Posted by: Grant | November 5, 2011

Aussie Carbon Tax Passed – Groan.

“The carbon-dioxide tax was bludgeoned through the senate yesterday morning.”

Will the furore’ die down in time for the next election as planned?

Carbon tax exposed as a corrupt fraud
Piers Akerman
November 04, 201112:00AM

POSTSCRIPT – OPPS! I was a bit premature on this. It was Tuesday it was rammed thru.

Carbon [Dioxide] Tax Down-Under
Posted on November 7, 2011 by Editor| 1 Comment

“In the words of Jo Nova, Australia will — bar asteroid impact — get it’s Carbon Tax on Tuesday, the Herald Sun editorializes this is likely to make the world a dirtier place while companies continue listing projects that will fail to proceed due to hot air taxation… “

BTW – This blog is about science, defending science against the Green spiritualist attacts on it. I have always suggested a revenue neutral (reduce other taxes as when the GST came along) carbon tax on this blog as a way of innocently appeasing the greenies, we do have petrol taxes already. This is not a revenue neutral carbon tax. It is the thin edge of the wedge. It is “a price on carbon” specifically designed to reduce our fuel consumption by rationing it for the elite and it gets worse and worse as time goes by. It morphs into a draconian emmision trading scheme. The only demonstrated viable “alternative” “sustainable” energy scources are nuclear and hydro, if new science does not magically materialise very soon we are in big trouble in the land downunder.



  1. this is going to increase pollution? If that is the case then this law is not right. It may be amended in the future. However the international carbon trading system does allow for a free collaboration between different countries to reduce carbon outputs on a global level. Thinking in narrow nationalistic ways will not allow for any progress.
    While the law might not be fully thought out at this point, we have to start somewhere and then make incremental progress towards these goals.
    Yes bankers will get rich off of this, but bankers will get rich off of most things…

  2. Hi Grant,
    The whole thing is a nightmare, the best we can hope for is they get rid of Julia, and who ever takes over, puts this tax where it belongs, in the bin.

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