Posted by: Grant | November 17, 2011

UK Cuts Solar Subsidy 50%

At Latitude 55° there is NO solar power, worth speaking of, available – DURH!!!

Then there’s the cloud and fog. – “The United Kingdom straddles the geographic mid-latitudes between 50-60 N from the equator. It is also positioned on the western seaboard of Eurasia, the world’s largest land mass. These boundary conditions allow convergence between moist maritime air and dry continental air. In this area, the large temperature variation creates instability and this is a major factor that influences the often unsettled weather the country experiences, where many types of weather can be experienced in a single day.” – DURH AGAIN!!!

Takes a while it’s like turning around a supertanker!

Dominic Lawson: Good riddance to the great solar scam
Britain’s plunge into this grotesque subsidy has come at a time when other countries have pulled back Dominic Lawson  Tuesday 15 November 2011

” …On the contrary, Mr Barker’s decision is one-nil to the public against the forces of corporatism, the conspiracy of big capital and big labour against the consumer. It was an outrage that the scheme was ever implemented in the first place – with the support of all three main political parties. To continue with the football metaphor, let’s call them Fools United. Just before it was introduced – appropriately enough on 1 April 2010 – that most analytical environmentalist George Monbiot wrote a devastating critique from the perspective of one completely committed to reduction in carbon emissions…. “



  1. Hi Grant,
    But here in OZ we are still going down this path wasting Billions of dollars, yet I’m sure the labor party knows this is all for nothing. 😦

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