Posted by: Grant | November 15, 2011

Trust Us It WILL Warm.

Greenies Retreat To “Trust Us It WILL Warm”


When it stops cooling.

And raining.

And hurricanes WILL come back.

And so WILL droughts – bad droughts – repent – tax – ration – trade carbon – buy credits.

Professor WILL Stephen backtracks a little.

As someone said last weekend, perhaps the ALP have indeed breathed a sigh of relief and ruled a line off under “Climate” at last.

Professor Will Steffen: Recent droughts and cyclones are NOT due to climate change

No, no it’s the floods and rain stewpid!

Climate science audit slams sceptics
Michelle Grattan and Adam Morton
May 23, 2011.

“Professor Will Steffen has just written the first major report from the governent’s new climate commission. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen”

” …It also says this year’s Queensland and Victorian flooding ”raised the question of a possible link between the floods and human-induced climate change”…. “



  1. Hi Grant,
    Yes I watched The Bolt Report on Sunday, it was a good interview. It is a pity Andrew doesn’t have more time, I’m sure Andrew would of liked to have kept going with the interview.

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