Posted by: Grant | November 19, 2011

Yes, It IS A New Party Line

 New Party Line – Trust Us The World Will End – Eventually – Be Patient

Yes, the appearance of Will Stephen to back track on the “Causes-all-the-bad-weather-theory” on the Bolt Report WAS a new party line.

It can be summed up thus – Well, we may have exaggerated a little, and we cannot cite any real science for it, but trust us it will eventually warm disastrously and cause very bad weather.


IPCC scientists test the Exit doors
November 18th, 2011

Mixed messages on climate ‘vulnerability’
13 November 2011
Article written by Richard Black Environment correspondent

” …But when you get down to specifics, the academic consensus is far less certain. There is “low confidence” that tropical cyclones have become more frequent, “limited-to-medium evidence available” to assess whether climatic factors have changed the frequency of floods, and “low confidence” on a global scale even on whether the frequency has risen or fallen. In terms of attribution of trends to rising greenhouse gas concentrations, the uncertainties continue…. “

Review fails to support climate change
by: Graham Lloyd November 18, 201112:00AM

“Widely held assumptions that climate change is responsible for an upsurge in extreme drought, flood and storm events are not supported by a landmark review of the science.”

Global Temps `Virtually Certain’ to Rise: UN
By Alex Morales and Eric Roston
Nov 17, 2011 9:07 AM GMT+1000

” …A draft summary for policymakers obtained by Bloomberg shows the caution and rigor with which scientists approach attributing observed trends to man-made climate change…. “

Now let me get this straight?
We rearrange the whole Global Economy, going Green, with unproven technologies, spending trillions of dollars, keeping billions of people poor to “save the planet” on a `Virtually Certain’ rise in temperatures in the distant future – yeah, right!

You’ve gotta hand it to them – when they stuff up – they REALLY stuff up in a BIG way. They had millions of people believing them – millions!



  1. Hi Grant,
    I had to smile a the picture Jo Nova has on her web site, that is just perfect. 🙂

    I bet our wonderful Government doesn’t say too much about this report, I expect the fairfax media to be quiet as well. Normally when the IPCC report comes out it is all over the fairfax press about what disasters awaits us.

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