Posted by: Grant | October 20, 2011

The USA Campaign

While Greenies feel betrayed by Obama dropping “Climate” action, the Republicans are not exactly against it but are certainly not for it.
It is now pretty much a non issue.
The attempt at “Climate” action through regulation IS strongly opposed and seems doomed now.

GOP 2012 agenda: What energy debate?
By ALEX GUILLEN | 10/18/11 4:46 PM EDT

“The Republican presidential field hasn’t had much of a debate on energy policy.
Then again, the GOP candidates mostly agree on the big energy issues, such as offshore drilling and environmental regulations…. “

” …The GOP candidates disagree on some issues, including the question — crucial for much of the base — on whether climate change is caused by man or is even occurring at all. But their specific policy positions evoke little difference among the GOP candidates, something observers say hasn’t happened in many election cycles.

Instead, the field has focused on a narrow bandwidth of pro-fossil fuel, anti-regulations advocacy without some of the stickier issues of the past drawing a wedge between them.

“What’s happened now from last time is there’s no cloud of cap and trade hanging over the GOP field. They’re all united in promoting fossil fuels and not driving up the cost of them,” Morano said. “They’ve solidly shifted, from 2008, the entire field of candidates, without exception — even [Jon] Huntsman — to a pro-fossil fuel, pro-domestic energy plan without much emphasis on renewables.”

Cap and trade had been a contentious issue in presidential politics, with George W. Bush wavering back and forth at times on the policy and McCain endorsing an emissions trading scheme during his 2008 campaign.

But after cap-and-trade legislation died in Congress in 2010, the issue largely fell off the radar of both parties…. “

Mark Morano is a real political expert, the former right-hand-man of Senator Inhofe, and runs the huge Climate Depot website


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