Posted by: Grant | November 15, 2011

Malowe Gets All Excited – Pre Durban.

“Scientists Say”
“Southern Europe will be… “
“North Africa will be… “
“small island states face ruinous… “
will create weather on steroids… “

But then
” …cyclones, heatwaves, diluvian rains, drought – will hit the world unevenly… “
it is meant to be GLOBAL warming, now – don’t forget that.

Did you say “will‘” Marlowe?
” …could be wiped out.. “
” …”If disasters occur more frequently and/or… “
” …could introduce new pressures in areas of… “
” ….in some cases it is possible… ”

It could be possible, if, the goblins will leave, that there are fairies at the bottom of my garden too, Marlowe.

“Average global temperatures have risen by nearly 1 degree since pre-industrial times, with forecasts for future warming ranging between an additional 1 to 5 degrees by 2100. But these worldwide figures mask strong regional differences.”

“Nearly one whole degree”, Marlowe?
How much of that “Nearly one whole degree” is human-caused, Marlowe? Did they say? Can they say?
Don’t think so.
We humans are burning fossil fuel at an astromomically, almost exponentially, increasing rate yet we only saw “nearly” one degree – of which some must be natural causes – up until 11 years ago when it stopped rising. Mmmm….

…and, Marlowe don’t you see a pattern here? – they create a huge report – and then summarise it – trumpet the summary with great fanfare to all you Greenie environment reporters – and then duck for cover before it gets examined in any detail.

Been there, done that Marlowe – B O R I N G.

UN scientists forecast more severe droughts, cyclones and floods
Marlowe Hood
November 14, 2011.


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