Posted by: Grant | October 30, 2011

Stuff I Missed During The Week

Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” showed a huge hurricane (actually Katrina) being caused by smokestacks. WRONG.
Waiting, waiting, waiting…
This is a huge 122 page debunking of the UN IPCC claims about hurricanes in AR4.

Gross Errors in the IPCC-AR4 Report Regarding Past & Future Changes in Global Tropical Cyclone Activity – A Noble Disgrace
Written by William M. Gray
Monday, 17 October 2011 16:46

“I have been studying, teaching and forecasting tropical cyclones (TCs) for over 55 years. I hold MS and Ph.D. degrees in meteorology and geophysical science from the University of Chicago. Both my MS and Ph.D. theses were on TC topics. I had my first research aircraft flight into a hurricane in 1958. I have been the major advisor to 50 MS and 20 Ph.D. students, the majority of whose theses were on hurricane-related subjects. I was delegated to conduct a personal UN-WMO sponsor survey trip of all the 28 global TC forecast and research centers in 1977-78. I organized the first UN-WMO International Workshop on TCs (IWTC) workshop in Bangkok in 1985 and attended the following five workshops. I instigated and have been involved with the issuing of seasonal Atlantic basin hurricane forecasts for the last 28 years. These forecasts have had extensive coverage from the media. I am presently an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University where I have been in residence since 1961…. “

PDF Here –


Why I Deny Global Warming
by David Deming
October 19, 2011

David Deming is a geophysicist, associate professor of arts and sciences at the University of Oklahoma, and author of the books Science and Technology in World History, Vols. 1 & 2.


How to repeal the carbon tax
by: Greg Hunt
From:The Australian
October 25, 201112:00AM

Paywalled – Go here – How to Repeal the Carbon Tax – Greg Hunt MP for the text.
PDF Here – How-to-Repeal-the-Carbon-Tax-Greg-Hunt-The-Australian


Two of the gang of five now seem doomed irretrievably. The other three have gone very, very quiet. The aussie electorate are still waiting for them all with baseball bats.

Support for PM’s partners slumps in Newspoll as Windsor and Oakeshott defy voters
by: Tom Dusevic
From:The Australian
October 24, 201112:00AM

“A POPULAR revolt against Julia Gillard’s carbon tax has produced a calamitous drop in support for the two key NSW rural independents underpinning her minority government.
An exclusive Newspoll for The Australian shows both Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott would lose their seats if an election were held now and that 70 per cent of voters in their electorates are opposed to Labor’s clean-energy bills, which are set to pass the Senate next month…. “


Even though we reached 7 Billion people in the world there is still plenty of room for us all.
Of course the answer to over-population is fossil fuel based prosperity – birth rates drop in First World wealthy countries.

Could the world’s population fit in texas – Yahoo! Answers –

“Texas could fit the worlds population in it.
World population: 6.7 Billion
Texas area: 268,820 sq miles.
 Gives a density of about 24 923.7 people per square mile. vs its current density 79.6 per sq mile.
 That is quite a lot but there are many cities that are significantly more populated.
Dhaka, Bangladesh: 117,866 per sq mi
Paris: 54,156
New York City 27,440… “


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