Posted by: Grant | October 11, 2011

Listen? Listen?

You may not have noticed it but there was a climate conference in Panama a few days ago and there is a bigger one coming up in S. Africa.

“Let’s just ignore it and hope it will go away and leave us alone”!

EU urges roadmap this year on climate action
by Staff Writers
Panama City (AFP) Oct 2, 2011

” …President Barack Obama is facing strong opposition on climate change from the rival Republican Party, many of whose members dispute science that human activity is causing rising temperatures.

The Republicans’ control of the House of Representatives throws another question mark on pledges made at the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit for rich nations to drum up $100 billion a year in climate help for the most vulnerable countries starting in 2020.

Japan, by far the largest donor to near-time assistance, is recovering from its devastating March tsunami, while the European Union is in the midst of a public debt scare.”

I remember Kevin07 rushing off to the Bali Conference to flash his ratify Kyoto document and Bob Brown returning all glowing like he had just seen the light a revivalist meeting.
Gone very quiet now hasn’t it!!!!



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