Posted by: Grant | October 16, 2011

Stuff I Missed This Week

Now this IS seriously ALARMING.
I really do hesitate to mention it at all because it may give them ideas. “Them” being the new-left Stalinist Totalitarian watermelons (green on the outside red in the middle).

Ecocide lawyer predicts global run of mock trials
Campaign to establish ecocide as the fifth crime against peace gathers pace after successful mock trial at UK’s Supreme Court
By Jessica Shankleman
12 Oct 2011

“A campaign to establish ecocide as the fifth international crime against peace appears to have gained further momentum following the first mock trial at the UK’s Supreme Court.
The campaign to make ecocide a crime is the brainchild of international lawyer Polly Higgins, who wants the UN to be able to brand companies that harm the environment as guilty of an offence comparable to genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity…. “

Orwellian innit?!

HA Ha Ha. This BBC Greenie weather man tries to explain away the freezing UK winters with UV – doesn’t seem notice that the whole world has stopped warming and started cooling!

Met Office wakes up to solar influence on climate
Paul Hudson | 15:09 UK time, Wednesday, 12 October 2011

” …Looking globally the research makes clear that the impact of the sun’s changing UV output acts to redistribute heat, with cold European winters goinghand in hand with milder winters in Canada and the Mediterranean, for example, with little impact on overall global temperatures…. “

Paul, mate, “The Globe” is NOT warming and all your UN IPCC mates all dismissed these “natural forcings” as irrelevent and claimed that it would. – Waiting, waiting, waiting!

Gore/Hansen gets too far over the top even for this UK Guardian Greenie.

Al Gore is doing a disservice to science by overplaying the link between climate change and weather
To claim that we are causing meteorological events that would not have occurred without human influence is just plain wrong
Myles Allen, Friday 7 October 2011 11.55 BS

The Reuters report that nobody seemed to notice. This United Arab Emirates english paper did publish it.

EU sets conditions for signing up to Kyoto II
10 October 2011

“LUXEMBOURG – European Union environment ministers — responsible for only 11 percent of global carbon emissions — said they would commit to a new phase of the Kyoto climate change pact, on the condition that nations blamed for the rest join up too.

The environment council conclusions, agreed in Luxembourg on Monday, outline the bloc’s negotiating position ahead of the next global climate conference in Durban, South Africa, which starts at the end of November.

“What’s the point of keeping something alive if you’re alone there? There must be more from the 89 percent,” EU Environment Commissioner Connie Hedegaard told Reuters…. “


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