Posted by: Grant | November 4, 2011

Aussie Insanity – Won’t Go Away Will It?

International carbon trading halfway between fantasy and fraud
by: Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor
From:The Australian
November 03, 201112:00AM

“EVEN more than the carbon tax itself, the central mechanism of the Gillard government’s clean energy bills now making their way through parliament is the international carbon trading market.

Although the carbon tax will cost Australians $9 billion in its first year, our greenhouse emissions continue to rise under the tax. We hit our target of a 5 per cent reduction mainly by buying carbon credits on the international market, which the government assumes will be functioning by 2016.

I recently interviewed two of the best-informed international statesmen on this issue, and the interviews left me convinced that the international trading scheme lies halfway between a fantasy and a fraud and is never going to make a serious contribution to diminishing greenhouse gases.

The two statesmen are John Baird, the Canadian Foreign Minister, and Shyam Saran, the former Indian special envoy on climate change. For the record, neither is a right-wing attack dog, nor a shock jock, nor a denier, nor a neo-liberal or neoconservative ideologue, or any of the other labels the many taxpayer-funded advocates of a carbon tax use to demonise people the government disagrees with…. “

Pay walled – full text here – International carbon trading halfway between fantasy and fraud The Australian





  2. Hi Grant,
    You just got to love Canada, at least their Government has brains, not like our unelected Government.

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