Posted by: Grant | November 3, 2011

Ha Ha Ha – LA Times Greenie Gets Really Desperate!

Claims the record cold early winter snow storms in the US were due to human carbon dioxide!
Fails to notice that this is meant to be the result of human carbon dioxide causing Global Warming!

The word “warming” is not mentioned once, let alone the term “global warming”.

The article instead retreats to “Extreme Weather”

Do we really need “environment reporters”, I mean the astrology section is more than adequate for the superstitious.

‘Snowtober’ fits U.N. climate change predictions
November 1, 2011 |  2:06pm

” …The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is expected conclude that there is a high probability that man-made greenhouse gases already are causing extreme weather that has cost governments, insurers, businesses and individuals billions of dollars. And it is certain to predict that costs due to extreme weather will rise and some areas of the world will become more perilous places to live.

Federal climate scientists have labelled 2011 as one of the worst in American history for extreme weather, with punishing blizzards, epic flooding, devastating drought and a heat wave that has broiled a huge swath of the country. Weather related losses amounted to more than $35 billion even before the Nor’easter shellacked the East Coast…. “

But, But, Climate Change = Global Warming and “The Globe” hasn’t warmed for ten years now, despite astronomical increases in human carbon dioxide,
Global temperature has flat lined, so how can human carbon dioxide be causing all this recent bad weather?
Insulting isn’t it?
Have you been taking these people seriously?!

Satellites have been measuring the Earth’s temperature, land and ocean, since 1979, see for yourself in this graph.
For the last ten years we have been hovering around a pathetic 0.2 degrees above the running average and we have no way of knowing how much of that pathetic 0.2 degrees was caused by humans and how much was perfectly normal natural variation, so how can all this bad weather be the result of “Climate Change”? (“The Globe” has been slowly warming since the end of the “Little Ice Age” around 1800 but now appears to have stopped)

BTW – What is a temperature anomaly?
The term “temperature anomaly” means a departure from a reference value or long-term average. A positive anomaly indicates that the observed temperature was warmer than the reference value, while a negative anomaly indicates that the observed temperature was cooler than the reference value.


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