Posted by: Grant | November 21, 2011

Gave A Briefing An’ Nobody Came

The Empty Chamber
Posted on November 17, 2011
by Anthony Watts
Guest post by Ken Haapala who attended the Markey-Waxman BEST briefing on Monday.

” …“Will there be only two!” the lady exclaimed, noting that only two chairs were prepared for members of the Committee, both at the bend in the horseshoe, as far from the speakers and audience as possible.

There were only two:

Of a total of 48 members, only Ranking Member Edward Markey attended, along with Representative Harry Waxman (who is not a member of the Committee). Two years ago, both were powerful congressmen who were well known for their environmental advocacy. That day, the other 19 Democrats (there is a vacancy) and all of the 27 Republican members of the Committee had other business. There were no announced regrets…. “

May 2007 The Good Times gone  –



  1. Hi Grant,
    Only 2, it seems the rest may have finally seen the light. 😀

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