Posted by: Grant | October 27, 2011

GHOGM – Sometimes It’s What They Don’t Say.

Apart from this incromprehensible waffle from Kevin07 below, “Climate” hardly rated mention at the Pre-GHOGM press conference.

The Secretary General does not mention it, except as “sustainable development” and an aside reference to Durbin – ” …there is also a need to see what value the Commonwealth can bring to the global discourse on these matters and the events that are coming forward immediately after the Commonwealth and the G20 summit in Cairns, and there’s the COP17 in Durbin.”

There were no questions on it.

Pre-CHOGM Press Conference – Secretary General of the Commonwealth and Australian Foreign Minister

” …We, as a Commonwealth of nations, need to take the opportunity presented by this gathering in Perth to build greater resilience to economic shocks, to build great resilience to the impacts of climate change. To build greater resilience to… “

” …I spoke before about building resilience on climate change. The global environment is under challenge. Scientists tell us not just about the challenges that we face to the global planetary boundaries affected by carbon emissions but by other planetary boundaries as well including the marine environment…. “



  1. Hi Grant,
    All these meetings, costing the tax payer heaps, for what? Nothing ever worth while has ever come out of them a big waste of time and money I feel.

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