Posted by: Grant | October 7, 2011

UK Greenie Not Happy With The Conservatives

GOOD – always a good sign when Greenies are not happy. Even Greenies are happy when they are not happy – gives ’em something to protest about.

Seems the penny has finally dropped in the UK that there is no such thing as “alternative” “sustainable” Green Energy – just hasn’t been invented yet.
(nuclear and hydro, which do work, are not Green of course).

Tories tear green credentials to shreds
Cameron and Osborne sound death knell for ‘greenest government ever’ pledge, with complete sidelining of low-carbon economy
05 Oct 2011, 16:42

“Has there been a more anti-environmental political conference at any point over the past decade than this year’s annual Conservative party jamboree in Manchester?

The answer is almost certainly not, and after a week of high-carbon policy announcements and sidelining of environmental issues, the hard-fought political consensus on the urgent need to create a world-leading, low-carbon economy seems under serious threat for the first time in a decade…. “

Green economy sacrificed as Osborne plays up climate ambivalence
He may be playing to the gallery, but the Chancellor’s anti-green rhetoric is still a blow to the low carbon economy
03 Oct 2011, 16:04

“Despite some admirable exceptions, the rump of the Conservative Party faithful remains deeply ambivalent about the government’s climate change agenda, sceptical about the need for many green policies, and convinced that environmental taxes and targets are damaging the economy and driving up energy bills.

Osborne is hugely popular with this audience (in many ways more popular than his boss at Number 10) and he knows how to press their buttons. Hence the fact that he dedicated just 129 words of a 4,000 word speech to the environment, and most of those were carefully constructed attempts to row back on current green policies… “


And who turns up in UK,  thinking he has the UK Conservatives to back him up,  just at the wrong time?
Yes,  you guessed it Malcolm Turnbull,  an increasing embarrassment for the Aussie Conservatives, who gets praised for it here by this Leftist SMH Greenie environment reporter. OOPsie.

Turnbull calls for leadership on climate
October 6, 2011.


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