Posted by: Grant | November 2, 2011

Pre-CoP17 (Durban) Nonsense

Getting excited about another born-again junket to “save the planet” fron the evil multinationals, Greenie scientists contact their Greenie reporters and we all suffer a flurry of this trite pap.

Here are a few from “Junk Science”

Coupling two pretend ‘crises’: Stemming population growth is a cheap way to limit climate change

Say what? An acidic ocean threatens shellfish farms

More pre-CoP17 nonsense: Extreme weather pushes up food prices – and unrest?

Short Life of British Mayfly Halved by Climate Change

The incredible growing critters: Bigger birds in central California, courtesy of global climate change

Oh the conflict, the conflict! Savannas, forests in a battle of the biomes, Princeton researchers find

These trees don’t run: Forests not keeping pace with climate change

And some from “Climate Depot”

New UN IPCC Report Goes Full Climate Astrology: Global warming spawning ‘freakish weather disasters — from sudden October snowstorm to record floods in Thailand‘ –

It’s official – every weather event is now linked to AGW! – World’s first social unrest linked with climate change begins’

Is Halloween blizzard sign of global warming?

Tell somebody who cares!  Climate always changes, Extreme weather is extreme weather and the tensie wensie little bit of “Global Warming” we did have stopped over ten years ago. BORING!

All the above can be and are refuted on “Junkscience” and “Climate Depot”, but what’s the use of chopping off the limb – it just grows a new one!!!!


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