Posted by: Grant | October 14, 2011

Aussie Power Supply Disruptions

The people responsible for keeping our power up to us at 240V 50Hz AC are running around like chooks with their heads cut off when sudden bursts or drops from the wind and the solar cause havoc with the grid.

Rooftop solar panels overloading electricity grid
by: Annabel Hepworth
October 13, 201112:00AM

” …Power distribution lines and home wiring were designed for electricity to flow from power stations to appliances, but households with solar panels do the reverse of this.

One of Australia’s biggest electricity network providers, Ausgrid, yesterday warned that there was a “significant likelihood” that costs would have to rise because of the impact of the solar photovoltaic cells.

In a letter to the NSW pricing regulator, obtained by The Australian, Ausgrid warns that in areas with a high concentration of solar cells, voltage levels can rise and this can have “consequences for appliances and equipment in customers’ homes”. It can also cause solar systems to switch off…. “

Note the “”significant likelihood” that costs would have to rise” bit – Groan – All so rich trendies can “save the planet” (NOT) at our expense.


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