCC assessments are really three smaller reports bundled together. Each is written by a different working group. Here we’ll examine the first five chapters of the Working Group 2 portion of the 2007 Climate Bible.

Three of the lead authors for Chapter 1 are formally affiliated with the WWF. These scientists belong to its Climate Witness Scientific Advisory Panel – which the WWF shortens to SAP. According to, sap is a slang term for a fool or a dupe.

Chapter 1‘s SAPs are:
 •David Karoly (Australia)
 •Annette Menzel (Germany) and
 •Piotr Tryanowski (Poland)

One of that chapter’s contributing authors is also a SAP – Dena P. MacMynowski (USA).
Shifting our attention to Chapter 2, we discover that one of its most senior personnel – coordinating lead author Roger Jones (from Australia) – is a SAP.

I’ve written about one of Chapter 2′s contributing authors, Malte Meinshausen, previously. His link is to Greenpeace. Yet another contributing author is Michael Oppenheimer. I’ve similarly blogged about his 20-year gig with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) – a US activist organization that he continues to advise.

In a single IPCC chapter, therefore, we find the WWF, Greenpeace, and the EDF…. “


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